Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recap: Haikyuu!! Episode 1

My favorite volleyball team is back this season! I sure missed Hinata and Kageyama, and the rest of Karasuno High!

I actually found the last season lacking because it ended with the defeat of Aoba Josai High when we all know they still have to play the great Shiratorizawa Academy if they want to win the Spring High Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs.
It could be that the anime is already catching up with the manga, but whatever the reason is, I’m just happy Haikyuu!!!’s season 3 is finally here! 

So without further ado, click below for more!

We see Hinata Shoyo biking on his way to school while thinking to himself he wants to see the view from the other side—meaning the other side of the blocks since he is a spiker. He arrives at the gym and Kageyama calls out to him.
The team head to the gym where they will be playing with Shiratorizawa and they are met with three girls from their school’s volleyball team. (I forget the name of Daichi’s friend, sorry) Their ladies’ volleyball team captain call out to their own captain, Sawamura Daichi (I suppose she has a crush on him) and gives him a charm for good luck.
While entering the gym, Tanaka Ryu and Nishinoya Yu imagine how playing well today will bring them girls and likely make their manager Shimizu Kiyoko praise them (HAHAHA these guys never fail to make me laugh!).
Two of Hinata’s high school friends show up to cheer for his team and they wonder how Hinata is playing with Kageyama—given the bad blood between their teams back in Junior High School.
The team finally enter the court, while their neighborhood volleyball team also enter the benches to cheer for them (how sweet!). Students from Karasuno are also being taught by the vice principal to cheer although they somehow lack the energy for it. 
Their cheer also pale in comparison to Shiratorizawa’s loud cheer which surprised and amazed both our volleyball team and their cheerleaders.
Shiratorizawa finally enters the court led by Ushijima Wakatoshi, their captain and ace player, and also one of Japan’s top three aces.
We flashback to Karasuno’s planning before the match where their coach Ukai briefs them on the members of the Shiratorizawa team. Our Karasuno High volleyball team becomes hyped up knowing the information on Shiratorizawa were compiled by their managers Shimizu and Yachi. Hehe.
Ukai tells them Shiratorizawa will hit the ball without any regards about their blocks or guards, because they believe they will surely score especially with Ushijima. This is demonstrated while Shiratorizawa warms up in court.
During Karasuno’s warm up, Tanaka calls on to Hinata and Kageyama to do their “thing.” 
The quick-hit combo surprises Hinata’s classmates, a couple of girls from Shiratorizawa who earlier pitied “a tiny kid” in their opponent, an old expectator that goes to all Karasuno’s games, Tsukushima Kei’s brother, and the Shiratorizawa team.
The whistle blows and the teams are briefed by their coaches. The competition finally starts and players of each team and introduced, along with the coaches.
Tsukushima’s brother worries this is Karasuno’s first five-set match, and Tanaka’s sister says this may be super-tiring for the boys. Our friendly neighbor with glasses (the one who taught Yamaguchi his float serve) worries about Karasuno’s stamina since Shiratorizawa have played five-set matches before.
Back to the court, Daichi gets the first serve and our boys get to see Ushijima’s first spike which ricocheted outside the court after landing on Nishinoya’s arm.
But while students from Shiratorizawa cheers, Nishinoya lets out a grin and whispers, “Well hello there, left”—I’m guessing left spike? Haha.

AND THAT’S THAT. FINISHED. Gahhhhd, I want more! I remember reading about this match in the manga—it spanned several chapters and I kind of hated it because it was sooooo long but now that I think about it, I’m afraid each set (remember, it’s a five-set match) may span two or three episodes! GASP! 

Oh well, as long as I get to see my volleyball team every week! Haha. See you next Saturday!

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