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Recap: The K2 Episode 3

I should stop saying action-packed as a description of every episode but I can’t find the adjective for this one. Haha. I really enjoyed the car chase scene of this episode so make sure to watch it because words aren’t enough to show how I was looking forward to how Ji Chang Wook will wing it with his car brakes cut!

We learn of how Ji Chang Wook will come to work as Yoona’s bodyguard although he still has yet to accept the job. I’m a little bit sad I didn’t get to see Yoona in this episode, only appearing in first 3 or 5 minutes of the episode.

But I admit I felt a little giddy seeing Lee Jung Jin in this show, having watched a number of his rom-com dramas years ago!

Read on for The K2 Episode 3's summary!

We start off with Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) holding a gun at Choi Yoo Jin’s (Song Yun Ah) neck and Anna (Yoona) shouting at him to kill Yoo Jin. Je Ha gets distracted for some seconds as he remembers meeting Anna in Italy.

Guards storm the living room and Je Ha uses Yoo Jin as his shield to get away from the scene. Je Ha has apparently planted his phone in one of the plants in the living room and he tells Yoo Jin and her secretary he has programmed the video clip of Yoo Jin and his men trying to kill him to be emailed to the media, prosecutors and the Blue House in 24 hours. This makes it easier for Je Ha to make Yoo Jin cooperate and drive him out of the house.

When Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) is informed of the situation at home, he smirks and asks Chief Jo to stop the car as heading home would be dangerous for him. Chief Jo says however that Anna is at home right now and Se Joon shouts at the driver to drive faster! (I laughed at this scene seeing how Se Joon enjoyed hearing his wife was taken hostage but his face totally showed panic when he learned Anna was now at home)

In the car, Yoo Jin admits she underestimated Je Ha and tells him they should start negotiations: she’ll pay him for the log-in and password to that e-mail to delete the clip. Je Ha asks her how much she is worth instead and asks her if she thinks her husband would choose her over the e-mail access. Yoo Jin just grows quiet at this, obviously because she knows how her husband wouldn't care less about her safety.

The assemblyman arrives home and Anna listens in on the conversation in the living room. She deflates when Se Joon says he won’t see Anna that night as he needs to get some rest. (I really like Yoona’s acting in this drama! Her face now says a lot as when compared to previous crying scenes in other dramas. Sorry for the many photos of Yoona! I can't help myself! LOL)

While on the run—which Yoo Jin is driving and Je Ha is sitting at the back—Yoo Jin notices her car speeding up and her breaks not working. Je Ha says the people riding on the motorcycle may be trying to get her killed. She panics so Je Ha takes out his gun to shoot the guys on the motorcycle but the windows won’t open!

Je Ha changes seats with Yoo Jin and speeds up so they can wriggle their way out of the car-hacking. They manage to get ahead by some meters, Yoo Jin got to open the windows and Je Ha manages to shoot at the motorcycle but was unable to stop them. 

Je Ha’s car ends up hitting roadblocks and turning upside down at a construction site, while the Yoo Jin’s secretary’s car runs over the motorcycle guys (perfect sinister look when the secretary ordered the driver “Kill them (the motorcycle guys)!” HAHAHA).

Je Ha is helped by construction workers out of the car but when the car starts to catch fire, they flee. So he helps out Yoo Jin out of the car! Full of blood, he was able to princess-carry Yoo Jin to the surprise of the secretary and bodyguards (I love the shock in their faces!) and bring her to safety before the car exploded.

The bodyguards and the secretary carries Yoo Jin away from Je Ha, who’s very much injured and passing out. Yoo Jin tells her minions to take Je Ha to the hospital and her secretary agrees they can’t let him die yet (I’m guessing the secretary is thinking about the e-mail Je Ha sent but it seems like Yoo Jin’s concern for Je Ha is genuine in this scene because he saved her earlier).

While unconscious, Je Ha dreams of talking with a friend (or a lover, not sure) and the scene takes place in a desert. He tells his friend, Naniya, that he’s going back home to Korea and asks her to marry him so he could take her with him. Naniya tears up and agrees to get married, and Je Ha gives her a kiss (awwww).

A doctor checks up on Yoo Jin and he asks him instead about Je Ha. The doctor says Je Ha’s body has been trained well, so despite the fractures and cuts, he’ll survive. Yoo Jin tells her husband Se Joon she plans to keep Je Ha as a real bodyguard after what happened. Se Joon comments she tends to keep those she’s wary of by her side, much like she’s doing with Anna.

Yoo Jin is visited by her brother Choi Sung Won (Lee Jung Jin!!) who she calls Chairman Choi (so I’m guessing he now heads their conglomerate, no?). He asks if the attack was planned by Park Kwan Soo, Assemblyman Se Joon’s political rival and curses Park Kwan Soo under his breath.

An aide of Se Joon tells him the reporters are ready for him and Yoo Jin unbuttons his collar and messes his hair. She tells him Se Joon has to look the part of looking disheveled, as if he watched over her the whole night! (Wow, calculating as ever) Se Joon sells this well to reporters and people watching his interview and possibly gaining more points for the polls!

Sung Won, watching this from his sister’s room, praises Se Joon’s acting skills and tells his sister her husband should have been an actor instead. Se Joon announces that he will stop all his political activities and Yoo Jin sits up in shock (obviously, she wants to be first lady!). 

However, people at the hospital lobby shouts at Se Joon that he must not give up the fight. Se Joon shouts he will start a new fight, which is against terrorism and promises he will be by the people’s side and win this fight. People in the lobby chant his name and he was even carried by a couple of them (MYGOD! WELL PLAYED, SE JOON). He beams triumphantly.

Chief Jo visits Je Ha, who is shocked to see him working for JSS Security. Je Ha figures out Chief Jo is behind the chase and the trap. Chief Jo gives Je Ha an ID (he probably uses fake passports and IDs as he is on the run even from Interpol) and tells him it’s his gift. He warns Je Ha not to apply for a passport using that ID as he has yet to sort out his identity’s problems abroad.

Chief Jo also tells Je Ha of the bodyguard offer but Je Ha says he doesn’t plan to pledge his loyalty to any organization or country. Chief Jo tells him JSS Security, owned by JB Group (Yoo Jin’s father’s company), monitors large data networks on politics, finance and the media. He tells Je Ha that Se Joon is soon to win the presidency and if that happens, Je Ha might be executed.

Je Ha tells him he’s tired of being a runaway but he’s useless, too. Chief Jo supposes he can’t kill anymore and Je Ha why ask him to work if he knows that already. Chief Jo asks him to stay on until the presidential election but Je Ha says he’s worn out and has lost interest in everything. Je Ha reminds him of the e-mail and tells Chief Jo no one’s going to be hurt if no one’s going after him. He tells Chief Jo he’ll delete the e-mail after the elections.

Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo (played by Kim Gab Soo) laughs as he watches Se Joon’s declaration on national television. He hurries and visits Yoo Jin at the hospital to make his own appearance before the press to help dispel rumors he was behind the attack.

Je Ha sees Park Kwan Soo in the elevator and this triggers him to remember the death of … Naniya? (I’m not too sure) Tears well up in his eyes and his breathing becomes heavy. 

He spots the handgun owned by the police officer who accompanied Park Kwan Soo and he shoots the police and the bodyguards in the elevator (not fatally, I hope!) first before levelling the gun to Park Kwan Soo’s eyes.

Then we cut to credits! WHAT AN ENDING!!! Haha, check back for the next episode’s recap!

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