Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recap: Career Episode 1

Tamaki Hiroshi’s drama this season is finally out! I’m so excited because it’s Tamaki Hiroshi (HAHA) and it’s a police drama—one of my favorite genres!

It is also interesting to have a drama center on a career bureaucrat in the police force. Whenever I watch police dramas, the detectives would always, always smirk or have a grudge against those on the higher ranks and call them a “career” person or the “elite.”

Googling what these elite bureacrats are showed they are usually graduates of top universities of Japan and have passed the hardest level of the national public service exam. So they are the ones expected to advance in their careers especially in a managerial role. I got this explanation from “Amakudari and Japanese Law” by Colin PA Jones.

Anyway, it was a very fun first episode so I hope you enjoy it, too!

We see Kinshiro Toyama (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) sitting happily inside the bus and observing his surroundings closely. He notices a fellow passenger—an old man—who’s sweating and constantly tapping his foot. When a woman passenger--a yoga teacher-- drops her flyers, Toyama uses this opportunity to peak at the old man’s shopping bag while pretending to be picking up the flyers.
Minutes later, the old man suddenly stands and tells the passengers he’ll stab them if they move. He then proceeds to get something from his shopping bag but can’t seem to find it. Toyama calls his attention while holding a knife and tells him he saw it earlier and took it because it looked dangerous. The passengers clap but a sudden stop by the bus brought Toyama, the old man, and the knife tumbling.
Toyama ended up being held hostage by the old man while he brandishes the knife to the passengers and asks them to give up their wallets. While this is happening, rookie police detective Minori Aikawa (Miori Takimoto), suddenly enters the bus when the driver mistakenly opens the door. 
Seeing the commotion, Aikawa tells the old man she’s with the police but Toyama kicks her out of the bus (HAHA) and she’s left following the bus in a taxi cab. Toyama breaks free of the old man’s grasp and negotiates with him instead.
Aikawa meanwhile calls her superior, veteran detective Yozo Minami (Masahiro Takashima) and informs him of a hijacked bus. Minami mobilizes the police but before they even get out of the headquarters’ front yard, he and Aikawa are surprised the bus is heading towards the police station!
Questioning the old man, Aikawa and a colleague are surprised to hear him say that prison will be the safest place for him to free him of debtors. Minami meanwhile finishes getting Toyama’s statement and even tells him he may be rewarded a letter of gratitude by their chief of police for the good thing he did.
The detectives pile in one by one, and Toyama listens in to their banter. One officer asks if their new chief will criticize them for the way they solved the bus-hijacking incident, but another replies bureaucrats won’t care how they do it as long as they solve a crime. They assume he’ll only use their station as a stepping stone and be promoted after two years. Minami hushes them and tells them they have a citizen--referring to Toyama-- in their office.
Deputy Chief Junji Handa comes rushing in to Toyama and bows to him but before he could tell the group how he knows him, Aikawa rushes in and handcuffs Toyama for kicking her our of the bus earlier! Toyama reasons he did that so things won’t be complicated and since Aikawa is being persistent, the Deputy Chief shouts at the top of his lungs that Toyama is the new chief! HAHAHAA
The band, prepared by the deputy chief earlier, piles into the room and plays a song to welcome the new chief. This was really funny scene especially with Minami’s team realizing how they were all talking about the new chief and not knowing it’s Toyama.
The policemen of the station are now gathered in a conference room and Toyama formally introduces himself. After giving his speech, the Deputy Chief leads him to his new office and tells him a pile of reports will be submitted to him everyday including investigation reports, application letters, and citizen consultation cases. 
Deputy Chief Handa says Toyama only has to stamp the reports, do publicity for crime prevention and elimination, and of course, maintain good relationship with other leaders of public offices. Toyama is busy reading the investigation reports and a report on serial robberies and murders catches his eye.
The same case is being discussed by Minami’s team and while in the middle of it, Toyama suddenly appears in their room and everyone stands up in attention stance! Hahaha!
However, it’s not the robbery-murder case but a reported graffiti in their neighborhood that he brings the detectives’ attention to. He tells them he wants people to investigate the graffiti case, too, and stressing it’s also a big case much like the robbery-murder case.
Minami sighs and tells Toyama that no one has died in the graffiti case, but Toyama says his hunch tells him the graffiti case is related to the robbery-murder cases. Haha! Minami just tells Toyama not to interfere with their investigations and yells to his team to split up and find the suspect in the robbery-murder case.
So Minami’s team ask around the vicinity where the suspect was last seen and Toyama goes missing from his office! While outside, Aikawa sees someone wearing a hoodie jacket and holding a can of spray. Thinking he’s going to make a graffiti, she pounces on him and handcuffs him! Turns out, it’s Toyama! HAHAHA.
Heading back to their office, Aikawa overhears her other team mates say that Toyama handed fliers looking for the suspect in the robbery-murder case and they wonder if he really is investigating the graffiti case. Aikawa is later assigned to help Toyama in investigating the graffiti case and when she protests, her teammates say she hasn’t even solved a case in the six months she has been with them and even failed her last operation.

We flashback to Aikawa running after a criminal but is overpowered instead. Full of guilt, she watches the child of the victim cry as her mother is taken to the ambulance.
So Aikawa accompanies Toyama the next day but instead of asking around, Aikawa is cleaning the graffiti while Toyama stares at the graffiti and tries to make sense of it. 
They eat okonomiyaki later and Aikawa complains that there are far bigger cases than the graffiti case. Toyama just tells her they shouldn't decide which case is big or small. Toyama asks Aikawa why she became a police officer and she tells him she wants to protect the citizens. Toyama praises her for her efforts in the bus-hijacking incident and tells her he wants to rebuild the citizens’ faith in the police.
A group of high boys enter the okonomiyaki place and they thank Toyama and Aikawa mockingly for cleaning the graffiti. They pour out mahjong tiles in one table and yell at the owner for their orders and when Aikawa stands to scold them, the owner tells her not to because one of the boys is the son of a senator who is renting him the place.
Toyama, however, interrogates the boys about the graffiti but the owner asks him to leave. So they go back to cleaning graffitis and a group of old ladies praise them for their hard work. He later asks the old ladies about the wanted suspect in the robbery-murder case but when he hands them flyers, Minami grabs the papers and tells Toyama to not interfere with their investigation.
The next day, Toyama and Aikawa are surprised to see reinforcements to help them in cleaning the graffitis. The reinforcements are lead by the yoga teacher (who dropped her flyers in the bus earlier) and she thanks him for what he did for them. Toyama tells the yoga teacher there’s still an unclaimed wallet—with paint stains!— from the bus hijacking incident and when he shows her a picture of it, she says the owner was wearing gloves.

When Aikawa asks if the owner looked like the wanted suspect in the picture, the yoga teacher says no. Toyama tells Aikawa what she would do if she was a suspect and the whole world already knows her face. They figure the suspect, Taniguchi, could have changed his face through surgery!
Back at the precinct, Aikawa shows Minami and the rest of the team the footage of the bus hijacking incident, and one of the officers confirm that the fingerprints on the wallet are the same with those left in the robbery-murder cases. The team strategizes to look for the suspect and the money, and when Aikawa begs to join the team again, Minami tells her to come back tomorrow much to Aikawa’s delight!

Aikawa later goes back to where Toyama is, who is happily cleaning the graffitis. She tells him she was allowed to go back to investigating Taniguchi and she reasons out that no one in her team will recognize her unless she solve big cases. She apologizes she won’t be able to join Toyama the next day but Toyama says it’s okay as he’s already figured out the meaning of the graffiti.
They see a high school kid, one of those who barged in the okonomiyaki store, about to spray paint on a graffiti site they already cleaned and when Aikawa calls his attention, he runs for it. Toyama runs after him but when Aikawa starts to run, her legs buckle as she remembers the suspect she couldn’t arrest in the past. However, the student stops running and Toyama looks up to see Aikawa in front of the kid.
They question the high school student who argues he was just de-stressing. Toyama asks if he could take a look at his left arm, which he has been clutching ever since they running. Toyama lays down the pictures of the graffiti, which revealed the message “Help me.” He tells the boy he may choose not to talk if he doesn’t want to, but he should give Toyama a chance to help him.
But before the kid could speak, Minami barges in the room and tells him he has interfered with their field work. Minami asks him to do his paperwork and let them investigate. (This is because the high school boy was arrested outside their jurisdiction so the police from that area threatened to arrest one of their wanted suspects for "revenge.")
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s assistant commissioner Osakabe visits Toyama in the room and tells him he was listening in on the interrogation of the high school student and the tiff with Minami. They later relocate to Toyama’s office, where Osakabe says he was worried about allowing Toyama to be in the field.
We get to see Minami in his house having dinner with his wife and daughter. His wife gushes that she heard about a handsome policeman from her classmates in yoga (is everyone taking yoga in this drama? Haha) and how he has been cleaning the graffitis around town. His daughter joins in and says that is very unlike his Dad, who always sticks to the rules. 

Minami’s wife, however, says Minami used to break rules all the time when he was younger! The daughter jokes she wants to become a police officer now that there’s a handsome guy in the office. Haha.
Meanwhile, the high school student caught by Toyama earlier recounts the bullying done to him by his so-called friends. The next day, Toyama knocks at the kid’s house and sees the broken window. The kid, meanwhile, enters an abandoned building, where he was beat up by his friends. While Toyama is looking for Masashi, the kid, he passes by Taniguchi and follows him instead.
Toyama runs after Taniguchi but Masashi calls him in the middle of this. Toyama calls Aikawa, who’s currently with Minami and the rest of the team following up on Taniguchi. Toyama tells them over speakerphone where he last saw Taniguchi and when Minami tells him to stay put in the area, he tells them he’s going somewhere to help Masashi.
Minami is seething with anger after and they go off to arrest Taniguchi. Toyama goes to help Masashi but the kids are more powerful than he is. Aikawa arrives at the scene and they beat up the high school boys together HAHAHA! They tied them with duct tapes then later helped Masashi up.
While getting the kid’s jacket, Toyama notices his initials MI. He then tells Aikawa to inform Minami of where Taniguchi is. Toyama figured out Masashi painted “Help MI” or Help Masashi Itsuka. However, the paint on the “I” was spread like an inverted “E” when Taniguchi touched it to open the door to the abandoned warehouse.
Minami and the guys arrest Taniguchi and everyone goes back to the station. 
While Aikawa is questioning the son of the senator, the senator himself barges in and tells her to get his son out and yells out he’s close with the chief. But Toyama stands up and shows him his badge, tells him he doesn’t overlook crimes. The senator and his son crumple to the floor! HA!
At the end of the day, Toyama greets Minami in the hallway but Minami tells him not to tell his team that Toyama believes in them because he (Minami) doesn’t believe in Toyama at all.
Aikawa later enters the yoga class and joins the horde of old ladies gushing over their new handsome male member. She shouts a puzzling “Chief?” (HAHAHA I KNEW IT) and Toyama tells her he can do the “eagle position” now!

Well, that’s it for episode one! Hope you enjoyed it much as I did ^_^


  1. I also really love the police genre dramas and would have loved to watch the episode but couldn't watch it. Thanks to your post that it provided a brief insight for me.

  2. Brilliantly communicated.Breath taking quality. Worth Reading.