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Recap: The K2 Episode 6

I’m so friggin' happy with this episode because of an increase in Yoona's screen time. We also get a lot of flashbacks from Yoona and Seong Yun Ah's characters, cementing their approaches to life at present.

I felt so sad and heartbroken for Yoona's character in this episode, especially her longing to see her father. The true colors of her father is shown in this episode and how he loves his ambition more than his daughter.

Anyway, before I'm tempted to give you more spoilers, the recap is below!

Je Ha arrives at Cloud Nine, and sees Choi Yoo Jin, her secretary, Chief Jo, and the JSS president talking in a glass-walled room. The four are sitting in a round table with microphones and a projector, and plotting about how to completely ruin a number of people’s reputation. I’m assuming these people have done her or her company wrong, or are supporting rivals of her husband. 
Back at the mansion, Mi Ran excitedly tells the household help that Je Ha was invited to the Cloud Nine. The household help is amazed at how fast he’s climbing the ranks and tells her now she won’t have any chance to make Je Ha hers! HAHA!

Anna listens in on this conversation the two are having in the living room and stares at the cameras after hearing Je Ha isn’t working tonight (remember that Je Ha is the one who’s supposed to be manning the cameras). I think she’s planning to run away! Poor Mi Ran! Haha.
After Yoo Jin’s meeting with the three, Je Ha goes inside the room and bluntly asks Yoo Jin why he was sent there. Yoo Jin tells him she’s curious about why he rushed in the basement, brought her an umbrella, and even handed her a handkerchief. Je Ha just smirks and tells her to cut the crap but Yoo Jin thinks to herself that those are really what she wanted to ask him.
So Yoo Jin tells him to tell her about what happened to him in Iraq instead, since she already know much of his military history. She reminds Je Ha the room is soundproof so there is no need to be afraid but Je Ha asks who is listening behind the microphones in the room.

Yoo Jin tells him with a smile it’s “little miss mirror” and she talks to a mic asking who’s the fairest of all. A computer, I presume, answers back in a female voice “Snow White,” and Yoo Jin laughs her mirror has a sense of humor, too. Yoo Jin explains to Je Ha that Cloud Nine is JSS Security’s brain where they store all the information they obtain.
So Je Ha begins telling Yoo Jin about the female Kumar refugee he met in Iraq that he planned to marry and bring home to South Korea. He tells Yoo Jin how he witnessed the deal between Park Kwan Soo and Raniya’s group, and how Raniya was later killed. 
He is later hit in the head while running to Raniya and he wakes up with a gun in his hand, possibly a frame-up to cover up the real perpetrators’ identities. Je Ha is taken in by the police but he tells Yoo Jin he was able to escape within a week. The problem is, Park Kwan Soo already left for Korea and his security firm Blackstone Camp has already turned their back on him.
Yoo Jin now allows Je Ha to ask her computer about the meeting in Kumar. The computer was able to identify the people present at the meeting: Park Kwan Soo, a Blackstone bodyguard, Raniya the interpreter, and an Abdul Omar, the leader of the Kumar. However, it wasn’t able to determine the reason for the meeting.
Je Ha grows frustrated when the computer states Raniya was killed because she interpreted something confidential because duh, one would likely assume that already. Yoo Jin tells him there’s no use asking the computer if it has no information on that matter. The computer says however that after the secret meeting between Park Kwan Soo and Abdul Omar, the latter left the CIA and created his own army.
Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if he loved Raniya and he admits he doesn’t know if he did or if he just pitied her. When he tells Yoo Jin he will be going back to his quarters, Yoo Jin tells him he’s a “close line” now, which means he gets to live in the JSS residences and he and his family gets protected by the agency. Je Ha says it sounds more like being a slave than getting a promotion (haha).
Yoo Jin tells him she has never betrayed anyone who has never betrayed her, but Je Ha says there’s no master who’d never betray his slave. However, he says there may be friends who won’t betray their friends. He calls Yoo Jin a “friend” before leaving the office, and the madam smiles to herself like a giddy highschool girl in love. Ha!
Meanwhile, Anna watches the news in her room and takes notes of her father’s activities for the next day. She looks at the camera installed in her room and slowly creeps out of her room, making her way downstairs. 
Spying Mi Ran at the living room eating while watching television, Anna makes her way to Mi Ran’s room, gets Mi Ran’s ID, and also swipes the sedatives Mi Ran used on her while transporting her from Barcelona to South Korea. 
Anna injects the sedatives in the coffee Mi Ran is drinking then rushes out the mansion in Mi Ran’s bodyguard clothing and a wig. Another bodyguard calls her to ask where she’s going and she answers to the store. The bodyguard, only seeing her back, asks her to buy him coffee, too. Hehe. 
She successfully escapes the mansion and hails a taxi to where she and her mother lived before.
She stops in front of a huge house and reminisces cooking in the backyard while dancing with her mom. Ohh so all the steps she was doing while cooking the ramen were all from her mom. Sigh. 
Anna walks down the streets around her house and she imagines seeing her mother and her nine-year old self walking happily, too. 
Anna even chances upon a photo studio with a picture of her mom. She walks in the photo studio to ask about the photo and the shopkeeper asks if she is movie star Uhm Hye Rin’s daughter, Anna. The old shopkeeper recounts her mother was at her prettiest in the photo and mentions her mother’s eyes were sparkling, too.
The shopkeeper tells Anna her mother went to the studio to get Anna’s passport photo taken, then surprisingly asked for a family photo. He opens the back of the frame to reveal another lady in the photo: an “ahjumma” (old lady) remembers being there when the photo was taken.
Anna later arrives at a health care facility where the old shopkeeper said the ahjumma in the picture is being taken care of. Anna is led to where a Yoo Myung Ja is staying, and she finds the old lady staring at the ceiling.
Anna asks Myung Ha if she remembers her but after hearing her name, Myung Ja suddenly sits on her bed calling her Hye Rin (her mom’s name) and telling her to run away with Anna to America because Choi Yoo Jin knows everything now. She even warns Hye Rin that Yoo Jin will kill her and Anna. Iiiiiiiiinteresting!
When Anna asks Myung Ja if she knows everything, Myung Ja asks Anna to give her soup and Anna cries frustrated. Looks like Myung Ja has dementia or is experiencing temporary hysteria.
Meanwhile, Je Ha goes back to the mansion and the security guard at the gate tells him J4 hasn’t been back since last night. Je Ha hurriedly enters the house, sees Mi Ran snoring on the couch, and runs to Anna’s bedroom. Mi Ran follows him and panics when Anna isn’t in her room.
The JSS president is alerted by Chief Jo and they plan to search everywhere for Anna. Chief Jo questions Mi Ran and the lady guard tells Chief Jo Anna took her earpiece and wallet. Mi Ran tells Chief Jo that Anna has also been using her card to take cabs. Chief Jo shouts at her to find out where the taxi took her.
The security team arrives at the health care facility but of course, Anna is listening in on their conversations through Mi Ran’s earpiece. The team wasn’t able to find her in the facility and we see Anna dressed in a nun’s habit walking past Chief Jo and Je Ha.

Chief Jo is called by Jang Se Joon who tells him not to let Anna near the Catholic church. Well, this is exactly where Anna is planning to go to. Chief Jo tells his team not to let Anna near the VIP area.
At the church, nuns file in in front to sing an opening song and Se Joon spots Anna right away. Se Joon whispers to Yoo Jin about this and Yoo Jin’s eyes fills with angry tears as she sends a text message to Chief Jo. Chief Jo orders the guards to capture Anna but the priests mouths a “No!” to them. 
Yoo Jin shoots daggers at Anna, whose eyes are already filled with tears as she watches her father sit uncomfortably beside Yoo Jin. Her father won’t even meet her eyes!
The nuns walk to the aisle after the song but Anna is left standing in front and looking at her father. Je Ha stops the other guards from making their way to Anna, and the priest, sensing the awkward tension, tells the Church there must be another song.
We finally hear Anna sing Amazing Grace with tears running down her cheek. The nuns join her sing and her emotional rendition of the song even brings the other churchgoers to tears. Park Kwan Soo even stands up to clap, while Je Ha rushes near the altar to look at Anna. Anna silently joins the other nuns at the side aisle but when Je Ha follows the nuns, Anna is nowhere to be found (AGAIN)!
Another nun hands Je Ha a note, which he passes to Se Joon. Anna tells his father she lost her way again and to come find her. Yoo Jin tells Se Joon to concentrate on finding her but Se Joon tells her it’s already been 10 years since he last spent time with her. Yoo Jin says she pities Anna for having a father like Se Joon and for believing he will come looking for her.
After asking Chief Jo to leave the car, Yoo Jin tells Se Joon that if he only kicked down the door and left her 14 years ago, she wouldn’t despise him this much. We flashback to the day Yoo jin last made her husband breakfast—ah, the day when Uhm Hye Rin was reported to have committed suicide! Se Joon drops his coffee upon reading the news then hurriedly walks toward the door. Yoo Jin, however, tells him that if he leaves now, Anna will die too.
Back in the present, Se Joon asks Yoo Jin if he was just supposed to let Anna die, too. He mutters an “Aigoo, you murder!” to Yoo Jin who smirks at his face. She tells him that all this time, she thought Se Joon was just protecting Anna but she now knows Se Joon was just afraid of Anna getting in the way of Se Joon’s ambition.
Anna, meanwhile, is sitting on a park bench looking like an abandoned puppy. She reminisces about her day with her parents in an amusement park, where they enjoy a ride and an ice cream. A missing child announcement is made and Se Joon asks the 8-year-old Anna if she knows what to do if she’s lost. Anna says to take a cab to bus stop 371 and Se Joon praises her for being smart. But Se Joon says that if she can’t find a cab, she has to wait at the spot where she lost him. She has to wait for him to find her and he promises to come looking for her.
Two girls, meanwhile, take a selca near Anna and the JSS Security people found her at last. Anna puts her hands together to pray and smiles to see Se Joon holding two cups of ice cream. However, it’s not Se Joon who’s in front of her but Je Ha. She asks about her dad and Je Ha lies her dad sent him, if not, how could they have known where she is.
Anna asks Je Ha if her dad was mad she appeared out of nowhere and Je Ha tells her he’s just worried. He even tells her to eat the ice cream her Dad sent her and Anna eats it while crying.
Anna recounts to Je Ha the place used to be Dreamland, the only amusement park she went to with her Dad and Mom. She was so happy that time because she had something to brag about to her classmates but she was sad at the same time because her Mom told her never to tell anyone about her Dad. Anna says she was so afraid bad guys would harass her Dad so she never said anything.
Je Ha notices Anna’s heavy breathing while she was telling him her story. She collapses in his arms and he calls for an ambulance. The househelp tells Chief Jo it’s because of Anna’s allergic reaction to  strawberry ice cream! Je Ha remembers how Anna asked if the ice cream was sent by her Dad and ate it with a sad smile.
Je Ha gives Anna CPR while she lies unconscious on a park bench. Je Ha looks on worriedly as Anna is unable to wake up. And the credits roll~~

ARGHHHH. Well I don’t expect Anna to die, of course. It’s just that I hated the Dad so much in this episode. Haha. Anyway, can’t wait for the next episode!

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