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Recap: The K2 Episode 11

While we all know Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) won’t die in this episode—he’s the protagonist, dammit—I’m still fearing for future hurdles that will be thrown in his path especially after he’s caught the eye of Park Kwan Soo after this episode. Now everybody wants a piece of Je Ha! (flips table)
This episode showed camaraderie between the JSS guards (including our main character Je Ha), and more lovey-doey scenes between Je Ha and Anna (SNSD’s Yoona).

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) also shows us who’s really the boss between her and husband Jang Se Joon (played by Cho Seong Ha), and Secretary Kim crafts another plan to—I don’t really know—kill Je Ha, perhaps?

Let’s get to recap, shall we?

We start the episode with the JSS President on the line with the police chief, telling the latter that he wants to take out an “insurance policy” with him now. Looks like the JSS President isn’t convinced this mission will be a success and he even has the gall to sell secret information. Huhu.
The police chief call Secretary Min Chul, who just tells him to take care of this mess for him. Min Chul relays the message to Park Kwan Soo and tells the assemblyman they will be going to the hideout instead of his home tonight.
The JSS team tailing Park Kwan Soo’s car loses the vehicle and follows another car instead, thinking it’s one and the same. This car heads to Park Kwan Soo's house and we see the JSS cars and Park Kwan Soo’s men all ready for a fight outside the gate. 
Park Kwan Soo arrive at his hideout and there are JSS snipers setting up near the perimeter! Didn't see that one coming! 
Yoo Jin and her underlings at Cloud Nine also rejoice at this information with Yoo Jin smirking that he walked into their trap. Ooooh. It looks like the JSS President told the police chief they were raiding the house when they had snipers and other operatives set up in the hideout! I like it :)
Park Kwan Soo gets down from his car and muses that it sure is creepy in the hideout—which looks like a part of the forest, only heavily-guarded. As he walks, the camera focuses on the two armed men who moved the blockades for the car—is this Je Ha and Team Leader Seo??? Hahaha!
Min Chul asks the two armed men if they already ate and Team Leader Seo answers with “We ate already.” Everybody stops at their tracks—some 20 guards around Je Ha and Team Leader Seo—as they are informed that question was actually a code.
Park Kwan Soo and Min Chul walks further from them and the rest of the guards draw their guns to Je Ha and Team Leader Seo’s heads. When Min Chul tells the men to shoot them and turns his back, snipers fire at the guards and Je Ha and Team Leader Seo rush to safety! HAHAHA. I’m so laughing at Park Kwan Soo right now.
Park Kwan Soo and Min Chul are in panic as they run in what looks like an abandoned school building as fires continue to be shot and they remain in the middle of the battle. Je Ha and Team Leader Seo heroically pursue Park Kwan Soo, whose men are being taken down by the snipers (GOOD JOB!).
Min Chul was able to grab hold of a gun and shoot Team Leader Seo (NOOOO!! But they do have bullet-proof vests, no? So he should be alright unless it was somewhere uncovered huhu). Je Ha runs to the wounded Team Leader Seo and tells him to get it together. Team Leader Seo reminds him that if they don’t kill Park Kwan Soo tonight, they’re all dead.
Park Kwan Soo reaches his panic room alone (one with a metal door) but Je Ha was able to enter it just in time before the door closed. 
Park Kwan Soo crumbles to his feet and begs for his life, while Je Ha struggles to shoot him like a madman. Je Ha instead shoots the ceiling and hyperventilates, while Park Kwan Soo tries to reason out with him with money.

Je Ha remembers Anna’s words to come back alive and Yoo Jin’s wise words that bullets aren’t the only ones that kill.
Je Ha laughs and lets a very frightened Park Kwan Soo sit down. Je Ha orders him to call his aide and let the JSS men leave alive, which we instantly see happen. Je Ha asks Park Kwan Soo if he knows him, and the latter just says that Je Ha is someone who killed somebody and ran away.

Je Ha asks if Park Kwan Soo knows why he’s out for his head tonight and Park Kwan Soo warns him it will be hard to escape that place alive once he kills the politician. Je Ha says that will be his problem later on, and Park Kwan Soo has a hard time swallowing this. Je Ha thinks to himself happily that at least Park Kwan Soo doesn’t know yet that he can’t really kill people.
Je Ha casually makes it seem like he’s taking on Park Kwan Soo’s offer to double the amount on his head and calls Yoo Jin to “bargain.” Yoo Jin panics when she realizes Je Ha is alone with Park Kwan Soo—because she knows Je Ha won’t be able to kill Park Kwan Soo.
Yoo Jin asks to put Park Kwan Soo on the phone, and Kwan Soo immediately tells her he’ll ask his men to release Jang Se Joon right away. Yoo Jin, however, bargains for more and Park Kwan Soo asks if she wants him to let Se Joon join their political party.

We all know Yoo Jin is too greedy to agree to just that as she asks if Park Kwan Soo will forfeit the presidential race instead. Park Kwan Soo asks her to kill him instead.
Yoo Jin tells Je Ha to come back alive no matter what, while we see the JSS troops being pulled out—they are all happy, of course, thinking the mission was successful—but Je Ha remains in the panic room with Park Kwan Soo, his guards swarming the perimeter.
Jang Se Joon is released from the prosecutors’ office, while an emergency announcement is made by the Democratic Party to formally invite Jang Se Joon to join them.

Secretary Kim meanwhile calls Team Leader Seo—she instructed him the night before to kill Je Ha—but Team Leader Seo rejects the call.
Park Kwan Soo packs 2 million US dollars in a black bag and gives them to Je Ha, and adds he can give him more if he wants more. But before Je Ha can leave, Park Kwan Soo asks if he used to be employed by BlackStone in Iraq. Uh-oh.
Je Ha sits back across Park Kwan Soo and asks if Park Kwan Soo was one of their clients and if he landed “a big deal” there. Park Kwan Soo laughs it off and tells Je Ha he likes him and has been wanting to meet him in secret.

Park Kwan Soo asks him if he wants to work with him in building the nation, and Je Ha tells him to just contact him if he has money-making opportunities for him. (WOW). Park Kwan Soo says Je Ha will now be the first one he’ll contact for hits (GAHD!) and hopes he can carry out the deals when the time comes.
Park Kwan Soo and Je Ha get out of the panic room with guards waiting for them. Park Kwan Soo tells them to step aside because Je Ha is his guest. Secretary Min Chul, confused at this, asks what is up and Park Kwan Soo just tells him he paid off Je Ha today.
Yoo Jin congratulates Secretary Kim and tells her she won’t need to be killed today. She warns her secretary not to touch Je Ha (I smell obsession hahaha) and that she will kill her first if she does that.
Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin she can do anything for the madam that Je Ha can do (IS THIS LOVE OR LOYALTY?). Yoo Jin tells her that she must understand her feelings for Je Ha, then. 
Se Joon meanwhile talks to Sung Wan on the phone and thanks him for taking care of Anna. He was told about the attempt on Anna’s life (the one ordered by Secretary Kim) and Chief Joo tries to defend this by saying Sung Wan made the move first.
Se Joon looks very pained at the news—much more than how the corruption investigation went—and he calls Yoo Jin to tell her to be at the house tonight.
Se Joon slaps (it looks like a punch turned slap to me) Yoo Jin as soon he arrives home. Se Joon reminds her that their contract would be null and void if something happens to Anna, and shouts that she’d be nothing if he doesn’t become president. 

Yoo Jin asks him in return if he doesn’t want to be president then, and Se Joon asks if this is a threat. Yoo Jin tells him that she could make a deal with Sung Wan and get subsidiaries of the JB Group instead, which will be enough for her to get by.
Se Joon laughs mockingly and tells Yoo Jin her greed won’t allow her to do that. Yoo Jin then asks if she should just make a deal with Park Kwan Soo: offer him Se Joon’s neck in exchange for JB Group. Yoo Jin proclaims there’s not much difference between Se Joon and Park Kwan Soo, anyway.

Yoo Jin arrogantly tells Se Joon that he must have forgotten who she is. She says Anna will die if she deserves to, and if Se Joon doesn’t like that, Se Joon should just drop out of the presidential race.
Yoo Jin laments that she was in love with him before but now her heart doesn’t even skip a beat when Se Joon touches her. She tells Se Joon he’s such a cunning and disgusting person who betrayed the love of his life, Um Hye Rin, and left her to die.

Before leaving, Yoo Jin tells Se Joon to take care of his hand. She wanted to ask her underlings to chop it off since it was the first one that struck her face but since he’ll need it to shake hands during the campaign, she’ll let him keep it for now. She warns him however that she will claim his hand when he doesn’t need it for things like that anymore.

I’m always amazed at Song Yun-a (Yoo Jin) and Cho Seong Ha’s (Se Joon) scenes because even with minimal movements and gestures, and hushed conversations, they are always able to convey their characters. I have so much love for this actors.
Je Ha returns to the mansion and before he could even get out of the car, Anna rushes out of the house to greet him.
Anna runs to Je Ha and gives him a hug, and Mi Ran and the housekeeper watch over them reunite with glee. 
Je Ha tells Anna he wasn't able to buy spicy rice cakes but Anna says it's fine. Je Ha suggests eating somewhere tonight and-- 
--we are brought to a nearby (I'm just guessing) family restaurant where Anna and Je Ha happily eats and drinks with the JSS offensive team--led by Team Leader Seo--and Mi Ran and Sung Gyu.
At one point, Je Ha tries to prevent Anna from drinking and Team Leader Seo smacks his back for doing so. HAHA! How cute are they!
Anna tells Je Ha that she can drink at least one shot of soju, and the guards including Mi Ran all cheer for her as gulps down her alcohol.
Meanwhile, Mi Ran tries to feed Sung Gyu much to the other guards’ annoyance—so Team Leader Seo snatches the lettuce-wrapped meat in Mi Ran’s hand and eats it instead HAHAHA.
We see Yoo Jin later doing her makeup and putting on her pearls. She heads out with her driver and arrives outside the family restaurant where our guards are dining with Anna.
Yoo Jin tearily watches Je Ha and Anna’s interaction through a window and she asks her guards if Je Ha has always been close to the JSS offensive team. The driver asks if he should call K2 over but Yoo Jin just tells him to call Je Ha to Cloud Nine the next morning.
The bunch are noisily getting back to the mansion—singing Twice’s Cheer Up by the way—and Team Leader Seo holds back Je Ha and Anna for a while. 
Team Leader Seo thanks Je Ha--probably because a man from Park Kwan Soo's team earlier held a gun to his head after he fell down from Min Chul's shot but he was saved by Je Ha who shot the guy's arm. Je Ha just asks him why he’s being like this and addresses him as hyung (older brother). 
Team Leader Seo smiles at this and hugs Je Ha instead (so cute!) and Je Ha almost kicks him so he would let go. Team Leader Seo is a touchy-drunk! 
Team Leader Seo runs to the other guards who all thank Anna in unison for the celebration tonight. Anna thanks them in return for a fun dinner, and the guards head off to their cars. Team Leader Seo asks if everyone drank alcohol tonight, and one of the guards says yes so the team leader will have to drive them all home tonight.
Cut to everyone in facial masks in the living room (HAHA!) with some even sleeping already. Je Ha drops by and Mi Ran—who’s responsible for putting the masks—asks him to join them. I find Mi Ran's character very funny: we know she's capable as she earlier took a man down when Anna first met her fans but we also know her to be veryyyyy lazy and won't wake up even when called a hundred times.
Je Ha declines even when Anna asks him to, and he tells Anna the facial masks are for ugly people like the other guards--who stand to protest. How confident, Ji Chang Wook! Haha! 
But Je Ha is later seated and obediently allows Anna to put a mask on him, while everybody laughs at him eating his words earlier haha.
The guards are all sleeping side by side on the floor later—and I’m left wondering who’s guarding the secret mansion now haha. Je Ha is unable to sleep with all the snoring and sudden movements and hugs from his comrades so he heads out instead.
Mi Ran, meanwhile, is asleep on Anna’s bedroom floor. Anna is, of course, awake and reminiscing her kiss with Je Ha under the blanket! Anna remembers how Je Ha’s back hurt when she smacked it awhile ago so she takes a first aid kit from the bathroom and messages Je Ha, who’s on the roof.
Je Ha helps Anna inside the attic connecting her room to the rooftop and she marvels at how clean it is! She thanks Je Ha, who says he asked the housekeeper to do it since Anna fancies the place.
Anna suddenly tries to unbutton Je Ha’s white polo and Je Ha is taken aback by this (not what you think, hotshot! hahaha). Je Ha later is lying on his stomach as Anna treats his wounds on the back. 
Anna reminds him that he is hers so he should not mistreat his body like that.
The two relocate to the rooftop, and they even share a blanket while talking. Anna wonders if they only have one blanket, and Je Ha says they don’t, so Anna asks why did he take out only one? HAHAHA.
Je Ha asks Anna if she wants to live in Spain with him (is he proposing to runaway with the lady??? Well, he asked to run away on a later date so I guess after the elections? haha). Anna says that even if it’s the place she wanted to escape from, it’s where she met Je Ha. She says it will be fine as long as they’re together (oooh, you love birds!).

Anna asks Je Ha what he was doing in Spain and he answers her truthfully that he was there on the run. He tells her he was framed for the murder of someone he loved, the event that has been causing him nightmares since.
Anna hugs him and tells him it must have been hard for him. Je Ha says he now found someone he wants to protect—referring to Anna. 
Anna asks when he thinks they could go to Spain and Je Ha says when the war is over.
The next day, Je Ha enters Cloud Nine where he is greeted by an apologetic Secretary Kim. Yoo Jin greets him with a smile and asks what he got from Park Kwan Soo.

Je Ha admits Park Kwan Soo asked for Yoo Jin’s head in return for money, and Yoo Jin tells him he succeeded at his mission (I really can’t put a finger at what really his mission is).
Je Ha tells Yoo Jin of the money and how Park Kwan Soo said it has the smell of blood when Je Ha commented it has the smell of oil. Yoo Jin and Je Ha mull over this bit of information to try to figure out what Park Kwan Soo’s deal in Iraq was all about.

Je Ha says it could mean the money was from selling weapons instead of oil. Yoo Jin says it’s now time to lay down her trap because it won’t be long until Park Kwan Soo approaches Je Ha again.
After Je Ha leaves, Secretary Kim reports to Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin tells her to do her part of the plan and not to let Je Ha know any of it, no matter what. Are they planning to kill Anna??? Omo!
Sung Wan visits Anna and asks if she had any trouble sleeping the other night (after the attempt on her life). Anna says there wasn’t any problems at all, and Sung Wan announces he’ll now be employing the housekeeper, Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu directly under him with increased wages.
He says all they have to do is protect Anna—which, we all know, is his only card against his sister. They all thank Sung Wan but Sung Gyu notes that the house is owned by JSS and the security measures installed are monitored by JSS, too.
Sung Wan laughs that the house is under JB Development so they should have no problem uninstalling the security system and installing a new one. He also hands Mi Ran a credit card with a high credit limit for their expenses, and tells Anna he will transfer the ownership of the house to hers.
Anna asks Sung Wan where her mother’s grave is, and Sung Wan says he will accompany her to the grave before bringing her to a fashion show being held in honor of her mom--but this, sadly is for the next episode.

And that’s it for episode 11! I’m so glad Je Ha is finally being treated as a “comrade” by the other JSS guards and I’m still happy seeing increasing love between our secret-mansion dwellers: the housekeeper, Mi Ran, Sung Gyu, Anna, and Je Ha. They’re like a family now, huhu, I’m tearing up!
Haha. I hope to recap episode 12 tomorrow right away because who knows if I’ll be busy come Monday!


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