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Recap: The K2 Episode 8

Ji Chang Wook and Yoona in The K2
FINALLY! An episode where we see Je Ha and Anna grow closer! I’m all smiles while watching this especially since Je Ha seems to be drawn to Anna more and more.

Ji Chang Wook looked very cool and handsome in his action scenes, breaking no sweat or even attracting dust or dirt on his face haha. Yoona, meanwhile, smiled more in this episode and I was thankful becuase she was always crying whenever she came up on screen!

Overall, it was an enjoyable watch so let’s start the recap.

Je Ha enters the room and kicks Mi Ran’s chair to wake her up (I laughed out loud at this scene! No kidding hahaha) but carefully wakes up the housekeeper. Je Ha tells the housekeeper to head home first to prepare things for Anna’s return in the afternoon.
Je Ha later tells Anna, who’s been staring blankly at the corner of her room, that she will be going home later. He asks if she needs anything before they head home. Anna asks him why he brought her father and Je Ha tells her because he doesn’t want to see her die.
Anna asks why he cares if she dies and Je Ha scolds her that many people are worrying over her. Anna utters a sarcastic “sorry” for making bad people like them worried. Je Ha yells that even if they confine her in the mansion, they also protect her with all their might. Anna smirks that giving her ramyun and ice cream—which almost killed her— is not equivalent to protecting her.

(This scene actually seemed like a lovers’ quarrel I was smiling the whole time Je Ha and Anna were shouting at each other!)
Meanwhile, Choi Yoo Jin summons the JSS President and Chief Joo, and shouts at them for the almost-scandal that happened at Jang Se Joon’s conference. Chief Joo offers to take full responsibility and resign from his position but Yoo Jin pointedly asks him if he understands what resigning at this point really means.
The JSS President tells Yoo Jin the woman is suing Se Joon for sexual assault and the police are investigating, and Yoo Jin just tells him with a laugh that she’ll take care of the woman after she is released. Yoo Jin tells Secretary Kim to make the bodyguard who betrayed them disappear to prevent any of these from happening again.
Meanwhile, prosecutors—I’m not sure which branch of the government or what agency—storm the International Finance Group’s (IFG) office where Yoo Jin’s relatives are. If you remember in the previous episode, Se Joon gladly announced that he will cooperate in the investigation to stop and prevent corruption in local agencies.
The investigators take files, computers, and whatever they can lay their hands on much to the chagrin of Yoo Jin’s uncle.
Prosecutors also enter Yoo Jin’s mansion but it seems like she’s very friendly with the guy leading the team. Yoo Jin even presents them with boxed documents and offers them sandwiches. Later, she talks to the lead investigator in her study group about the IFG. (I bet she planned this all to see the downfall of her uncle hahaha)
The mom of Yoo Jin’s brother Sung Won is meeting with Sung Won’s father-in-law and is in panic that they may be the next target of Yoo Jin’s ire. Sung Won’s father-in-law tells her not to worry because they are “big fish” compared to Yoo Jin’s uncle. He adds they still have time to find an ally before Yoo Jin enters the Blue House, or else, they will also be in danger.
Park Kwan Soo listens to a news report finding the IFG guilty of corruption. His secretary Min Chul (Aha! I finally know his name!) reminds him that IFG is one of their sponsors and worries that politicians on their side may also be shaken up by this news.

Park Kwan Soo asks his secretary if Se Joon is just fated to live a long life or if they are just unlucky in their conquests to bring him down. Min Chul tells him there’s an exceptional person on his team—Je Ha—who even tried to assassinate him earlier.

Park Kwan Soo grows frustrated at how the investigation is ongoing and when he learns that even the sexual assault case won’t hold, he tells Min Chul that it looks like he will have to use his trump card right away.
Meanwhile, Anna’ photo (she was photographed while she was waiting for her father at Dreamland) circulates in social networking sites and she’s being dubbed as Jean’s angel. Jean is a designer who visited Barcelona and his car almost hit Anna. Secretary Kim informs Yoo Jin of the news and tells her she must make the decision now.
Je Ha drives Anna back to her prison—err—her mansion. Anna asks what promise Je Ha made with her father. Je Ha just tells her he promised her dad he will protect Anna even if it’s from Yoo Jin. 
Anna thanks Je Ha for bringing her terrible father to her bedside earlier and Je Ha asks her to stop being a crybaby. This causes Anna to yell that her father threw her and her mother away, and Je Ha tells her that if her father really threw her away, she wouldn’t be alive right now. Je Ha tells Anna she needs to grow up if she wants to survive knowing that Yoo Jin is her enemy.
As Anna and Je Ha’s car is passing by a Subway store (hello, product placement!), an employee and a fan of the "Barcelona Angel" sees Anna and follows the car! Haha! 
He snaps a picture of Anna leaving the car and Je Ha runs after him and asks who he is. He says sorry and shows Je Ha his phone—for him to delete the photo—but Je Ha sees the interest online for the Barcelona Angel.
Wheels start turning in Je Ha’s head—remembering how Yoo Jin might kill Anna later— and he tells the judo master to call a newspaper about the “Barcelona Angel.” The judo teacher tells them Anna is the daughter of the movie star Um Hye Rin (OMO!) hahaha.
The Subway employee meanwhile tells his social media friends where Anna lives (OHMYGAD) and the fans of Barcelona Angel rejoices at this information! Apparently, Je Ha asked him to do this, promising he will let him take a photo with Anna if he gathers a hundred people within an hour. Hoho, looks like Je Ha wants to make Anna’s presence known to the world!
There’s a cute scene between Je Ha and Anna as they enter the mansion’s compound. Je Ha teaches Anna the game of Freeze and Move, which she complies with hahaha. He even asks her to sit at one point and when Anna obeys, Je Ha ruffles her hair like a dog.
Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin that Anna's location has already been circulating in social media. When Yoo Jin tells her to move Anna out of the house, Secretary Kim says it's too late for that as reporters and online fans are already there.
Mi Ran and the housekeeper are very worried with the increasing number of people outside (where's the JSS guards when you need them?) but Je Ha tells them to calm down. He shares his plan which we don’t get to hear yet. 
Yoo Jin meanwhile is headed to the mansion and yells at the JSS president to take care of the situation. Yoo Jin says it’s easier to dispose of a corpse than to silence someone but the JSS President reminds her Se Joon might not feel the same way.

Secretary Kim calls the chief of defense, who calls the bodyguard seated beside the JSS President. We don’t hear the conversation but the bodyguard places a handgun beside the JSS President, just as Yoo Jin was telling him he should be fearing her instead of Se Joon. The JSS President instantly changes his side and tells Yoo Jin he will do anything for her.
Je Ha assesses the scene, checking the roofs where assassins might place themselves. Chief Joo calls Je Ha to tell him JSS President Gook is on his way with an offensive team. He tells Je Ha he can’t help right now so Anna’s fate is solely in Je Ha’s hands.

President Gook tells his men that they have to block media outlets first and if they sense that Anna is going to reveal anything about her father, they should kill her instantly. Gook adds that if any of them gets caught, they have no relation to JSS.
Je Ha tells Anna to not worry and that she can do it (whatever they’re planning). The mansion’s door opens and spectators are surprised to see the housekeeper who tells them not to use flash photography.
President Gook arrives first at the scene and the offensive team take their places with rifles (scary!). However, Je Ha takes down the men one by one. Aaaaaand we are given our fill of action scenes when the leader of the offensive team battles with Je Ha in a hand to hand combat!
Anna says a prayer before coming out of the mansion and her fans rejoice when she goes down the stairs. Anna introduces herself as the daughter of Um Hye Rin and Yoo Jin arrives at the scene looking like she will puke anytime.
When a reporter asks Anna if she is the Barcelona Angel, she answers that she’s no angel but it’s true that she was in Barcelona at that time. The crowd gushes over Anna (haha!) and Yoo Jin just grows more furious at this.

When a reporter asks Anna about her nationality and who her father is, Yoo Jin stops in her tracks (she’s already in front of the crowd) and President Gook radios his men to kill Anna! And because no snipers are answering, one of the men in the crowd brandishes a knife but Mi Ran was easily able to take him down.
Anna tells the crowd she’s Korean and before she tells them her father’s name, she intently pauses and looks at Yoo Jin (who’s holding her breath and looking like a ghost!). But Anna announces her father is the late drama director Go Joon Ho. Secretary Kim uses flash photography on her and Anna collapses. 
Yoo Jin suddenly runs to help her up and asks if she’s alright like a caring mother. Well, I guess she has to announce to the world that she is Anna's guardian since the house will later be traced to her. Anna is brought inside and Team Anna--Je Ha, Mi Ran, and the housekeeper--are all being questioned by Yoo Jin haha.
Mi Ran and the housekeeper keep their heads bowed as Yoo Jin and Secretary Kim looks at them menacingly. Je Ha owns up to the stunt earlier and declares the two should not be blamed. Yoo Jin asks Je Ha why he did that earlier and Je Ha says it’s a better option than having Anna killed in front of a hundred people.
Yoo Jin sarcastically tells Je Ha he did a good job. When Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha is clearly lying, Yoo Jin just says she can just kill Anna on another day. When left alone with Je Ha, Yoo Jin asks if he has completely forgotten about her revenge for Raniya.
Later, Je Ha follows Anna on the rooftop (her favorite hangout) and watches her back. Je Ha reminisces his encounters with Anna and smiles at every thought like a lovesick person. 
When Anna stands to return to her room, she slips on the roof tiles a bit and that sends Je Ha running and slipping on the tiles himself. Anna is surprised to see him there and asks what he’s doing. Je Ha answers nothing much and proceeds to leave but Anna tells him to stay. 
Anna thanks him sincerely for the times he helped her: in Barcelona, for the ramyun, for the ice cream, for bringing her Dad, and for the stunt they pulled earlier with the Barcelona Angel fans. Je Ha tells her she should be thankful but warns her life will be different from now on because she’s attracted interest from a lot of people.
He tells her that she can’t ever be alone because she could be killed by Yoo Jin. Je Ha explains that Yoo Jin allowed her to live until now because she was never seen as a threat— that has changed completely because she’s now Yoo Jin’s greatest weakness.
Anna asks what will happen if she tells the world who her father is and Je Ha just says that she will become the child who ruined her father’s life. Anna says that’s what her mother was always afraid of: ruining Se Joon’s life. 
Anna recalls the day her mother died and tells Je Ha it was a day her dad was supposed to visit but never came. Her mother was drinking that day and all Anna could think about was how she reeked of alcohol. Anna cries as she remembers how she handed her mother sleeping pills and told her to sleep for a long time because she doesn’t want to see her cry.
Je Ha consoles her and tells her she was just a kid back then. He holds Anna in his arms as she cries, and she falls asleep while leaning on Je Ha’s shoulder.
The next day, we are shown Park Kwan Soo’s enormous traditional house. The police chief comes by to give him information on Kim Je Ha, and when Park Kwan Soo reads that he was in Iraq and is a member of Blackstone, he laughs to himself and connects the dots.
Credits roll and I’m excited for next episode especially as Park Kwan Soo already knows Je Ha is out to get him—or not. Haha, we will know in the next episode hopefully.

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