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Recap: The K2 Episode 12

Just when I thought this episode would be a ho-hum, a big--MAJOR-- story development takes place! Of course I won’t spoil you here in the intro part so you have to read the recap below to know all about it.

I was wrong to judge Sung Won as someone whom Yoo Jin can easily control or out-maneuver (although he still can be) as he bares his true colors and capabilities in this episode.

It’s a battle between the siblings and Anna is caught between them as she’s both Sung Won’s weapon and Yoo Jin’s weakness.

I really liked this episode although less than 10 or 11, I think. I’m still a fan of the Anna-Je Ha romance so please, show me more of that next week!

Jang Se Joon is inaugurated as the Democratic Party’s new member, with Park Kwan Soo even personally hanging a flower wreath on Se Joon’s neck.
Meanwhile, Anna arrives at the cemetery to pay respects to her dead mother. (Seriously, who wears high heels in cemeteries? Won’t those sink in the soil?)
Reporters all watch Anna bring flowers to Um Hye Rin’s grave, which they find too simple and unkempt for a top actress and a friend of JB Group’s Choi Yoo Jin.
Anna kneels near the gravestone and cries to her Mom, asks for forgiveness for not coming sooner. She adds that her father won’t also come so her Mom need not wait. A reporter during this time overhears this and wonders what’s up with her statement. Uncle Sung Won, to the rescue, tells Anna that her parents must have already met each other in heaven—making sure the reporters heard this bit.

Je Ha is at the JSS headquarters and having coffee with his best friend, Master Song. He asks Master Song how Sung Won became the chairman when Yoo Jin must have fought for the position as well. 
Master Song tells Je Ha that since Yoo Jin was really smart since she was young, a lot of JB Group’s subsidiaries were pushing for her to be the next chairman. It was her choice to marry Se Joon that put her out of her father’s favor, Master Song laments.
He notes that after the Asian Financial Crisis, the old chairman set up Yoo Jin with a lot of rich bachelors to help the company through its rough patch. However, Yoo Jin only had eyes for Se Joon, whereas Sung Won obediently married one of his father’s choices—leading to the son’s chairmanship.
Je Ha asks how Master Song knows all about this (Yeah, I’m curious, too! Since he also blabbed about Anna’s parents hahaha) and Master Song he is one of the oldest veterans in JSS. He says he was even a bodyguard for the JB Group and tells Je Ha that JSS started as a group of exclusive bodyguards for the JB Group.
We are taken next to a prison facility, which Anna and Sung Won are visiting. The prisoner they’re visiting asks Anna if she doesn’t remember him. He tells Anna they’ve met before at her mom’s room and asks if she doesn’t remember because he shined a flashlight on her face.
Anna trembles and Sung Won looks on with a smirk. The prisoner says he was a burglar who was in her mother’s room that night she was killed. He tells Anna that as he was getting jewelry, someone else was entering the room he was in so he hid himself.

He says he saw someone get on top of Um Hye Rin, who had been sleeping, and stuck a needle on her neck while covering the star’s mouth.
Sung Won asks if the prisoner remembers the face of the perpetrator but before he can answer, he says it’s time to give him favors. The lawyer who’s with Sung Won and Anna enumerates the charges against the prisoner and says his sentence can be reduced.

The prisoner smiles at this and joyfully tells Sung Won he clearly remembers the face of the one who stuck a needle on Um Hye Rin’s neck. The prisoner looks at Anna and says it’s the woman beside her—the woman beside her during her television interview! OMO! It’s Choi Yoo Jin???
Back at their car, Anna asks why they can’t use the prisoner to punish Choi Yoo Jin now. Sung Won calmly tells her that although her sister should rightfully be handed her punishment, they shouldn’t allow this to reduce the chances of Se Joon being president. Sung Won says Anna will only be free if her father wins the presidential race.

Now at the salon, Je Ha tells Anna never to send Mi Ran away again (Mi Ran was told to check the fashion show’s premises so Anna can freely go to the prison facility with her uncle).
One of the stylists asks if Anna and Je Ha are in a special relationship and Anna confidently says that Je Ha is her boyfriend. With this, the stylist insists that she also do something to make Je Ha look cool. Hahahaha. I bet she just wants to brush her fingers on Ji Chang Wook’s hair.
After getting made up at the salon, Anna meets with her uncle (again) who asks if she’s been taking her medication. (I’m really not sold on this medication meant to make her better. Ugh). Je Ha picks up this and looks skeptical.

Anna meets with the fashion designer, who gushes that it’s an honor for him to do the Um Hye Rin tribute fashion show. Anna worries she might ruin the show but the fashion designer and the make up artist tell her it’s just walking so she just have to walk.
Anna asks her uncle for more medicine and Je Ha worries it may be too much. Je Ha and Anna step aside and Je Ha tells her she may grow dependent on the medicine. Anna says it’s only for today since she wants to do well for the fashion show.

Je Ha confronts Sung Won why he’s pumping drugs into Anna. Sung Won just says he and Anna want the public to remember Um Hye Rin again.
It’s time for the fashion show and Anna gives a short speech during its opening. We see Sung Won and his mother at the audience, clapping their hands. 
A montage of models walking on a pond-made-runway is shown, and Anna goes out from the tent with new clothes on and an angel wings. She drinks more of her medication and Mi Ran worriedly asks her if she’s fine. 
During her walk on the runway, her feet are clearly not up to the task. She walks on like a drunkard, and Sung Won clearly was waiting for this moment.
Sung Won gives the signal to one of the staff who instantly orders another one to shine a spotlight on Anna.
This brings Anna almost tumbling down but Je Ha saves her from the fall. GAHD, Sung Won is just as scary as Yoo Jin. I can't decipher if Sung Won was impressed by Je Ha or was disappointed Anna didn't fall.
The next morning, Yoo Jin reads news of the fashion show--or rather, stares at pictures of Je Ha taken at the show hahaha. Secretary Kim interrupts her to tell her of gossip online which says that Yoo Jin is the real mother of Anna.
According to the report, Yoo Jin had an affair with Directer Go and had Anna, but tasked Um Hye Rin to take care of her since Hye Rin married the director later. Hye Rin blackmailed Yoo Jin about this and when Yoo Jin can’t take it anymore, she killed Hye Rin to shut her up.

Yoo Jin just laughs at this, and even at the bit where the report says she and Se Joon only put on a couple-show for public.
The news spread like wildfire and a television show even discusses it. However, one of the hosts points out Anna was born even before Yoo Jin married Se Joon so how can they call it an affair then.
But the host says that since this rumor stemmed from Anna’s call to an investigation on her mother’s death, Choi Yoo Jin should just go to the police and confess everything she knows since she claims to be a friend.
Anna later asks Sung Won if this article is his doing and why the need to sully her mother’s name. Sung Won tells her that they need to write a ridiculous article to get the public's interest and prompt investigation on Yoo Jin on her relationship with Anna, and eventually on her involvement in the death of Um Hye Rin.
Sung Won and Anna arrive at the police station and Sung Won tells the media he wants the person responsible for sullying their family name arrested. He is welcomed by the police chief, who tells him they will do their best to get to the bottom of whoever started this rumor online.
Sung Won, however, tells him to also work hard at the investigation of Hye Rin’s death especially with new witnesses they plan to introduce.
The police chief reports this bit to Park Kwan Soo, who’s surprised to hear that Sung Won is after Yoo Jin. Park Kwan Soo urges the police chief to re-investigate Um Hye Rin’s case while laughing his ass off.
Yoo Jin, meanwhile, is at a charity event handing out food to the homeless. Reporters swarm the charity event and Yoo Jin learn of the police opening the case of Um Hye Rin’s death again. 
Yoo Jin loses consciousness (I don't think this is fake) and is rushed to the hospital.
While Sung Won thinks that it is all an act, the JSS President and Chief Joo are worried because Yoo Jin passed out for real. (Oh no! The stress and the lies are all piling up to eat her!) The rumor only gave birth to Yoo Jin haters but brought pity to Se Joon—looks like Sung Won’s plan to turn around public sentiment worked. Sigh.
Jang Se Joon visits Anna’s mansion but Anna refuses to come out of her room. Anna asks her father to leave since she doesn’t have anything to say to him. Se Joon leaves after his secretary tells him he has to visit Yoo Jin in the hospital.
Master Song visits Yoo Jin and makes a ruckus outside when the guards won’t let him in the room. Secretary Kim opens the door angrily but Yoo Jin tells her to let Master Song in. Looks like Master Song wasn’t lying about working for the JB Group before.
Master Song brings Yoo Jin her favorite drink, which Secretary Kim doesn’t even know about, and Yoo Jin asks all of them to step out so she and the judo master can talk.
Yoo Jin fondly calls Master Song “ahjussi” and tells him to talk to her in an informal tone. Master Song tells her to leave Anna alone, and after hearing this, Yoo Jin’s smile fades.
Master Song tells Yoo Jin that if you shoot a female deer in hunting, you have to let her kids live. He also reminds Yoo Jin that her father wouldn’t approve of this. Yoo Jin throws the bottle of juice she’s drinking and asks her guards to show Master Song out.
Se Joon arrives at Sung Won’s office, hearing laughter from Sung Won’s mother and father-in-law. Sung Won’s mother says the party is for Se Joon, and Sung Won says this development will make Se Joon rise to the top. Sung Won’s father-in-law even tells Se Joon to cast Yoo Jin aside, and Se Joon smiles at this. 

Back at Anna’s mansion, Je Ha asks Anna if she is alright after all the mess. Je Ha tells Anna not to believe the rumor that there is a witness because knowing Yoo Jin, she would have easily killed every witness if there is ever one.
Anna asks Je Ha which side is he on and Je Ha loudly proclaims that he is on Anna’s side. Anna asks why Je Ha won’t quit JSS like Mi Ran and Sung Guy then, and Je Ha tells her it’s best for her not to know what he and Yoo Jin are planning.
The JSS president takes out the police chief for a drink. The JSS president tells him that even if Yoo Jin’s reputation took some blows, they’re sure to see Se Joon become the next president. 

He adds the police chief should stick with Park Kwan Soo until the end, and switch later to Se Joon. The JSS President says they have to play both sides so they’ll emerge as winners in the end. (Smart.)
Je Ha visits Yoo Jin later and tells her he won’t be shocked if Yoo Jin really killed Um Hye Rin. Yoo Jin says she didn’t kill the actress and definitely didn’t ask anyone to do it either.
Je Ha asks why she let Se Joon and Anna believe otherwise, and Yoo Jin says it’s the only way to make Se Joon believe that she is capable of killing Anna. She says it’s the only way she thought of back then to make sure Se Joon won’t leave her.

Yoo Jin says she knows who the killer is but she can’t ever tell anyone. She tells Je Ha to ask the Mirror in Cloud Nine if he has any other questions since the Mirror will now obey him, too. (Oh, what love and devotion!)

Yoo Jin says she will submit herself to the police for investigation so she needs someone who can access the Mirror in the meantime. 
Je Ha leaves the room when Sung Won arrives. Yoo Jin tells Sung Won she’s disappointed in his writing skills. She warns she might destroy his company later, too.
Sung Won tells her to give him JSS—or more specifically, to give him Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin tells him she’s long been wondering why their father gave her JSS but gave the JB Group to Sung Won. Yoo Jin says they needed Jin Han’s (Sung Won’s father-in-law?) help back then so it was a strategic move, but maybe also to ensure the company won’t be acquired fully by the Jin Han Group later on.
Sung Won says that if he trusted his father-in-law, JB Group wouldn’t be alive and kicking today. Yoo Jin smiles at this and says it’s good that Sung Won didn’t take after his mother.

Sung Won says she need to make a decision quickly: going through a simple police investigation, or getting arrested for Um Hye Rin’s murder. And Yoo Jin’s smile turns into a look of scorn.
We see Je Ha enter Cloud Nine later and he sits on Yoo Jin’s chair. Je Ha asks the Mirror if there are limits to his access and the Mirror says there are none. He then asks if the Mirror is allowed to answer questions regarding Yoo Jin, and the Mirror says it is.
The next morning, Yoo Jin sends for Se Joon and tells him she wants him to be next to her during her trip to the police station. 
We see a sickly Yoo Jin later facing the media before the police headquarters. She apologizes to the reporters and public--with her head bowed down-- for withholding the truth for so long.
Anna, Je Ha, Park Kwan Soo, and Sung Won all watch this from their homes and offices unfold. Anna and Je Ha look very curious at what Yoo Jin will say next, while Park Kwan Soo and Sung Won are laughing at her downfall. (AND I’M ALSO VERY SCARED OF WHAT SHE’LL SAY HAHAHAHA)
Yoo Jin, with tears running down her face, tell the reporters that Anna is her real daughter—or more correctly, like a real daughter to her. She announces to the world that Anna is… the daughter of… ta-da! Jang Se Joon! (GAHD I LOVE SONG YUN AH!)
THE SECRET’S OUT! Anna, Park Kwan Soo, Sung Won, and Je Ha are all surprised at Yoo Jin’s statement, while Se Joon can’t help himself but keep his eyes closed (embarrassed? worried? I don’t care anymore!)



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  1. You have given great description of 12th episode of K2 that now I dont feel a need to watch it. I feel for anna in through out this serial. She is so innocent.