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Recap: The K2 Episode 10

Things went by so fast between Anna (Girls' Generation's Yoona) and Je Ha (the hot Ji Chang Wook) this episode, I wasn't able to catch my screams while watching. Haha. (I'm not kidding!)

Anyway, there's also been a huge development on the political aspect of the story as Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) now grapples with the effects of Park Kwan Soo's "trump card," which we still don't know yet in this episode.

And I'm really sorry for the late recap, I was sick these last few days so I didn't have time to watch the drama even if I already had the videos by Sunday morning. :)

Read up below for the recap~

Je Ha and Anna stand at different sides of the Anna’s bedroom door. Just then, Anna radios in to Je Ha, whose walkie talkie is left on the coffee table. Je Ha runs to fetch it and hears Anna say “sleep tight.”
The next morning, Mi Ran happily applies (Innisfree) makeup on Anna. Anna tells her it’s her first time to have makeup on and Mi Ran giddily tells her she’ll experience more firsts including her first kiss.
On the mention of first kiss, Anna reminisces about Je Ha giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when she fell unconscious from eating strawberry ice cream in an earlier episode. She tells Mi Ran she already had her first kiss and Mi Ran laughs at her “innocent thoughts” and tells her not to mistake that for a kiss.
Anna goes looking for Je Ha after her makeup is done but the housekeeper tells her Je Ha has already left the beach house. The housekeeper looks on worriedly, remember how Je Ha says he will talk to the madam (Choi Yoo Jin) to ensure Anna’s safety.
We see Je Ha driving alone and reminiscing about his and Anna’s cute moments the day before. (Uh-oh, someone’s in love!) He later receives a picture of Anna with the makeup on and then a call from Anna, telling him that he’s hers.
While Anna and Mi Ran are giddy and laughing like high school girls in love during this conversation, Je Ha looks like he has a lot on his mind and I wonder if this is because of Yoo Jin or because of his revenge for Raniya.
Je Ha arrives at the main house just in time to see Yoo Jin step out for a television interview. Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if Anna likes her new place, to which Je Ha answers, “yes.” However, Je Ha was unable to answer when Anna will come back to the old mansion.
The television interview is all about how Yoo Jin  Anna’s became guardian. On the way to the studio, Yoo Jin tells Secretary Kim to make sure the truth behind Anna’s real father gets buried.
Yoo Jin is being interviewed by the same anchor in Episode 1. During the interview, Yoo Jin calls her out for cutting the show and going on a commercial break when she was already being emotional and crying. 

The anchor just feigns ignorance because she obviously loathes Yoo Jin’s “acting” and she even asks if her son (whose presence I believe is not known to the public—remember that this was used by Yoo Jin to threaten her in Episode 1 when the anchor started asking about Yoo Jin’s shares in JB Group) would grow up without a mom like Anna if she continues to disappoint Yoo Jin.

The anchor clearly knows Yoo Jin is lying about being Um Hye Rin’s (Anna’s mom) friend, and about how Yoo Jin introduced Hye Rin to the drama director, whom Anna announced to the public as her dad. 
After the commercial break, the anchor surprises Yoo Jin by introducing a special guest, Anna (OMO), who enters the studio with Sung Wan and a number of bodyguards. Before the interview, Sung Wan gave Anna police investigation files on her mother’s death. So I’m pretty excited about the interview! HAHAHA.
The anchor began by asking Anna about Lafet looking for her(I’m not sure how to spell the name but this is the designer guy from Barcelona who took a picture of Anna and called her his muse), to which Anna admitted she didn’t know. 
However, Anna said she knew who Lafet was from her mother’s stories. She even tells the anchor that her mother calls Lafet one of her closest friends in Paris. To this, the anchor asks Yoo Jin why she told audience earlier that Hye Rin couldn’t have had any relation to Lafet (ooooh).

The anchor later played a recorded video of Lafet asking Anna to be his new muse. When she asks Anna if she plans of becoming a model and going to Paris, Anna tells the anchor she has to treat her panic disorder first.

Anna also tells the audience that she wants to solve the mystery behind her mother’s death because she wants to know why her mother committed suicide at the height of her career. She also notes that her mother booked tickets for them to the US, which she finds weird.

It’s very telling how Anna turns to Yoo Jin when she says that she wants to know why her mother died back then. Anna uses the television interview to ask anyone who knew what her mother was doing the days prior to her death to contact her.
After the interview, Je Ha scolds Anna inside a dressing room if she knew what she was doing and the trouble she’s creating for herself. When Sung Wan enters, Je Ha asks if this is Sung Wan’s plan, and Anna says she wanted to do the interview herself—a decision she probably made after reading her mother’s case files.
Anna tells Je Ha she wanted to take off Yoo Jin’s mask in front of the public to get revenge on her, and that she’s confident that he will protect her no matter what. Anna hands over the police files to Je Ha and tells him her mother didn’t die peacefully after ingesting all those sleeping pills—she was in pain the whole time. 
In another dressing room, Yoo Jin stumbles in looking restless and lost. She tells Secretary Kim she must have misunderstood things and should have listened to Secretary Kim instead. Secretary Kim tells her “I’ll kill him,” but I’m not sure if this is directed to Sung Wan or for Je Ha.
The JSS President, meanwhile, meets with the police chief who tells him that Jang Se Joon is done fore. The JSS President asks why and how, and we don’t get to hear the police chief’s explanation.
Anna is later brought by Sung Wan for a makeover (while using Innisfree products! Ha!), and the scenes are shown together with Yoo Jin’s trip to the salon. Yoo Jin is informed that Se Joon is being released that afternoon and her makeup artist assumes she’s putting on makeup for her husband.

Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin she will take care of the issue earlier (her threat of killing someone) but Yoo Jin tells her they may be able to use Je Ha later (ohhh so it’s Je Ha the Secretary wants to kill!). I honestly think Yoo Jin is just infatuated with Je Ha HAHAHA.
Je Ha confronts Sung Wan later on how he’s using Anna to attack Yoo Jin and how he showed a traumatized girl photos of her dead mom. Je Ha adds that Sung Wan clearly doesn’t know Yoo Jin that well after that stunt he pulled at the studio.
Anna poses for the camera—Sung Wan is turning her to a model, I guess—but the photographer says it will be hard to take a decent because they can’t use flash. Sung Wan calls for a break and gives Anna “anti-anxiety medication,” which Je Ha eyes skeptically.
After Sung Wan leaves (Mi Ran and Sung Gyu also leaves with the photoshoot crew for a meal), armed guards enter the building and good thing they are spotted by Je Ha right away. The men takes out jamming devices and begin spraying poisonous gas in the lobby. 
Je Ha runs to Anna and tells her to get out of the place immediately. Anna argues with Je Ha because she doesn't want to leave him but Je Ha tells her they’ll both die if she stays with him. Je Ha helps Anna up a ventilator tube while gas fills the room. 
Je Ha sees a landline, which luckily works, but when he dials Yoo Jin’s number, it’s Secretary Kim who picks up the phone. Je Ha right away guesses it was Secretary Kim’s doing and Kim doesn’t even deny it.
She tells Je Ha she doesn’t really like him that much and she doesn’t care if Anna dies. She tells Je Ha everything was going perfectly well for Yoo Jin before he arrived so it’s time to put Yoo Jin and Anna back at their places.
The masked men take out more guards before arriving at Je Ha’s floor. Je Ha fights with four or five of them and after taking them out, gets a mask to put on his face. This was taken out by another group he comes to fight with and I wonder how he manages to breathe with all the gas I see on screen.
Anna crawls on the ventilator tubes and sees Je Ha fighting and falling down. She gets down the tube to hit a man with a fire extinguisher just in time before he sinks in a knife to Je Ha’s body. 
Anna runs when one of the masked men give chase and she prays for Je Ha to wake up and save her.
Je Ha eventually does save her but falls down unconscious after taking down the man. Anna takes off the intruder’s gas mask and puts in on Je Ha before collapsing on the floor next to him. Mi Ran and Sung Gyu eventually comes back and rushes to find them when they see the fallen guards and smoke in the lobby.
Meanwhile, Yoo Jin and Secretary Kim stand with protesters asking for Se Joon’s release in front of the prosecutors’ office. The media are present, too, awaiting for Se Joon’s release.
Se Joon smiles seeing this scene outside and asks the lead prosecutor if he can go now. The lead prosecutors smiles at him and says of course, and tells him he will take care of paperwork for his release.
While Se Joon waits in the prosecutor’s room, he turns on the television to see what’s going on outside. The lead prosecutor steps out and the media, protesters, and Yoo Jin and her underlings mob him to hear what he has to say.
The lead prosecutor, however, surprises Se Joon and Yoo Jin by saying there will be further investigation after evidence surfaced on Se Joon’s connection with whatever corruption case they’re pursuing. Se Joon’s release is delayed and Park Kwan Soo, watching this from his office, laughs maniacally. 
Back at the studio where Anna had her photoshoot, Je Ha suggests to Sung Gyu that they go back to the old mansion since Secretary Kim won’t be able to attack that. Sung Wan agrees to the suggestion and tells Je Ha he’ll also send his guards there to protect Anna and the rest of the gang.
Je Ha calls Chief Joo to inform him of Secretary Kim’s latest stunt and we seen Chief Joo eye Secretary Kim while they walk behind Yoo Jin, who is heading to Cloud Nine.
Yoo Jin shouts at her legal team to prevent an arrest warrant being issued through any means possible. She confirms with her accounting team that nothing is amiss with the documents they submitted to the prosecutors’ office.
Park Kwan Soo, meanwhile, is having a party with some political allies. He’s on the phone with the Chief Secretary—whom Yoo Jin talked in an earlier episode about getting Se Joon included in their party—and Kwan Soo tells the man they should treat this as a preventive measure before letting Se Joon join their party.

Yoo Jin wonders to her team what Park Kwan Soo’s trump card might be. The JSS President tells her that it seems like Park Kwan Soo is threatening the Chief Secretary and even the President, somehow.
He tells Yoo Jin that Park Kwan Soo plans to drag out the issue until election time so even if they win it through the courts, they will lose the presidency. He suggests killing Park Kwan Soo that night, earning the stares of Chief Joo and Secretary Kim.

Yoo Jin is worried that Park Kwan Soo employs the best guards but the JSS President says they also have a “special fellow” under their wing—oooh is he referring to Je Ha?!?
Je Ha, Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu arrive at the old mansion with Anna and a number of guards from Sung Wan. Mi Ran, Sung Gyu, and some guards check the place, while Je Ha opens Anna’s car door for her.
However, Anna is too scared to go out having experienced a man with a knife running after her earlier. Je Ha grabs the blanket Anna’s holding and uses it to cover their heads. I don’t really get why he did this—is this so Anna won’t see anything around her and lessen her fear? 
Anyway, it made for such an awkward moment between the two while they walk blindly to get in the house.
We finally get a kiss between the two leads after all the awkward questions about food or if Anna is still scared, yadda yadda. Hahaha! Can’t help but fangirl scream at the kissing KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Anyway, the camera brings us outside the blanket—where we see Mi Ran, Sung Gyu, and the housekeeper at the kitchen staring at the two. Mi Ran gushes “are they by chance—“ but laughs loudly before finishing her sentence.
The housekeeper tries to hit her but Sung Gyu stops this, so the housekeeper hits Sung Gyu on the forehead instead hahaha!

Back at Cloud Nine, Chief Joo tells Yoo Jin that even if Je Ha succeeds in his mission, he might not come back to them alive. The JSS President insists that if they have at least a one-percent chance of succeeding, then they should take it, especially as JSS is done for anyway with how the events are unraveling.
Je Ha gets a call and he says he agrees to it as long as Anna and the others are kept safe in the mansion. Anna tries to prevent him from going but we see Je Ha in Cloud Nine seconds later.

Je Ha is briefed of the operation and even with the slimmest chance of coming back alive, he agrees to it but with some conditions.
He tells Yoo Jin he’ll bring her Park Kwan Soo’s head but she needs to give her Secretary Kim’s head in return. Secretary Kim agrees to this (WOW, what dedication!) as long as he kills Park Kwan Soo.
Je Ha also asks Yoo Jin to leave Anna alone and he tells her he’ll make sure Anna won’t get in her way. Yoo Jin agrees to the terms and the JSS President asks Je Ha if he doesn’t need anything else. Je Ha tells them one last request: the offensive team, and he stands up to leave. 

The JSS President, however, asks for his e-mail in case he dies during the mission. Yoo Jin says don’t bother as they’re all done for anyway if Je Ha doesn’t succeed. 
The JSS President, Secretary Kim, and Chief Joo leave the room and Yoo Jin calls out to Je Ha. Yoo Jin tells him that if it’s too dangerous, he can just come back. Je Ha asks her why she’s not acting like herself and not to worry because he has already deleted the incriminating e-mail (think back to Episode 1 and 2 where he filmed Yoo Jin ordering guards to kill him).
Je Ha stands closer to Yoo Jin and tells her that he believes she’s a person who keeps promises, then leaves her standing there with tears filling her eyes. (She’s really in love with Je Ha, no?)
The top men from JSS assemble at the parking lot and Team Leader Seo receives a call from Secretary Kim (that b_tch!) who tells him he has an additional assignment tonight: to kill Je Ha. Seo looks torn at this—maybe because he’s already spent a lot of days with Je Ha and knows how capable this guy is.
Meanwhile, Je Ha picks up a call from Anna. Anna, trying to hide her sobs at the other line, asks Je Ha to bring her back some hot spicy rice cakes from her old neighborhood. 
Je Ha tells her he will be back late and asks why she doesn’t ask Mi Ran for this kind of stuff. Mi Ran and the housekeeper are beside Anna looking on worriedly, as if they know what’s happening tonight.
Anna tells Je Ha to come back alive and Je Ha tells her he will definitely come back for her. AND THAT’S IT! 

They probably won't kill Je Ha, no? He's the main character, dammit! Haha. Anyway, can't wait for Friday night :)


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