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Recap: The K2 Episode 13

We get to see Choi Yoo Jin's plan unfold in this episode and remember who really is the evil queen in this show.

Well, Kim Je Ha gets his ass moving on finding more about the deal in Iraq that killed his fiancee, Raniya, and Go Anna, well, she'll get a new name--Jang Anna--starting the next episode I think.

Overall, it was a bore after the first half of the episode and I think Episode 14 will be full of action judging from the events in this one.

Read on for the recap!

The episode starts with Choi Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon’s arrival at the police station for the madam’s voluntary participation in the investigation on Um Hye Rin’s death.

Yoo Jin greets the media and the public with a teary apology, and minutes later, utters a shocking revelation that Anna is Se Joon’s child. 
Se Joon also apologizes to the media and tells them he will be holding a press conference later on the matter after Yoo Jin submits herself for the investigation. Yoo Jin almost faints again before they enter the station.
Park Kwan Soo is very much delighted on Yoo Jin’s announcement, hoping this will cut short Se Joon’s bid for presidency. Sung Wan, meanwhile, curses at Yoo Jin and rushes to the police station to confront Se Joon.
Se Joon tells Sung Wan the latter fell for Yoo Jin’s trap. The so-called witness that Sung Wan and Anna met earlier was an actor that Yoo Jin hired, and he leaves Sung Wan at the lobby of the police station looking like a lost kid.
The media gather in a room where Se Joon first bows his head in apology. Se Joon takes the podium and tells them his love story with Um Hye Rin. Se Joon says that after losing the election and losing the woman he loved—Um Hye Rin apparently got married to another in the US—it was Yoo Jin who lifted his spirits again.
When Anna was introduced as his daughter, Se Joon says it was a nightmare for him and Yoo Jin but his wife tried her hardest to accept his daughter. However, Se Joon says Um Hye Rin wanted him to get a divorce and live with her and Anna in the US, and even threatened to reveal Anna’s identity to the press if Se Joon won’t comply.
Um Hye Rin treated to commit suicide if he still refuses to divorce Yoo Jin and Se Joon says with tears in his eyes how he was shocked when Hye Rin really did overdose on sleeping pills and died one night.
Se Joon sells his story convincingly to the press, but Anna watches this with disbelief and utters that everything her father is saying is a lie.
Se Joon ends his speech by admitting all the guilt and tells the people to spare his wife, who’s only a victim in all this.
Inside an investigation room, Sung Wan’s witness is led inside while Yoo Jin sits there waiting. A police detective asks the witness if Yoo Jin is indeed the woman he saw that night when Hye Rin died. However, the witness denies seeing anyone, let alone Yoo Jin.
The police chief and a prosecutor watch this with worry on the other side of the glass. Another detective comes in and tells them that this witness is apparently under police custody during the night of Hye Rin’s death, which means he couldn’t have been inside the house as he earlier claimed to be.
The police chief later bows to Yoo Jin and thanks her for cooperating in their investigation. 
Yoo Jin is wheeled out of the police station, where she just cried and kept saying she’s sorry while the media barraged her with questions. What a great actress! Ha!

Yoo Jin’s reputation definitely recovered through this, while Hye Rin was viewed as the bad guy in the Yoo Jin-Se Joon relationship. Some gossiping ahjummas (old ladies) in a salon assume Park Kwan Soo to be behind all this in order to humiliate Se Joon and claim the presidency for himself.

At the Cloud Nine, Je Ha asks Secretary Kim if this is her doing—planting a witness that Sung Wan would find—and she admits it is, with a smirk. What a good show, Yoo Jin! I can never tell what really is happening in this show. Haha!
Sung Wan visits her sister at the hospital and he apologizes for what he has done. Yoo Jin tells Sung Wan to stop contacting Anna, and to “take care” of the former JSS employees he took under his wing. When Sung Wan asks why, Yoo Jin says she plans to send Anna abroad later.

Je Ha, meanwhile, planted a recorder in Yoo Jin’s hospital room and listens in on their conversation.
Yoo Jin flashbacks to the night Um Hye Rin died and OHMYGAWD SHE REALLY DID KILL THE ANNA'S MOM!!! Um Hye Rin begs her to spare Anna’s life, and Yoo Jin just tells the dying Hye Rin that love isn’t mean to be a group activity—whatever that means.
Je Ha meets with Anna on the roof, where Anna apologizes for not telling him about the man they met at the jail. Je Ha just tells her the real fight begins now.

Their chat is cut short when Se Joon arrives at the mansion and this time, Anna agrees to meet with him. Se Joon apologizes for being a liar and he tells Anna that Hye Rin never blackmailed him in the past.
Se Joon says Hye Rin only pleaded with him and he admits that he knows Hye Rin didn’t commit suicide. He adds that he’s afraid Anna will end up like him, a coward.

Anna retorts that maybe Se Joon is just afraid he’ll lose his position in the government, but Se Joon says that’s all he has to make sure he can save Anna eventually. Anna wonders why Se Joon would think politics is all he has and even threw her and her mother away.

Anna asks Se Joon if he wants her to keep quiet until the elections and to not do anything that will make Yoo Jin flare up in anger. Anna tells her father he already lost his daughter, bringing tears to Se Joon’s eyes.
Je Ha goes back to Cloud Nine, trying to find more information on the death of Um Hye Rin. I don’t really know what he’s asking the Mirror but he just stays there for along time.
Se Joon and Yoo Jin go back to campaigning and they are warmly received by the public. Anna returns to her mother’s grave and apologizes for ruining everything. 
Yoo Jin arrives at the cemetery and offers flowers to Hye Rin’s grave. Yoo Jin tells Anna she has never hated the girl even during the time she thought she needed to kill Anna.
Yoo Jin says that she and Anna are similar—she didn’t have a mother, too, at that age, and she had a stepmother who stole her father from her. Yoo Jin says she understands why Hye Rin divorced her husband and came back to Korea to see Se Joon but she asks Anna what was she supposed to do in that situation.
Yoo Jin tells Anna that her name will be Jang Anna from now on and she’ll be legally adopted to their family. Yoo Jin says Anna will become the president’s daughter and one day even inherit the JB Group for herself.

Yoo Jin says that if she so much wants to get revenge on her, then do so after all that, but Anna says she doesn’t want any of it. Yoo Jin turns to her and tells her to go then, live her life the way she wants to.
Yoo Jin says she’ll support her in whatever she wants to do because there’s nothing she can do now while being in Korea. Anna asks what will happen if she continues to search for her mother’s killer, and Yoo Jin says Anna will suffer while seeing all those she loves die.
Anna confidently says Je Ha will kill Yoo Jin first before she does anything to harm her, but Yoo Jin laughs at her face and reveals Je Ha’s trauma and inability to kill anyone.
Yoo Jin also tells Anna that she’s working with Je Ha to avenge the woman he loved and advises Anna not to get too attached to Je Ha, since he might leave once the revenge is done.

Anna laughs and says Je Ha promised to leave together but Yoo Jin tells her Kim Je Ha is only an alias and he can’t leave the country because he’s wanted by the Interpol.
Anna says she knows this because Je Ha was framed by Raniya’s murder but Yoo Jin says the real reason Je Ha is wanted as a war criminal is because he has killed a lot of civilians in Iraq.
Anna can’t believe the stuff she’s hearing and Yoo Jin drives in the last nail and tells her to ask Je Ha herself.

Se Joon and Yoo Jin later appear in a charity event. After this, Yoo Jin goes straight to Cloud Nine and asks Mirror what Je Ha was asking the computer recently.
The Mirror says Je Ha was asking about Kumar and Iraq’s weapons situation and their gas and oil industries. The Mirror reveals Je Ha was after the Kumar-gate incident or the fraud surrounding Kumar’s oil and gas development.
Je Ha approaches Se Joon after the charity event for a deal: To become a better father to Anna while Je Ha will hand him evidence of a big corruption scandal involving Park Kwan Soo and the current president. 
Se Joon asks Je Ha why he’s giving him the evidence, and Je Ha says it’s because Se Joon is a corrupt politician ready to betray Yoo Jin at anytime. Je Ha says Yoo Jin has already set her plans in motion for Anna and those around her so this is the only way to stop this.
Yoo Jin, meanwhile, asks the Mirror if Je Ha ever asked for information on her or Hye Rin, and the Mirror says there were none.
Secretary Kim this may mean Je Ha didn’t think there were information available on that but Yoo Jin brushes it off as Je Ha being a gentleman. (I want to laugh so hard that I’ll puke on Yoo Jin’s face. But hey, being in love isn’t a crime.)
Yoo Jin asks the Mirror about Je Ha’s last query and the Mirror shows her pictures of Korean people living in Kumar without political affiliation.
Yoo Jin recognizes one of them and smiles that Je Ha found the biggest player in the Kumar-gate scandal: the President’s son, Kim Suk Han.

Je Ha drops by the hospital to check CCTV monitors on the whereabouts of Kim Suk Han, and later goes to Park Kwan Soo’s office to scare the hell out of the politician.
Park Kwan Soo warmly greets him as if they’re old friends but tells Je Ha that since Yoo Jin’s popularity is on the rise, it may not be a good time to set his plans of killing the madam in motion.
But Je Ha whispers to Park Kwan Soo he must be on his feet because of the Kumar-gate incident. Park Kwan Soo is surprised to hear about this and asks Je Ha where he heard it from. Je Ha just tells him Kim Suk Han is already being monitored at present.

The next day, Secretary Kim tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha visited Park Kwan Soo last night. The JSS President and Chief Joo, who are also in the room, are surprised to hear this but Yoo Jin says this is all part of the plan.
Yoo Jin tells Chief Joo to provide back-up for Je Ha in the future because this next incident will decide the fate of their country.

Park Kwan Soo visits the hospital the next day in the guise of getting a full-body check up. He talks with Kim Suk Han while in the CT Scan room.
Park Kwan Soo tells the doctor that Yoo Jin is already looking for the “dangerous object” so Kim Suk Han should move its location or get rid of it altogether.
But Suk Han says he feels the need to hold on to it especially how Park Kwan Soo easily discarded his father’s secretary. He threatens Park Kwan Soo that even if he wins the election, he still has “that object.”
Je Ha is in the hospital himself and watches Suk Han’s movements. Chief Joo, who’s across him, tells him Park Kwan Soo’s men have been tailing Suk Han, who only has three close-in bodyguards from the Blue House.
Chief Joo asks Je Ha what this is all about and Je Ha tells him they need to follow just one doctor and make it very obvious that he’s being tailed. Je Ha says the doctor is in possession of an important evidence, and Chief Joo asks if he has it hidden in a safe in his office.
JSS guards swarm the hospital dressed as patients, visitors, and what-have-your, and show their faces to the doctor, to make it obvious that they’re tailing him. Je Ha says they need to make the doctor uncomfortable so he’ll move the evidence.
Suk Han, stressed out with all the men watching him, calls Sung Won, who doesn’t take his call. Sung Wan is in a very dark room (too dark for a meeting) with his father-in-law and others, discussing the evidence Suk Han is holding on to.
The other businessmen or politicians, whoever they are, say that they will side with whoever gets the memory card, be it Yoo Jin or Park Kwan Soo.
When Suk Han leaves his room, JSS men who have been tailing him all get a signal from their earpieces and they all leave Suk Han alone. This alarms Suk Han, who thought they got their hands on the evidence.
Suk Han runs back to the small chapel in the hospital and meets Je Ha the door. He tells his bodyguards to hold Je Ha, then runs to a chair and recovers the memory card.
Suk Han sighs in relief while holding on to the memory card, then confronts Je Ha and asks just who friggin hell he is.

The credits roll and I’m really not much excited for the next episode. Hehe.


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