Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 7

The K2's Episode 7 gave us a glimpse at Anna's (played by Girls' Generation's Yoona) relationship with her father. While I couldn't really care less at how this family conflict of hers unfold, I'm giddy over Je Ha's increasing concern over Anna given the developments in this episode.

I saw a lot of still cuts in Instagram of Je Ha and Anna in Episode 8 so before I skip to that, below's the recap for Episode 7.

We pick up to where episode 6 left us: holding our breaths while Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) try to revive Anna (Yoona). Je Ha looks at Anna worriedly while the JSS president cancels the call to 911 and sends in an ambulance.

Chief Joo arrives in his car and tells Je Ha to carry Anna in. As Je Ha drives like he’s in the Fast and the Furious movies, Chief Joo tells him to bring Anna to the JSS headquarters instead of a hospital. Je Ha grits his teeth, worried for Anna’s safety, but Chief Joo tells him they’re all dead if they take her to a hospital.
The JSS Doctor receives Anna and Je Ha can’t help but watch Anna get treated. The doctor asks him to leave as he will only be a hindrance to saving Anna, and Je Ha gets out of the room frustrated and guilty because he fed her the strawberry ice cream.

Anna, meanwhile, dreams of the night her mother died.It’s the same scene where she enters her mom’s room and finds her lying unconsciously with pills scattered near her hand. The young Anna turns around and screams when a man or a woman dressed in black puts a hand on Anna’s mouth to shut her up. 
Anna wakes up from her sleep and asks the doctor where she is. She is told she’s in the JSS headquarters’ medical room and Je Ha brought her in just in time. She notices Je Ha by the door and just stares at him.
The doctor leaves the room just in time for Mi Ran and the housekeeper to catch her. They ask her how is Anna and the doctor says she’s fine now but her mental state isn’t. Je Ha asks if they should move Anna to a hospital but the doctor just says they are better equipped than most emergency rooms. 
Je Ha later runs to Chief Joo’s office and angrily asks him why he sent back the ambulance. Chief Joo tells him bluntly Anna is actually better left dead because her existence is a major blockhead for Jang Se Joon’s presidency bid. Je Ha asks again who sent back the ambulance but Chief Joo says he couldn’t have done anything if he knew. Chief Joo stresses Je Ha should just do his work and protect Anna at all costs.

Chief Joo notes this is very unlike Je Ha and reminds him how the old people at orchard almost died because of him. Chief Joo says Je Ha should just act the way he always did because that’s the only way he could protect Anna.
Je Ha broods outside and his friend (hehe), the bald judo teacher, tries to console him. The judo teacher tells him to take care of Anna well and Je Ha asks if he knows her. The judo teacher says Anna has bad parents and Je Ha agrees with him, adding her dad is even a presidential candidate for crying out loud.
The judo teacher corrects him that Se Joon isn’t Anna’s legal father as Anna’s mom, Um Hye Rin married an American referee Go Am Wook. Anna’s last name “Go” is news to Je Ha and the judo teacher further explains Um Hye Rin got married to the American while she was already pregnant with Anna—who’s definitely Se Joon’s child.
While the judo teacher admits he doesn’t really know what happened between Um Hye Rin and Go Am Wook, he was surprised when Hye Rin one day showed up with Anna in front of Se Joon, who was already married to Choi Yoo Jin then. So Se Joon played the role of Anna’s father well without Yoo Jin’s knowledge.

The judo teacher pities Anna because of Hye Rin’s suicide and worries Anna may not be kept alive by Yoo Jin for a long time if Anna keeps acting up like this.
Meanwhile, Yoo Jin meets someone who’s close a former president and is possibly asking for help to ensure Se Joon’s win. Yoo Jin shows the man documents with JB Group’s secrets and tells him they should share weaknesses and agree on a deal.
After some banter, the man asks Yoo Jin when they would like to join their political party. (Aha, so that’s the plan—because Se Joon is currently independent) Yoo Jin answers she wanted a big show for Se Joon and asks the man she’s meeting with to lead the way. Yoo Jin happily rides her car later, and even opens the window to shout “What a beautiful night! Ho Ho Ho Ho” like a drunk.
Park Kwan Soo, of course, is aware of the meeting, although we still don’t know what his next moves are. He just asks his secretary where Jang Se Joon is at the moment.
We are brought to Se Joon, being made up by a pretty girl. An aide enters the room and tells him about Yoo Jin’s earlier meeting. Se Joon assumes everything went as planned and the aide tells him to soften his tone a bit due to the recent developments. After the aide leaves, Se Joon continues to smile at his make-up artist and even puts a hand on her thigh which she just acknowledges with a sweet smile.
Yoo Jin arrives at the JSS headquarters and surprises her Secretary Kim when she asks to meet Anna. Arriving at the infirmary, Yoo Jin asks the doctor about Anna’s health and when the doctor advises Anna be brought to a hospital for a psych evaluation, Yoo Jin tells her to forget it. 
Yoo Jin meets Anna alone and asks her what she was planning when she showed up as a nun at the church. Yoo Jin reminds her how her father behaved when he saw her and stresses her dad doesn’t want to meet her. Yoo Jin riles Anna further by saying her father won’t show up in the infirmary just like when he didn’t show up when Hye Rin died or the day Anna flew to Spain.

Yoo Jin tells Anna all fathers are like that, and all daughters have special feelings toward their fathers. She says that as a daughter herself, she knows fathers have no idea just how their daughters feel (are we still talking about Se Joon here? Poor Yoo Jin).
Yoo Jin takes it further by saying Anna is a burdensome part of Se Joon’s past and Anna retaliates by asking her to let them meet so she can ask him directly. Yoo Jin asks if she should drag Se Joon there and tells her even couples are mindful of how their significant other feels about them. 

Anna tells her pointedly her dad doesn’t love her and Yoo Jin’s smile fades for a couple of seconds. Yoo Jin regains her footing and tells Anna how her mother used her to blackmail Se Joon back in the day. Yoo Jin even tells Anna she pitied her for having an alcoholic mother. When Yoo Jin mentions Anna bringing the pills to her mother before she committed suicide, Anna tells her there was someone else in the room. 
Yoo Jin dismisses her by saying her memories are lying to her because she can’t accept the truth that her mother died because of the sleeping pills she gave her. Je Ha stops the confrontation and tells Yoo Jin that Anna is still sick. Yoo Jin, a bit disappointed with Je Ha I think, tells Je Ha to follow her to Cloud Nine.
Before leaving, Je Ha tells a crying Anna to not cry and wait. He promises to bring her Dad to her.
Je Ha arrives at the conference where Se Joon is speaking. He’s on alert when he spots some suspicious men in the audience but when he radios it in, Team Leader Seo says since they passed security checks earlier, it should be fine.
Je Ha leaves the room and spots a “police car” carrying more suspicious men outside. He stands near the backstage to better get a view of the suspicious men in the audience and radios to stop the show. Team Leader Seo, however, still tells him to stand still. 
When a suspicious man stands, Je Ha runs from the backstage and tackles him. He’s surprised to see it’s K1 (the other guy manning the CCTVs at Anna’s mansion) and K1 tells him to read the mood.
Suspicious men throw eggs at Se Joon (all a show, of course!) and the bodyguards begin to tackle these men. Se Joon tells them to stop and says this is their right, and tells the audience these men were let down by the government because of corruption. He gets a big round of applause from the audience and reporters run to take pictures of him. 
Se Joon even grandly states he will submit himself for investigation for corruption and tells the audience that if he should be found guilty, he will withdraw from the presidential race.
Se Joon heads to his make-up room and tells his aide and Chief Joo that he will take a shower first and will call them when he’s done. Turns out, his make-up artist is waiting for him in the room. He tells her to follow him in the shower. 
When the aide and Chief Joo leaves the door to a bodyguard, the girl actually sends a signal outside that Se Joon is already in the shower. Uh-oh! Turns out the bodyguard stationed at Se Joon’s make-up room is a spy or whatever and gives the girl an injection. 
The girl takes a peek at Se Joon at the shower but Je Ha soon enters his shower and tells him he needs to get out of the place. Se Joon sees the girl lying unconscious behind Je Ha with the injection in her hand.
Men in the “police car” rush inside the building and they give chase when they spot Je Ha running with Se Joon! Je Ha runs into Chief Joo and a group of bodyguards and tells them to take care of it and they run to a car outside. The policemen, who are all paid by Park Kwan Soo, raise their guns against Chief Joo and the guards. 
The policemen say there was a report of sexual assault but Chief Joo just yells to his underlings to get the CCTV recordings to prove this was a setup. The aide also rushes to Chief Joo with pictures of the make-up artist and the bodyguard at the make-up room lying unconscious so Chief Joo says they will slap them a case of conspiring to kill a politician against the two and against the policemen.

When someone radios in to the policemen that they lost Se Joon and Je Ha, the policemen laugh that they’ll just see each other again next time.
Se Joon thanks Je Ha in their getaway car (do they just leave the car keys in the cars? Haha) that it was a close call for him. When he asks Je Ha where they are headed, Je Ha says to his daughter. Se Joon yells for him to stop the car but Je Ha tells him that if he doesn’t want to see Anna, he should tell that to her face instead.

Je Ha tells Se Joon he found Anna in Dreamland earlier. When Se Joon found out Anna ate strawberries, he yells (with worry, I hope!) that Anna is allergic to that and she could die. Je Ha tells Se Joon that Anna probably tried to commit suicide because she feels like she’s being a bother to her father.
Se Joon says that if Je Ha is doing this for Anna’s sake, Je Ha should promise him that he’ll protect Anna until the end. When Je Ha agrees, Se Joon tells him that meeting Anna always puts his daughter at risk. He says he has already sold his soul to the devil for his greed (his ambition), making him lose the people he love the most. 

Se Joon adds he needs to run faster and be more successful if he wants to escape Yoo Jin’s clutches (omo, is Yoo Jin the devil? hahaha!). He tells Je Ha that Anna is Yoo Jin’s hostage and if Yoo Jin happens to figure out what he (Se Joon) is doing, Yoo Jin might hide Anna somewhere Se Joon will never find her.
The JSS president welcomes Se Joon and he’s surprised when Se Joon says he’s here to meet Anna. Yoo Jin, currently with Secretary Kim in Cloud Nine, hears about this and asks her computer to show her the CCTV feeds from the infirmary.

Se Joon enters Anna’s room and glances at the camera. He greets Anna and apologizes that he’s been busy but Anna keeps her back at him. Se Joon asks the doctor why Anna is still being kept in the infirmary and when the doctor says she ate strawberry ice cream, Se Joon feigns ignorance of Anna’s allergies and just asks “So what?”
Yoo Jin, watching the exchange, clicks her tongue and sighs that Se Joon didn’t even know about Anna’s allergies.

Se Joon tells everyone to leave the room and he sits beside Anna. He turns her so she would face him but Anna keeps her eyes closed, pretending to sleep. He tells her that no one is in the room so she’s free to talk now.
Anna opens her eyes and hugs him while crying and telling him she missed him. Se Joon tells Anna that if he becomes president, she will be able to go on dates and meet with friends. He adds he will even find a good guy for her.
But Anna tells him she has remembered everything about the night her mother died, and insists Yoo Jin killed her mom. Se Joon dismisses her and tells her she should forget those things and that she’s just imagining them because she experienced something very traumatizing at a young age. He hugs Anna and says in his mind that he’s sorry and asks Anna to wait just a bit longer.
Anna asks him if he really loved her mom and Se Joon says yes. When Anna asks him if her mom used her to blackmail him, he thinks to himself that Yoo Jin, who is watching the exchange intently, is such a devil. Se Joon just tells Anna that none of those things matter anymore because being someone who’s doing imporatnt things for the country, he cares less for less significant things.
Anna remembers Choi Yoo Jin’s words that she’s a burdensome thing of the past to her father, and she lies back on her bed and cries. Se Joon leaves her room with a tired look on his face and Je Ha just watches Anna cry from outside the room.
Yoo Jin, meanwhile, laughs like a madman at Se Joon and Anna’s exchange thinking how she hinged her fate on a scumbag like Se Joon. She laughs with tears in her eyes and Secretary Kim looks at her with scared eyes.
Aaaaaand that's it! Hoping to see more of Je Ha and Anna interactions next episode. 

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