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Recap: The K2 Episode 5

This episode of The K2 has fewer action scenes compared to the previous episodes but the story continues to be interesting, at least for me.

We get more Ji Chang Wook and Yoona moments, more insights on Song Yun Ah's character, and more funny moments delivered by the bald judo teacher and Yoona's female bodyguard, Mi Ran.

I'm a bit sad not seeing Yoona's singing but I'm keeping my hopes up I will finally see it in the next episode. Anyway, the recap's below!

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) goes out for a smoke and but notices something amiss on the roof—near  Anna’s (Yoona) room. He ninja-climbs his way to the roof and is surprised to see Anna sitting there feeding a kitten.
After the kitten leaves, Anna cries to herself and Je Ha looks on with a concerned expression. Anna is reminiscing handing her mom the bottle of sleeping pills, which was what later caused her death. Je Ha sits on the roof while listening to Anna cry (of course, without Anna knowing).
Anna climbs back to the attic, which has a door to her room. She pulls an electric blanket which she put on her bed before tiptoeing back to her room. Her room and the bathrooms are the only ones installed with cameras with heat sensors so they know where she is while also protecting her privacy. Je Ha smiles at this trick Anna pulled or has been pulling off, as Mi Ran and the housekeeper clearly did not know about Anna chilling on the rooftop (HAHA).
Mi Ran sees a missed call from Je Ha from the previous night—Je Ha called her because she and the household help sleeps in the same mansion so it’s easier to check up on Anna—and she smiles thinking it was a bootycall! LOL. She hurries to bring Je Ha food and deflates when it’s the other bodyguard (nicknamed K1—I still don’t have his name hahaha) she finds in their quarters instead.
We find out minutes later where Je Ha went: stalking Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo, who’s having breakfast after playing soccer with a bunch of other politicians. When they leave the restaurant, Park Kwan Soo’s secretary hands the politicians a box of “Vitamin D,” which is actually full of cash, much to their delight.

His Secretary later tells him Choi Yoo Jin’s aunt, who heads an international finance group has died, so Park Kwan Soo says he wants to make an appearance to watch the “show,” (I think he’s referring to how Yoo Jin will play this out to her advantage or watch how dysfunctional Yoo Jin’s family is, especially after seeing Yoo Jin and her brother’s relationship in an earlier episode.)
Yoo Jin is at home, getting made up by her secretary for her aunt’s funeral. She asks her secretary if women without kids would die alone like her aunt, who died in a care facility. Her secretary says at least her aunt has Yoo Jin to take care of her, and Yoo Jin smirks she just put on a show to get her aunt’s shares in the JB Group. 

When Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon arrive at the temple, Chief Jo tells them of a little problem: the whole perimeter is being guarded by guards from the international finance group, and the JSS guards were barred from entering. Yoo Jin tells him not to worry because she or her husband will unlikely be killed inside, so Chief Jo assigns Je Ha and another bodyguard to accompany them as only a driver and an assistant were allowed to enter.
After the couple give their respects at the temple, Je Ha drops a remote pen inside Yoo Jin’s bag and tells her to use it to alert them of danger. Yoo Jin and Se Joon were lead to a basement room heavily guarded outside and inside with the rest of their family members: the husband of her aunt and his son (the son is apparently not blood-related to the deceased), Yoo Jin’s brother Sung Won, Sung Won’s mother (the mistress of Yoo Jin and Sung Won’s father), and Sung Won’s father-in-law.

The room is then locked from the inside as the family lawyer reads the aunt’s will. The lawyer is told to wait outside after announcing all her aunt’s fortune will be donated to the Pyeongchang Scholarship Foundation which Yoo Jin owns.
Sung Won’s father-in-law asks Yoo Jin what her plans are and Yoo Jin bluntly says to respect the dead’s wishes. Sung Won’s mother speaks up that Yoo Jin can’t do that: she can’t be too greedy to have the presidency and JB Group all for herself.

Sung Won’s father-in-law then tells Yoo Jin she can just sell all her shares in JB Group to him. He doesn’t have an interest in the company but plans to give them all to his son-in-law, much to Sung Won’s delight. Sung Won’s father-in-law is even willing to pay triple their current worth, and tells Yoo Jin this amount will be more than enough to win them the presidency.
Yoo Jin, in her evil smile, tells the room she can’t sell those shares even if she wanted to because they belong to the foundation. Sung Won’s father-in-law threatens her that there will be a board meeting soon at her foundation and a new CEO will be chosen. He tells Yoo Jin they’ll give her back her position after he acquires the shares and even tells Se Joon they will of course support him in his bid for presidency.
Yoo Jin laughs like a lunatic and tells the room it seems like she fell into their trap. She went to pay her respects and claim her inheritance but instead, she will be losing her father’s company instead. Sung Won’s mother tells her her father is Sung Won’s father, too but Yoo Jin snaps and shouts her father used to sit on the factory floor with his laborers to eat lunch while she and her mother weave baskets to sell before meeting her, the pretty little secretary and making her his mistress.
Hurt, Sung Won’s mother asks Yoo Jin if she wants to know why her father didn’t leave the company to her. She says it wasn’t because Yoo Jin is a woman, but instead, it’s because her father knew how horrible her character is. She even claims that Yoo Jin is making her husband president just to get back the JB Group from Sung Won. She says tearily that even if she is just a mistress, Yoo Jin is far off worse, marrying someone with a hidden agenda and asks Yoo Jin point blank if she is happy with her life right now. Sung Won stands up to stop the two from their tirade, clearly hurting for his mom.
Je Ha senses something off when the pen he gave Yoo Jin suddenly stops transmitting, but the other bodyguard just brushes it off as Yoo Jin turning it off because she doesn’t want them to eavesdrop any longer on her family’s money talk. 
Je Ha tells his colleague to start the engine and wait for him, then gets an umbrella from the back of the car (his choice of weapon HAHA). He enters the building where the room is and knocks down every guard outside the room. The fire alarm later is set off after Je Ha made fire in the restroom, and Yoo Jin’s family panics inside the room as the sprinklers automatically showered them with water.
Yoo Jin’s family all rush out of the room but Yoo Jin is left there frozen on her feet. Je Ha enters the room and puts an umbrella over Yoo Jin, who’s already slumped in her chair. Je Ha tells her not to worry and that there won’t be any directors’ meeting soon.
While walking in the basement's corridors, Yoo Jin thinks to herself that this is the first time someone acted without needing her command (OMO IS SHE FALLING FOR HIM) and how she wouldn’t be able to tame a hunting dog like Je Ha. She stops walking when Je Ha places a hand behind her back (GAHD is she feeling some ~romantic tension? Haha). Je Ha tells her to straighten her back and raise her head because her enemies are watching.
Yoo Jin and Je Ha walk out from the building and after passing her family members drying themselves, bodyguards try to block their way. The aunt’s husband shouts at the bodyguards and Yoo Jin is allowed to walk out of the perimeter.
On the way back, Yoo Jin tells Je Ha not to do things without her permission next time. When Je Ha answers in banmal (informal speech), his colleague apologizes to the madam and reasons out Je Ha has yet to be taught etiquette. Yoo Jin laughs at this and tells them she’s heading to Cloud Nine.
Yoo Jin arrives at the JSS office and the JSS President tells her he took care of the traitors at the foundaiton’s directors’ meeting and obtained resignation letters from them. She, the JSS president, and Chief Jo then proceeds to the elevator to head to Cloud Nine (uhhh… just what is this??).
Meanwhile, the JSS doctor is telling Mi Ran the details of what happened at the wake of Yoo Jin’s aunt, the two gushing about how strong, smart and cool Je Ha is HAHAHA fangirls!. The judo teacher, who has a crush on the doctor, overhears this and is seething in jealousy. Bumping to Je Ha in the hallway, he invites him to eat at a nearby family diner and even feeds him meat wrapped in lettuce (I wonder why he’s being kind hahaha).
Later, we see him scolding Je Ha at the JSS office lobby and whispers to Je Ha to do as he asked even amid Je Ha’s protests that the floor is hard! HAHA! They’re totally putting a show for the doctor!! The judo teacher throws Je Ha to the floor (possibly to show his strength to the doctor) but the doctor, misunderstanding the situation and out of concern for Je Ha, runs and hits the judo teacher with her bag (HAHAHAHA).

The judo teacher ends up in the doctor’s clinic because his head bled. The doctor chastises them for pulling off that stunt, and Je Ha apologizes and tells her he just wants to help the judo teacher seem more attractive. The judo teacher leaves the room telling Je Ha and the doctor he’s sorry and the doctor runs after him (Ooooh she likes him, too!!)
The judo teacher later thank Je Ha over coffee and even agrees when Je Ha asks for another round of meat. Je Ha smiles warmly at the bald teacher, who’s all smiles at the turn of events despite the bandage on his head.
Back at Anna’s mansion, Je Ha enters the dining room after the household help leaves Anna’s dinner on the table. The next scene shows Je Ha back at his quarters and running to his seat in front of the monitors. He watches Anna closely and shouts a “Ta-da!” when she enters the dining hall.
Anna finds the stove open, boiling water, an open ramen packet, and she hums to herself while she cooks the ramen. She later stares at the camera near the kitchen and sticks a tissue or paper at the camera HAHAHA. 
Je Ha panics for a while and switches cameras until he finds one with a view of Anna. And we see why she did that: she’s dancing happily while cooking! The drama interlaces Anna and Je Ha's dancing in their own rooms--Je Ha is quite the happy camper while watching Anna enjoy her ramen.

With a smile, Je Ha steps out to smoke and is surprised when Mi Ran suddenly shows up in a tight shirt and short skirt, asking if he’s on a break. She tells Je Ha she’s sorry she didn’t pick up the previous night because it’s too sudden. He just says with a straight face it’s a work “hotline” so she should pick up. She pinches his arm and tells him giddily she will the next time he calls (I was laughing so hard at this scene!).
Je Ha asks Mi Ran about her work in Barcelona and Mi Ran says it was very hard because Anna ran away a lot and insisted on finding her father. Mi Ran said she reported to her superiors on how Anna wanted to see her father but she never received a response and guessed her father didn’t have much interest in her after all.

Mi Ran, sounding very pitiful of Anna, recounted how she even thought Anna’s father would finally visit when she heard he was in Madrid but eventually didn’t show up. Their conversation was interrupted when Je Ha gets called back to the JSS office and was told to go to the ninth floor: Cloud Nine. Clueless, he asks Mi Ran what Cloud Nine is and Mi Ran is excited that he’s rising through the ranks.
Well, the ending song plays right after his elevator door opens so we don’t get to see what Cloud Nine is! BUMMER.

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