Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recap: Yuri on Ice Episode 3

I’m waaaaaay behind Yuri on Ice so I’m doing a marathon of the series this week. I’m actually amazed by the routines in featured in this anime despite not being a ballet dancer or an ice skater.

We finally get to see the face-off between the two Yuris and we instantly see improvements in their movements after one or two episodes.

I’m excited for the Grand Prix Final but let’s get a start on this first, shall we?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recap: Yuri on Ice Episode 2

Hello! I’m back with a recap of Yuri on Ice and I must say I’m excited to see Yuri regain his confidence and get back on the rink!

I want to see how Viktor and the Russian Yuri will be able to push and inspire our lead, Yuri, in his quest to return to the Grand Prix. Although his dream is to compete with his idol turned coach, Victor.

Let’s get to it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 16 (END)

Sorry it took me a while just to watch The K2’s last episode. I really feel sad that this is the last one and I don’t know how long I’ll feel empty inside. Ha!

I’m not kidding. There’s always this empty feeling inside whenever a drama I’m watching ends, and it’s even sadder when I have come to love that drama.

Anyway, I only have praises for Yoona, Ji Chang Wook, Song Yun Ah, and Cho Seong Ha for their superb acting and delivery of their characters.

Cheers to the writer and director, too, for giving us such a well-written story, and while I don’t like the shots taken while the camera is on the move, it has conveyed what it probably want to: that those scenes were full of action.

I would recommend this drama to anyone and it’s definitely a nice break from romcoms. So without further delay, here’s the recap~

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 15

An intense and action-filled episode which reveals where our leads and second leads' loyalties lie. 

Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook), of course and not surprisingly, remains as Anna's (Yoona) knight in shining armor, while Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) is cornered into choosing between his career and his daughter.

Siblings Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) and Sung Wan (Lee Jung Jin) continue to fight over the JB Group and Yoo Jin's massive intel stored in Cloud Nine, while Park Kwan Soo (Kim Kap Soo) is just interested to get his hands on the memory card containing his misdeeds in Iraq.

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 14

I wasn't really feeling this episode because it looks like a setup for bigger things for the last two episodes. 

We get to see how much Anna and Yoo Jin love Je Ha, and we also see where Je Ha's loyalty lies.

Choi Sung Won tries to hit back at Yoo Jin after a massive loss in the previous episode so get ready because the last week will be full of action and sibling rivalry.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 13

We get to see Choi Yoo Jin's plan unfold in this episode and remember who really is the evil queen in this show.

Well, Kim Je Ha gets his ass moving on finding more about the deal in Iraq that killed his fiancee, Raniya, and Go Anna, well, she'll get a new name--Jang Anna--starting the next episode I think.

Overall, it was a bore after the first half of the episode and I think Episode 14 will be full of action judging from the events in this one.

Read on for the recap!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Shopping King Louis Scares with Amnesia Plot AGAIN

If you’re up to date with Shopping King Louis and have watched last week’s episode 11, you could have been one of those who have shouted “AMNESIA, AGAAAAIIIINNNN??” at their screens. I did.

To be honest, I wanted to drop the whole series entirely (I do that to a lot with dramas when the story goes awry) but I love Seo In Guk and the supporting cast in this drama that I decided to give it a chance.

WARNING: If you haven’t watched episodes 12 and 13 yet, spoilers ahead!