Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recap: K2 Episode 2

Another action-filled episode! The characters are all back in Korea this time and we get to see more of how Song Yun Ah and Cho Seong Ha’s relationship works. Looks like Yun Ah’s character is controlling or keeping Seong Ha's (the assemblyman) beside her by having Yoona (his daughter) as her other hostage.

I like Yun Ah’s cold and calculating character who I doubt is only driven by her love for her husband and Seong Ha’s couldn’t-care-less attitude towards his wife but a soft-spoken demeanor when talking about his daughter.

Anyway, let’s get right to it!

We return to where we left off with Anna (Yoona) frozen in the middle of road, trembling as she remembers the death of her mother. We flashback to the events after her mom died: the 9 year-old is brought in by the police who’s impatient to hear her story of the events. He and the psychologist (normal when a child is being questioned) accompanying them only shuts up when Anna pees in her night gown and cries while wailing she killed her mother.

The fashion designer, who owns the car who nearly hit Anna in the present day, alights the vehicle and takes photos of Anna while muttering he’s found his muse. Haha.

Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is still on the run. He chances upon an old couple with a pick-up truck experiencing engine trouble. He helps the couple and befriends them, and soon he is being treated as the couple’s son who recently died.

The head of JSS security (his name escapes me) and Chief Jo are being scolded by Choi Yoo Jin for not being able to find the banner hanger (Je Ha!). She tells them he could be talking to a reporter right now, or worse, a rival presidential candidate (I think I never mentioned in the first recap that her husband is running for president. Sorry! >.< ) to foil their campaign.

Chief Jo, however, stresses that Je Ha is on the run as he is even wanted by international police so he may not waste his time talking about what he saw the other day (remember the mistress and assemblyman Jang Se Joon’s sexy time? Je Ha couldn’t care less I’m sure). Yoo Jin just says she needs them to track him and her secretary will take care of it.

So the president of JSS Security meets with his junior, who holds a high position in the police, and asks him to help track somebody. His firm then was given access to CCTV system across the metropolis (WOW) and they soon find Je Ha’s whereabouts!

Yoo Jin, however, is presented with another problem: social networking sites in Europe and possibly elsewhere are abuzz with Anna’s picture on the fashion designer’s (whose car almost hit her) Ins account (their version of Instagram hahaha). This is the first time she gets this mad in the series, her calm and collected manner crumbling as she panics Anna’s presence may be made known in Korea and hinder their plans to make Jang Se Joon the next president.

Yoo Jin asks her secretary to bring Anna back to Korea, believing it will be the best way to keep an eye on her: make her stay in Yoo Jin's large mansion crawling with bodyguards. Her secretary notes this may be bad for Yoo Jin’s mental health but she screams this will be the only way to ensure that kid behaves.

Jang Se Joon has a short heart-to-heart talk with Chief Jo and tells him that even if he knows Chief Jo works for Yoo Jin (the madam must be paying for everything in their household), he’s the one he trusts the most and plans to bring him to the Blue House (Korea’s White House) as his head of security. He also asks for a favor from Chief Jo: to keep Anna safe at all costs.

While sleeping at the old couple’s house, Je Ha has a dream about one of his missions during which his colleagues and a civilian they were protecting died. He woke up sweating and seemingly disturbed by the dream.

The next morning, Je Ha left to buy a blade for the grass cutter he was using to help the old man keep up his fruit trees. A guy in black arrives at the old couple’s house and demands to know where Je Ha is. He tied the couple up and doused them with gas, threatening to set them on fire if they don’t give away Je Ha’s whereabouts.

Je Ha arrives before the guy in black could flick his lighter onto the couple and he fights with the guy who looks determined to kill him. Je Ha wins over the guy, ties him up and asks him who ordered the assault. 

Next thing we know, Je Ha is at Yoo Jin’s mansion, canvassing the area for the number of guards. An unconscious Anna is being brought into the mansion while Je Ha figures out a way to penetrate these high walls. 

Anna wakes up in the presence of Yoo Jin and she glares at her while calling her a devil. Anna says she knows her mother didn’t commit suicide and Yoo Jin, keeping it cool, smiles and tells her she should’ve become a nun instead.

After Anna is sent away, Yoo Jin treats herself to a glass of red wine, obviously affected by the earlier exchange with her husband’s illegitimate daughter (or probably the daughter of the woman his husband really loved? maybe.) She is surprised to see Je Ha inside who warns her their next meeting will be their last.

Yoo Jin is calm and collected as she says this is a trap for Je Ha as ten or twenty guards enter the living room with their guns all pointed at him. Yoo Jin says they won’t meet again and Je Ha is tied and put in the back of a van.

But before the van could exit the mansion, two policemen arrive at the gates because of the stolen motorcycle Je Ha used to make his entrance at Yoo Jin’s house. With this distraction, Je Ha easily maneuvers his way out of handcuffs and beats the guards ordered to drive him possibly to his death.

More guards are sent to the garage where Je Ha is but every one of them falls. Yoo Jin’s secretary is surprised to see Je Ha again in the living room and Yoo Jin is now scared but still trying to be calm when Je Ha points a gun on her neck and tells her “this is the second meeting I warned you about.”

Anna chooses this perfect time to get out of her room and as she witnesses the scene, she shouts repeatedly at Je Ha to shoot Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin’s eyes grows wide in shock and maybe in anger at Anna, while Je Ha recognizes Anna as the girl he met in Italy. Aaaaand the credits roll.

Looking forward to next week! \^o^/

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