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Recap: The K2 Episode 4

Yoona finally gets a lot of screen time in this episode and Ji Chang Wook is finally employed as her bodyguard! Whew. Now we wait for sparks to fly or not, depending on how the writers will drive the story.

The episode is still peppered with a lot of action from Ji Chang Wook getting himself tangled with whoever but I’m happy that the show is also introducing us to characters who will surely bring us the needed comedic laugh.

So far, this drama hasn’t lost my interest and I’m very excited for next week’s episodes!

The episode begins with Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) meeting Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo in the elevator, remembering bad things from his past, then shooting the bodyguards in the elevator before pointing the gun at Park Kwan Soo. BUT EVERYTHING WAS JUST IN HIS MIND.

Je Ha tries to reach for the gun just like in his imagination but he begins to have trouble breathing so his bodyguard accompany him outside the elevator. He asks his bodyguard who the man in the elevator was (OH SO HE DIDN’T KNOW THE GUY!) and the bodyguard says Park Kwan Soo can be considered the most powerful among the presidential candidates.

We flashback to his days in the dessert when a transaction transpired between Park Kwan Soo and Naniya’s (his fiance) group. After the exchange (of I don’t know what), Park Kwan Soo’s men kill Naniya and her group and Je Ha is left crying near her body.

Next thing we know, Je Ha is creating a bomb… then having his haircut done at a barber shop where Park Kwon Soo is getting his beard shaved. He drops a device in Park Kwan Soo’s suit, which will trigger a bomb installed at the building’s door, but a kid gets himself stuck in the revolving door instead which saves Park Kwan Soo.

Je Ha however is questioned by one of Park Kwan Soo’s guards who recognize him as the banner hanger! (AHA! So Park Kwan Soo was behind the trap set in the first episode for Jang Se Joon!) Je Ha is chased by Park Kwan Soo’s men up the rooftop, where Je Ha sees a rope leading down. After spotting Chief Jo on the ground, he rapels down the rope and gets in the car—with Choi Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin tells Je Ha she doesn’t care why he’s after Park Kwan Soo but she’ll help him pull the trigger. Aaaand it looks like Je Ha is now more willing to take on the job under JSS Security.

Anna is now being kept at another house and the only ones watching over her are a lady bodygiuard (whose name I have yet to catch) and an old lady housekeeper. While the housekeeper vacuums the living room, the bodyguard complains she’s more like a prisoner with her new assignment. She also laments no one will come visit Anna as long as “the scary madam” Yoo Jin is alive, which Anna (Yoona) overhears and agrees to.

The next day, Je Ha is jogging while remembering Naniya’s last moments. After his run, he enters JSS Security building (OMO!) where the ladies all drool over him and the men whisper around him (he's famous for taking Yoo Jin hostage, I suppose, and all the mess he created in the previous episodes hahaha). He goes straight to the company doctor to have his cast removed. 

The company’s judo trainer, who has a crush on the doctor and is jealous at her perky attitude towards Je Ha, tells Je Ha to start attending his training lessons now that his cast has been taken off. The judo teacher who calls himself the great Song Young Choon calls out Je Ha during class for a practice match and totally embarasses himself in front of other new hires (HAHAHA).

Je Ha is assigned to the VIP team much to the dismay of the team leader. (This team is the one which Je Ha took out in his warehouse HAHAHA) Chief Jo says Team Leader Seo should just let the “hunting dogs” decide the hierarchy for themselves—then we cut to Je Ha IN THE SHOWER (GASP) along with other half-naked and ripped guys (ANOTHER GASP!).

Sure enough, the members of his new team beat him up (10 or 20 against 1) but Je Ha… well… he empowers them easily—AGAIN. Je Ha is officially introduced by Team Leader Seo to the VIP team and gives him the alias K2 (WHY? I don’t know myself) and is assigned to be one of Anna’s bodyguards.

The company doctor calls up Anna’s lady bodyguard and tells her Je Ha’s going to be on the same assignment as she is. The bodyguard laughs at how she and Je Ha are on Team Leader Seo’s shitlist but the doctor is more interested on how she’s dressed at the moment. When the bodyguard tells the doctor she’s just wearing a sweatshirt and track pants, the doctor scolds her that this is why things never work out for her HAHAHA. The bodyguard hurries away from the phone as Je Ha is on his way to the mansion.

Chief Jo briefs Je Ha about the assignment and tells him Anna’s presence should never be known to the world especially before the election. They arrive at the mansion with Yang Mi Ran (I FINALLY HAVE THE NAME OF THE LADY BODYGUARD!) sporting a very red lipstick and wearing perfume. Chief Jo asks her what’s wrong with her before letting her introduce herself to Je Ha (HAHAHAHA this girl is funny). Also, Yang Mi Ran introduces herself as J4, so I guess the K2 was given to him because he passed probationary after the one given the codename K1. (Wink)

The housekeeper and Mi Ran brief Je Ha about Anna’s condition and daily activities—like how flashes of light or strong beams of light triggers her panic disorder, and how she only walks around the mansion at night. Unbeknownst to them, Anna is watching them from the second floor of the house, although I'm not sure she can hear their conversation. Je Ha will be staying at another quarters which houses the CCTV monitoring center and he is brought there by another bodyguard, one he beat up in a previous episode (SERIOUSLY, MAN. I think he already beat up 80% of the agency’s bodyguards! HAHAHA).

When Je Ha uses informal speech with the bodyguard, the guy shouts at him and tells him he knows his age and that he’s been with the company longer (Koreans are very strict about seniority so it is a must that newbies or juniors give much respect to their seniors at work or even at school). Je Ha just tells him he knows the bodyguard previously worked as part of the Special Forces and when Je Ha tells him his division (of course Je Ha entered Special Forces way before the bodyguard did), the bodyguard reverts to a puppy demeanor and gladly gets Je Ha coffee and cigarettes (LOL).

In the mansion, the housekeeper teases Mi Ran for dressing sexily and wishes her good luck in her new conquest: Je Ha. HAHAHAHA. She reminds Mi Ran how she failed to start a relationship with the foreigner in Barcelona (she was Anna’s bodyguard there) and wonders if Je Ha is watching her “stupid show” right now. Mi Ran says he should be but we learn it’s the other bodyguard who’s reviewing the monitors and enjoying the "show" instead while Je Ha sleeps HAHAHAHA.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon and his wife Yoo Jin attend an event of some sort. While Park Kwan Soo takes a jab at Yoo Jin and notes sarcastically how she’s very understanding while her husband flirts with the ladies, a pretty woman—the prostitute planted to take lewd pictures of Se Joon in Episode 1—hands over a memory card to Yoo Jin, which Yoo Jin says is evidence against the people who hacked and manipulated her car.

Ms. Kim, as Yoo Jin calls her, greets Park Kwan Soo’s secretary, who looked scared and surprised seeing her. After Ms. Kim leaves, the secretary whispers to Park Kwan Soo who she is. Park Kwan Soo just laughs at Yoo Jin’s face and says subordinates just do whatever they please, then asks Yoo Jin if they are now tied—alluding to Je Ha’s almost bomb incident. Yoo Jin says that while she feels like she’s getting the shorter end of the stick, she’ll accept the ceasefire agreement.

Before leaving the event, Yoo Jin tells Se Joon they should wave goodbye to the press people first before riding their cars. Se Joon gladly complies but when the photographers ask for a sweet pose from the couple, he surprises Yoo Jin with a hug and an arm on her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Anna goes down from her room and stares at the CCTV camera much to Je Ha’s surprise. Anna enters the dining hall but doesn’t touch her food. She’s looking for something in the refrigerator and the cabinets but sighs when she’s unsuccessful. She finally spots a pack of ramen and she dances in glee—and her innocent smile and little dance leaves Je Ha awestruck (OMO is he already falling for the shut-in? Hehehe). 

I guess she envied the housekeeper and Mi Ran they were sharing a pot of ramen earlier or maybe she has happy memories with her mother over ramen. Everything's a guess right now. Haha.

I really like this CCTV-watching part of the episode where Je Ha talks to the monitor even if he knows Anna can’t hear him. Like when she couldn’t turn on the stove, Je Ha repeatedly tells her to look for  the valve and turn it on but since Anna can’t hear him, she leaves the kitchen and takes one of the ramen and one of the dishes prepared for her and heads back to her room.

Frustrated at Anna, Je Ha utters if he should make her ramen instead (AWWW he might have fallen a little hahaha). Je Ha goes out to smoke and looks happily at the window of Anna’s room. But before could light his cigarette, he sees a shadow on the roof near Anna’s room and that’s when we cut to credits!

ARGH! I want more! Haha. I’m very happy seeing Yoona smile this episode and finally bringing the two leads together. I’m very intrigued by the next episode as the preview showed Yoona in a nun’s habit and singing Amazing Grace with her sweet voice and a tear rolling down her cheek. I’m wondering if this is a flashback since she grew up in a nunnery in Spain but her father and Yoo Jin in a veil were shown alongside her singing. 

Anyway, we just have to wait for next week and see what happens! 

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