Monday, October 31, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 12

Just when I thought this episode would be a ho-hum, a big--MAJOR-- story development takes place! Of course I won’t spoil you here in the intro part so you have to read the recap below to know all about it.

I was wrong to judge Sung Won as someone whom Yoo Jin can easily control or out-maneuver (although he still can be) as he bares his true colors and capabilities in this episode.

It’s a battle between the siblings and Anna is caught between them as she’s both Sung Won’s weapon and Yoo Jin’s weakness.

I really liked this episode although less than 10 or 11, I think. I’m still a fan of the Anna-Je Ha romance so please, show me more of that next week!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 11

While we all know Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) won’t die in this episode—he’s the protagonist, dammit—I’m still fearing for future hurdles that will be thrown in his path especially after he’s caught the eye of Park Kwan Soo after this episode. Now everybody wants a piece of Je Ha! (flips table)
This episode showed camaraderie between the JSS guards (including our main character Je Ha), and more lovey-doey scenes between Je Ha and Anna (SNSD’s Yoona).

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) also shows us who’s really the boss between her and husband Jang Se Joon (played by Cho Seong Ha), and Secretary Kim crafts another plan to—I don’t really know—kill Je Ha, perhaps?

Let’s get to recap, shall we?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 10

Things went by so fast between Anna (Girls' Generation's Yoona) and Je Ha (the hot Ji Chang Wook) this episode, I wasn't able to catch my screams while watching. Haha. (I'm not kidding!)

Anyway, there's also been a huge development on the political aspect of the story as Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) now grapples with the effects of Park Kwan Soo's "trump card," which we still don't know yet in this episode.

And I'm really sorry for the late recap, I was sick these last few days so I didn't have time to watch the drama even if I already had the videos by Sunday morning. :)

Read up below for the recap~

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 9

It's a fun episode last Friday night as Anna (Yoona) and Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) start to develop feelings for each other! Woohoo! 

There's less screen time for Cho Seong Ha and Song Yun Ah and political issues, but I'm afraid we're just experiencing the calm before the shit hits the fan. Haha. (Seriously!)

So let's start our recap and beware of the many pictures of Yoona and Ji Chang Wook!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 8

Ji Chang Wook and Yoona in The K2
FINALLY! An episode where we see Je Ha and Anna grow closer! I’m all smiles while watching this especially since Je Ha seems to be drawn to Anna more and more.

Ji Chang Wook looked very cool and handsome in his action scenes, breaking no sweat or even attracting dust or dirt on his face haha. Yoona, meanwhile, smiled more in this episode and I was thankful becuase she was always crying whenever she came up on screen!

Overall, it was an enjoyable watch so let’s start the recap.

Recap: The K2 Episode 7

The K2's Episode 7 gave us a glimpse at Anna's (played by Girls' Generation's Yoona) relationship with her father. While I couldn't really care less at how this family conflict of hers unfold, I'm giddy over Je Ha's increasing concern over Anna given the developments in this episode.

I saw a lot of still cuts in Instagram of Je Ha and Anna in Episode 8 so before I skip to that, below's the recap for Episode 7.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recap: Haikyuu!! Episode 1

My favorite volleyball team is back this season! I sure missed Hinata and Kageyama, and the rest of Karasuno High!

I actually found the last season lacking because it ended with the defeat of Aoba Josai High when we all know they still have to play the great Shiratorizawa Academy if they want to win the Spring High Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs.
It could be that the anime is already catching up with the manga, but whatever the reason is, I’m just happy Haikyuu!!!’s season 3 is finally here! 

So without further ado, click below for more!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recap: Career Episode 1

Tamaki Hiroshi’s drama this season is finally out! I’m so excited because it’s Tamaki Hiroshi (HAHA) and it’s a police drama—one of my favorite genres!

It is also interesting to have a drama center on a career bureaucrat in the police force. Whenever I watch police dramas, the detectives would always, always smirk or have a grudge against those on the higher ranks and call them a “career” person or the “elite.”

Googling what these elite bureacrats are showed they are usually graduates of top universities of Japan and have passed the hardest level of the national public service exam. So they are the ones expected to advance in their careers especially in a managerial role. I got this explanation from “Amakudari and Japanese Law” by Colin PA Jones.

Anyway, it was a very fun first episode so I hope you enjoy it, too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 6

I’m so friggin' happy with this episode because of an increase in Yoona's screen time. We also get a lot of flashbacks from Yoona and Seong Yun Ah's characters, cementing their approaches to life at present.

I felt so sad and heartbroken for Yoona's character in this episode, especially her longing to see her father. The true colors of her father is shown in this episode and how he loves his ambition more than his daughter.

Anyway, before I'm tempted to give you more spoilers, the recap is below!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 5

This episode of The K2 has fewer action scenes compared to the previous episodes but the story continues to be interesting, at least for me.

We get more Ji Chang Wook and Yoona moments, more insights on Song Yun Ah's character, and more funny moments delivered by the bald judo teacher and Yoona's female bodyguard, Mi Ran.

I'm a bit sad not seeing Yoona's singing but I'm keeping my hopes up I will finally see it in the next episode. Anyway, the recap's below!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Recap: Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 1

I’m a huge fan of sports anime but this is the first ice skating anime I’m watching EVER. This is very unlike Days or Baby Steps in which the beginnings of a future athlete is closely followed, but instead, our main character is an ice skating athlete who already bested others in Japan (I assume) and has lost inspiration in continuing on after losing international titles.

Yuri!!! on Ice is very funny and entertaining and the animation of skating routines are very beautiful! I’m not really a fan of ice skating but I’ve watched a lot of Olympic pair figure skating before (it’s more entertaining for me than singles competitions hehe).

So anyway, before I bore you with anything else, here’s the recap of Yuri!!! on Ice!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 4

Yoona finally gets a lot of screen time in this episode and Ji Chang Wook is finally employed as her bodyguard! Whew. Now we wait for sparks to fly or not, depending on how the writers will drive the story.

The episode is still peppered with a lot of action from Ji Chang Wook getting himself tangled with whoever but I’m happy that the show is also introducing us to characters who will surely bring us the needed comedic laugh.

So far, this drama hasn’t lost my interest and I’m very excited for next week’s episodes!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 3

I should stop saying action-packed as a description of every episode but I can’t find the adjective for this one. Haha. I really enjoyed the car chase scene of this episode so make sure to watch it because words aren’t enough to show how I was looking forward to how Ji Chang Wook will wing it with his car brakes cut!

We learn of how Ji Chang Wook will come to work as Yoona’s bodyguard although he still has yet to accept the job. I’m a little bit sad I didn’t get to see Yoona in this episode, only appearing in first 3 or 5 minutes of the episode.

But I admit I felt a little giddy seeing Lee Jung Jin in this show, having watched a number of his rom-com dramas years ago!

Read on for The K2 Episode 3's summary!