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Recap: The K2 Episode 9

It's a fun episode last Friday night as Anna (Yoona) and Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) start to develop feelings for each other! Woohoo! 

There's less screen time for Cho Seong Ha and Song Yun Ah and political issues, but I'm afraid we're just experiencing the calm before the shit hits the fan. Haha. (Seriously!)

So let's start our recap and beware of the many pictures of Yoona and Ji Chang Wook!

Anna wakes up and reminisces how Je Ha cheered her up the previous day, before she went out in public and faced her fans.
Downstairs, Mi Ran wonders to the housekeeper if Anna was just pretending to be afraid of people. The housekeeper says Anna may just not want to see them, given that they’re confining her to the mansion. 
Anna shows up downstairs, surprises Miran and the housekeeper when she asks to have breakfast with them. At the table, Mi Ran, the housekeeper, and K1—whose name is apparently Sung Gyu—watch Anna eat well. The housekeeper takes note of this and Anna says it is because she’s eating with them. She also apologizes to Mi Ran for making things hard for her in the past and thanks her for saving her during the fan-meeting (haha).
When Anna says she’ll make sure Mi Ran can be allowed to leave the place in the future, Sung Gyu (I’m still not used to not calling him K1 haha) says that they cannot leave the place at all—and he means all of them. He explains to Anna that they all will die once Anna dies. He says Chief Joo told him before he was assigned in the mansion that everyone who knows of Anna’s real identity—that she is Se Joon’s daughter— will be disposed of sooner or later.

Je Ha, meanwhile, is in Cloud Nine being interrogated by Choi Yoo Jin if his feelings for Anna are only “sympathy” much like what he described his feelings for Raniya were. Je Ha answers he doesn’t know and asks Yoo Jin to think about how asking someone who interpreted confidential information killed and ordering a banner-hanger who witnessed a meeting between her husband and a mistress killed aren’t different at all (he’s describing Park Kwan Soo and… *drumroll* Yoo Jin! Hahaha).
Je Ha says he just doesn’t want to see another Raniya, and Yoo Jin smiles at how he sees Anna as Raniya. Yoo Jin says Anna must be happy then and her eyes are filled with tears (IS THIS JEALOUSY? WHAT??) as she tells Je Ha she was also a Raniya because of her dad and Jang Se Joon. She tells Je Ha a world doesn’t devour sheep because it’s evil. Wolves are meant to eat sheep, and the children of wolves become wolves themselves eventually, she says.

Yoo Jin and Je Ha later try to uncover what was the deal that got Raniya killed all about. Je Ha is skeptical they will find evidence from Park Kwan Soo but Yoo Jin says bad guys keep receipts of their deals. Je Ha says he has no interest in politics since bringing this evidence will only make him lose his presidency bid, but Yoo Jin argues this is the best way to kill Park Kwan Soo.

Je Ha says he only wants to make Park Kwan Soo regret killing Raniya and die by his own hands. Yoo Jin says they have to wake Park Kwan Soo first from his sweet dream of becoming president and make him commit suicide on his own.

We are back in the not-so-hidden mansion where Mi Ran and the housekeeper wash the dishes. Mi Ran smirks at how evil Yoo Jin is, and the housekeeper just tells her to watch over Anna diligently so they will all survive. 
Anna later goes out of the mansion to visit the JSS Clinic. She is greeted by fans outside and the housekeeper tells her not to be afraid. Anna even takes a photo with the fans before boarding the car.
Later, she chances upon Judo Master Song Yung Chun (Je Ha’s best friend haha) in the clinic. He’s always near the doctor, actually, so I guess “chance upon” isn’t the right term hahaha. Yung Chun offers to teach her self-defense and while the doctor whines at Yung Chun to stop it, Anna accepts.
So Anna, Mi ran, and the doctor sit in at Yung Chun’s class, leading to comedic antics that make Anna smile and cringe at the same time. When Yung Chun asks Anna to stand and spar with somebody, he points at three guys who just got bandaged up by the doctor. They all run from the scene and Yung Chun tells Anna not to hate them so much—they may have tried to kill her the previous day but they were just following orders.
Yoo Jin’s brother Sung Won enters the judo hall and comes rushing to Anna with a hug. He calls her niece and tells her she has saved him (from Yoo Jin’s evil clutches? tsk tsk. His family sure is going to use Anna. I feel sorry for her).
Sung Won and Anna see Yoo Jin, her secretary and Je Ha by the doors of the JSS building. Yoo Jin looks all shocked and angry, and Sung Won just laughs in her face like he won big time in their never-ending war. Anna looks at their relationship curiously and smiles when she sees Yoo Jin losing her cool in front of Sung Won.
Sung Won tells Yoo Jin that Anna doesn’t need her permission to go anywhere but Anna interrupts their conversation and says she does need permission. She turns to Je Ha and asks if it’s safe to go with “this man.” Je Ha says it’s fine as long as he accompanies them. Sung Won agrees to the arrangement and takes Anna with him.
Anna and Je Ha are both surprised when Sung Won says they’ll be going to a hospital. Sung Won brings Anna to a psychiatrist, the one who treated her after her mother died. 
Sung Won talks to Je Ha along while Anna is being treated and asks him to join “Anna’s team.” Sung Won brags Anna will choose him and that she should’ve decided by now—which prompts Je Ha to run around the hospital looking for Anna!
Yoo Jin is informed of the situation and she erupts and orders JSS to search everywhere for Sung Won—the office, the house, the vacation house—everywhere! While Team Leader Seo is at the JB Group Officer, a new group of bodyguards arrive and tells them JB Group is firing JSS Group. Yoo Jin declares war and tells her team to “destroy” all of them.

While this is happening, JSS Group’s CCTV feeds from the police have been cut off. The JSS President calls out his friend, the police chief, and he figures out this was done by Park Kwan Soo.
Je Ha finds the van that transported Anna and the driver hands him a phone with Sung Won on the other line. Sung Won asks Je Ha to come to him alone or else. 
Je Ha arrives at a beach house and is surprised when he sees Mi Ran, Sung Gyu, the housekeeper and Anna all preparing for dinner. 

Je Ha calls Yoo Jin to inform her he found Anna, and he gives the phone to Sung Won. Sung Won just tells a very angry Yoo Jin that he’s taking his sweet time with his niece, Anna. Yoo Jin berates her for not telling her earlier and asks why the JB Group is firing JSS Security.
Sung Won says it’s his father-in-law’s doing, and tells Yoo Jin it’s just a misunderstanding. However, Sung Won tells Yoo Jin The Jinhwa (another security agency) will now be guarding his family from now on. Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin the Jinhwa Security is now leaving the JB Group office and Yoo Jin just tells her to pull out their security guards from Sung Won’s house.
So enough with the siblings’ rivalry! Haha, let’s go to where the cute moments are: at the beach, where Anna is walking beside Je Ha, while Mi Ran and Sung Gyu follow behind. 
Anna tells Je Ha how good of an actor his “uncle” is. (I’m wondering if this is Anna’s little plan to save Mi Ran and the housekeeper after their talk in the morning) Je Ha asks her if she trusts Sung Won and if she’s going to stay there, and Anna answers she doesn’t really have any other place to go to. 

She says she doesn’t know yet if she trusts Sung Won but she’s pretty sure they both hate Yoo Jin. Anna adds she has nothing to worry about with Je Ha by her side.
Mi Ran, meanwhile, asks Sung Gyu while he came to the mansion even if he knows their fate. Sung Gyu admits it was because of Mi Ran and Mi Ran surprises him with a kiss! OMO! They even run around the beach, passing by Anna and Je Ha.
Anna looks at Mi Ran and Sung Gyu with envy and tells Je Ha to chase her too. Haha! Je Ha protests the two look crazy and immature but runs after Anna later. SUCH A SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL SCENE! Haha! I’m afraid this is the calm before the storm—you know, when Yoo Jin unleashes all her evil hahaha.
Sung Won, watching them from afar, asks the housekeeper if the two are dating. The housekeeper says it can’t be, and Sung Won just quips they suit each other well.
Everyone eats dinner together later and they are all shown with smiles—except Je Ha who remains skeptical of Sung Won’s intentions. 

Sung Won later approaches Je Ha and tells the bodyguard that with Anna by his side, Yoo Jin won’t be able to steal JB Group away from him. Sung Won says he’s a pretty simple-mided person, and just wants Anna to live a long, healthy life, and stay by his side like a guardian angel.

Sung Won asks Je Ha if he has decided to joing “Team Anna” but Je Ha says he needs to finish something first. When Sung Won asks about it, Je Ha just tells him he’ll know later.
Se Joon later calls Sung Won and after the greetings, Sung Won gives the phone to Je Ha. Se Joon just asks Je Ha if he remembers his promise, and when Je Ha says yes, Se Joon just tells him he’ll be out of the prosecutor’s office the next day.
We see Se Joon playing baduk with the lead prosecutor on the corruption case (Se Joon earlier voluntarily went to the prosecutors’ office to submit himself for investigation, remember?). When the prosecutor tells him he can go if he’s busy, Se Joon says that since this is a very important investigation, he should at least stay at his office for three days. (They make me want to puke!)
Speaking of puking, we see Park Kwan Soo meet with Sung Won’s father-in-law at a family restaurant. (I don’t feel good about this.)
Back at the beach house (Anna’s new prison), Je Ha and Sung Gyu spot Anna leaving the premises. Je Ha confronts Anna about it and she just says she wants to walk by the beach because her cheeks feel hot after drinking too much wine.
Je Ha puts one hand on Anna’s cheeks and when she mutters his hand feels nice and cold, Je Ha cups Anna’s face and his eyes start looking lovesick! OMO OMO! Je Ha pinches Anna’s cheek and drags her back to her room. 
When Je Ha walks to the door to leave, Anna asks where he’s going. Je Ha says they will be checking the area once again as it is not as safe as Yoo Jin’s mansion. 
Anna sighs there is no safe place for her, after all. But she smiles that it’s okay since she had fund today. Je Ha hands her a walkie-talkie and tells her to tell him if she hears any weird noise, or feel cold, or just tell him anything she wants.
The two talk over the walkie talkie—Anna in her room, while Je Ha walks around the resort. I’M GETTING BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH, HELP! HAHAHA.
After saying good night, Anna puts the walkie talkie near her head, looks at it longingly, and mutters a “Je Ha, I think I like you.” OHMYGAD OHMYGAAAAAD. 
She sits up again and asks Je Ha if he’s already sleeping. When he won’t answer, she peeks outside her room and sees Je Ha sleeping on the couch. Anna covers him with a blanket. She notices him crying—he’s dreaming about Raniya again!—and Anna reaches out a hand to wake him up.
Before she could touch his arm, Je Ha wakes up breathing heavily and upon seeing Anna, pulls her in for a hug. For me, this scene confirms how Je Ha sees Anna as Raniya so it was a bit heartbreaking for me. Well, he could just be shaken from his nightmare and longing for a hug, so I hope it's more of that--seeing Anna as a friend or someone special to take comfort in hehe.
Seconds later, Je Ha registers his surroundings and suddenly lets go of Anna! HAHAHAHAHA.
Anna, feeling awkward, asks if he was dreaming, and Je Ha says he must have been. Anna tells him she just wanted to give him a blanket and then goes back to her room. 
Je Ha curses himself for hugging her and watches Anna go back to her room. Anna, however, is smiling to herself inside her room! HAHAHAHAHA!
The two end up at different sides of Anna’s bedroom door: trying to listen to what’s happening at the other side, then holding the door knob and thinking of opening it.

Our credits roll out and I being cursing the writers for ending with this scene! AAAAAHHHHH! This is my favorite episode so far given all the cute moments between Anna and Je Ha. Let’s hope they don’t get killed easily next episode. Hahaha.

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