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Recap: The K2 Episode 14

I wasn't really feeling this episode because it looks like a setup for bigger things for the last two episodes. 

We get to see how much Anna and Yoo Jin love Je Ha, and we also see where Je Ha's loyalty lies.

Choi Sung Won tries to hit back at Yoo Jin after a massive loss in the previous episode so get ready because the last week will be full of action and sibling rivalry.

We see Je Ha smirk at Suk Han, who’s in panic while trying to find his memory card. Je Ha chases Suk Han with the memory card, while Suk Han’s bodyguards chase after Je Ha. 
Park Kwan Soo’s men, meanwhile, chase after Suk Han after seeing Je Ha being detained by Suk Han’s men. The men try to get Suk Han out of the car, and Suk Han comply with a gun on his head.
Suk Han easily gets out of the situation and when cornered by Park Kwan Soo’s men, tries to jump off the terrace of  the parking building. Je Ha grabs one of Suk Han’s hands--preventing him from falling-- and after getting the memory card from him, throws Suk Han at the lower level of the building.
Je Ha jumps from the terrace on an incoming truck and tries to flee. However, one of Suk Han’s men shoots at Je Ha and injures him near his waist.
Je Ha hides the memory card near the fence across from the building then hurriedly gets inside Chief Joo’s car. Je Ha loses consciousness and JSS guards try to stop the police cars from chasing Chief Joo’s car.
The police chief is briefed on the situation, and a news report is carried later saying that a member of the JSS security attacked the president’s son.

Park Kwan Soo watches the news and plans to take advantage of the situation. He calls the police chief and tells him to look for Cloud Nine and delete all the data on the server.
Je Ha is wheeled into Cloud Nine with the JSS doctor at his side. Yoo Jin fears the police will soon be inside the headquarters and she nearly faints at the sight of Je Ha.
The police enter the JSS headquarters and is greeted by the JSS president. They search the premises for Je Ha, who is on the table for surgery.
Yoo Jin is praying so hard for Je Ha to wake up, while Secretary Kim looks like she’s wishing for Je Ha to die.
Je Ha, while being shocked back to consciousness, is dreaming of having a date with Anna at Subway. Yep, product placement during surgery. GOOD JOB.
Anna, however, dreams of calling to Je Ha while holding their passports. Anna finds Je Ha in her room bleeding. She wakes up from this bad dream and Mi Ra tells her Je Ha is already at the JSS headquarters.

The police chief takes the JSS president on the elevator and they are led to the 9th floor—only, it’s not Cloud Nine but a room full of data servers. Yoo Jin watches this unfold from Cloud Nine.
The police chief thinks he has taken hold of the main server, but the Mirror tells Yoo Jin what they have now is the employees’ data server.
We see another meeting at the dark room where the men question if the “Cloud Nine servers” will be handed to Park Kwan Soo. Sung Won’s father-in-law tells them he also sent his men along with the police so they should be able to take care of all the data there.

The men, however, are worried that Suk Han’s memory card is already in Yoo Jin’s possession. Sung Won tells them he’s sure the president won’t just sit and watch. Looks like Suk Han is also unconscious on a hospital bed.
Suk Han wakes up and remembers Je Ha and the memory card being taken from him. He tells his bodyguard not to pursue Je Ha because he’s the one who helped him while he was being chased by the police (Park Kwan Soo’s men).

His bodyguard is confused for a moment but complies when Suk Han tells him to spread the word.
Minutes later, the police chief, in the middle of wiping out data from the “servers,” was called to pull out by the Blue House. The police chief tells the JSS President he’s a very lucky man. 
The JSS President just laughs at him and after the police chief leaves, tells the receptionist to sprinkle salt at the entrance. The police chief tells Park Kwan Soo of the recent development and Park Kwan Soo throws his phone in anger.
Yoo Jin laughs that Je Ha definitely got the memory card from Suk Han but Chief Joo tells the group (Yoo Jin, JSS President, Secretary Kim) that no memory card was found on Je Ha.

Yoo Jin tells the group to deceive their foes by making it look like they have the memory card while Je Ha lies unconscious inside the Cloud Nine meeting room.
News definitely travels fast. Sung Won visits his friend, Suk Han, who denies having anything taken from him. Jang Se Joon wonders if Yoo Jin already has the memory card, and calls Chief Joo for a meeting.
Chief Joo, with other JSS guards, are looking for the card where they picked up Ja Ha. Se Joon tells Chief Joo he hopes Chief Joo could give him the card instead when they find it because Je Ha promised to deliver it to him later.

Anna arrives at the JSS headquarters and try to look for Je Ha, but the elevator won’t let her go to the ninth floor. She tries the stairs, but it’s also of no use.
At the lobby, Anna asks Yoo Jin (she calls her ahjumma/old lady) to let her meet with Je Ha. Yoo Jin tells her to call her “omma" (mother) then. When Yoo Jin turns to go, Anna calls out to her by saying “omma” and kneels in front of her.
Yoo Jin, worried about what other people may think seeing Anna kneel, helps Anna up and hugs her. She accompanies Anna into the Cloud Nine meeting room.

Yoo Jin asks Anna if she really won’t leave the country, and Anna says she will once Je Ha gets better. Yoo Jin asks if she really will because Je Ha can’t even go to a hospital being under suspicion of causing harm on the president’s son.
Yoo Jin tells Anna she’s putting everything on the line to protect Je Ha right now so Anna should do the same. Yoo Jin says as long as Anna is by Je Ha’s side, Je Ha won’t leave and his identity will always be compromised.
She adds Anna can do whatever she wants and she will support her in anything. Yoo Jin tells Anna to think of the housekeeper, Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu, too. OMO. She’s threatening Anna while dangling the lives of the secret-mansion dwellers. Huh.
Anna cries that she will leave the country but Yoo Jin has to help Je Ha survive this no matter what.
Anna approaches the unconscious Je Ha and cries while caressing his face. Yoona has really improved her crying a lot. If you have watched her previous dramas, you’d agree with me when I say her acting in this one is really bearable and good.
Anna plants a kiss on Je Ha’s lips and Yoo Jin can’t help but turn away her eyes in jealousy. Anna tells Je Ha she loves him and that he can’t die.

The next day, Se Joon confronts Yoo Jin to where she’s sending Anna next. Yoo Jin says she doesn’t plan to hide Anna anymore and instead, will send her to Jean Lafelt—the famous fashion designer who branded Anna as her muse.
Yoo Jin says she’ll be good to Anna and make her happy so that Anna forgets her own mother. She even says with delight that Anna called her “mom.” Yoo Jin is scaring me. This is definitely another level of crazy.
Back at the dark room, Sung Won tells them Suk Han really did have his memory card stolen. The men announce that they need to change their loyalties now and just when Sung Won’s father-in-law tries to tell them to observe the situation first, Yoo Jin texts everyone in the room.
One of the men, then, announces they would have a new cute member soon, and Yoo Jin receives a text welcoming her to their group.
Sung Won, meanwhile, drives the JSS President to work, and arrives at Park Kwan Soo’s office, proposing an alliance with him. Sung Won says he’ll take Cloud Nine for himself, and give Park Kwan Soo the memory card.
Park Kwan Soo tells him to come back if he has cleared Cloud Nine, then. 

The JSS President asks Chief Joo if they have found the memory card yet. Chief Joo says they haven’t yet, and the JSS President is looking uneasy and tells Chief Joo their enemies might find out they’re bluffing if they can’t find it soon.
Je Ha wakes up in Cloud Nine and the doctor tells him Anna visited the other day. Je Ha asks Mirror to play back Anna’s visit and he tears up while watching Anna cry. 
Yoo Jin happily arrives at Cloud Nine at the news of Je Ha waking up but stops at her tracks when she sees Je Ha crying while watching Anna’s video.
Yoo Jin enters the meeting room with Secretary Kim, Chief Joo and the JSS President. Yoo Jin asks Je Ha where the memory card is, and Je Ha says he didn’t steal it to give to her.
Je Ha says he stole it to destroy Park Kwan Soo but Yoo Jin won’t be able to do that since her brother Sung Won and her father’s company JB Group is deeply involved in it as well. Je Ha says he stole it to protect himself and Anna from Yoo Jin. 

Yoo Jin asks if Je Ha wants to take her down and asks why. Je Ha tells her people like her never cry for others but only feel their pain.

Je Ha says Yoo Jin doesn’t really need any friends but a worshipper like Secretary Kim, or someone to worship, like Se Joon.
The JSS President tells Chief Joo that Yoo Jin has gone too crazy about Je Ha. He asks Chief Joo plans to stay at JSS, then. Chief Joo becomes suspicious of the JSS President but heads out for an assignment.

Later, the JSS President receives a call from Sung Won, who asks if he has made his decision yet. The JSS President tells Sung Won he’ll be waiting for him and we see black vans arrive at JSS carrying Park Kwan Soo’s men.
Sung Won enters the lobby laughing like crazy while underlings behind him are carrying a big box.
Yoo Jin, unaware of this, continues her little talk with Je Ha in Cloud Nine. Park Kwan Soo, meanwhile, can’t put down his phone as he awaits for an update.
The JSS President accompanies Sung Won and his men into Cloud Nine and the credits roll when Yoo Jin and Je Ha turn their heads toward the door in surprise.
NOW I'M EXCITED! Can't wait to see how Yoo Jin or Je Ha will turn things around, and I can't wait to see a defeated face on Sung Won--if he loses again to his sister this time.

See you next week!


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  1. I have been waiting for episode 14 first he last week so desperately.Finally got to see it via your page.Thanks for sharing this most anticipated episode.