Saturday, September 24, 2016

Recap: K2 Episode 1

I’ve been waiting for this drama for weeks since I am a fan of Yoona and I missed seeing Ji Chang Wook on the small screen. He had a Chinese television drama recently but I wasn’t able to catch it (Is that still airing? I’m not sure). 

I really admire Yoona’s acting in this drama—seems like she’s matured a bit from her sappy crying chops in Love Rain and Cinderella Man so I’m looking forward to more episodes! Ji Chang Wook sure worked hard in this episode with all the stunts he’s done and his great (GASP!) bod serves as a delish fan service to entice us girls to stay tune.

Overall, this episode laid down the backdrop for our characters and introduced us to their lives and how fate will bring all of them together for an action-packed and possibly political drama with Yoona being an illegitimate daughter of a presidential candidate.

We start off with a little girl who chances upon her mother dead with pills scattered on the floor. However, a figure looms behind her in the same room, hinting it may have not been suicide. The little girl later is dragged to a nunnery — in Barcelona, Spain! Italy I believe as the leads went there for a shoot haha — and after some minutes she becomes our lead, Ko Anna (Yoona), who runs away in her night gown from the nunnery.

She runs on the highway, the business district, frantic that she is being followed—and she is! She goes down the subway and bumps in our other protagonist, Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook), and when Anna realizes he’s Korean, she begs him for help.

A guy who has been looking for Yoona sees them and gives chase. When Anna thought she has finally been caught, Je Ha fights the guy in an awesome show of his kicks and punches! (I rewatched the action scene because UH-MAZING) And when he kills the guy or strangles him unconscious, he sees that he’s the police! Uh-oh!

Je Ha confronts Anna that she shouldn’t live this way but Anna begs him to help her reach her father in Madrid, Spain and even promises a handsome reward. But soon after, two cops want to question Je Ha for beating someone on the train platform, as seen through the CCTV. He beats the two easily and leaves the station and spots Anna locked in a car being held by the partner of the police he just fought with.

But Je Ha just leaves the scene and boards the taxi in front of the car Anna is locked in. He heads to the airport.

Six months later in Seoul, Korea, Je Ha is working as a support (I’m not sure what his job is) for an ad agency. He is called to fix a huge banner hung at a building housing assemblyman Jang Se Joon’s (Cho Seong Ha) campaign. But while he was fixing it and the assemblyman is busy having a sexy time with his mistress or a prostitute (I don’t know), men in masks storm the building and fighting ensues between the politician’s bodyguards and these men.

The mistress (I’ll just assume she is) poisons the politician’s wine (or maybe just enough to make him unconscious) and we see that she’s allied with the masked men. I’m guessing their plan is to take incriminating photos of the assemblyman and the mistress to tarnish his name and make him lose the campaign.

While the fighting ensues, Je Ha sees the old cleaning lady struck by one of the masked men. Her head hits the floor and bleeds and this is when he decides to kick the glass window (WHOA, right?) and join the fight to keep the old cleaning lady alive.

Police arrive and the masked men were unable to enter the assemblyman’s room because of the alarm which automatically locked in the metal door. The mistress, who was even trying out different poses, was in panic when the metal door locked and the masked men couldn’t get her out! (Haha)

Meanwhile, the assemblyman’s wife, Choi Yoo Jin (the pretty Song Yun Ah!) is conducting an interview with a TV station and recounting a normal life with the husband (which I’m guessing is all smoke and cover-up to get higher ratings for the polls). She even tells the anchor her late father, the chairman of one of the country’s largest conglomerates, cut ties with her because she chose to remain with her husband.

Her interview received favorable response from the audience with her teary-eyed and very calm storytelling. When faced with a controversial question on her remaining shares in JB Group (her father’s company), she threatens the anchor that everyone has a weakness and in the anchor’s case: it’s her son.

After the show, Yoo Jin’s assistant tells her about the incident at her husband’s building and she asks if they already know the culprit. Looks like this isn’t the first time this happened and she laughs that at least the girl found with her husband (remember, she was locked in the room with the unconscious assemblyman! Haha!) isn’t a minor.

Assemblyman Se Joon calls his wife and tells her he has a bit of a problem: the banner hanger (Je Ha) saw his face clearly while he was doing the deed with the mistress. So the wife orders her security team (company name JSS) to go after Je Ha to make sure he doesn’t speak any word of it.

Chief Jo, a former military man and now some head of the building’s security, reviews the tape and tells the president of the security team that they shouldn’t pursue Je Ha. He recognizes Je Ha as the top agent he trained at the Special Forces but the president just laughs it off and tells him the top team at the firm is after him.

Chief Jo says Je Ha could easily kill them all and when the JSS president won’t believe him, he sets off with a team to go after Je Ha.

Je Ha is clearing his stuff in his house, possibly because he has shown off his fighting skills at the site when the security team arrives. A lot of fighting ensues and wow did they really packed the premier with so much action!

Je Ha easily knocks down the team sent after him and while I thought he killed them all, Chief Jo arrives at the scene and sighs that at least everyone is alive.

When Assemblyman Se Joon arrives at home, he mocks his wife that she shouldn’t be waiting at the living room acting like the caring wife she wanted to pretend to be. Yoo Jin, however, says with a stern face there’s been a bit of a problem: his daughter Anna has run away again.

Se Joon shows concern and sternly tells her that their contract is null and void if anything bad happens to Anna! (OOOOHHH I guess the politician was in love with Anna’s mother, who Yoo Jin probably had killed! Haha, a theory for now.)

Anna is shown still running on the streets and she gets nearly hit by a car carrying a fashion designer and his models! The headlights flashing on her face remind her of the night her mother died, when she handed her mom the bottle of sleeping pills. The first episode ends with Anna shaking and muttering “No way, no way.” 

Can’t wait for the second episode!

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