Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recap: The K2 Episode 15

An intense and action-filled episode which reveals where our leads and second leads' loyalties lie. 

Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook), of course and not surprisingly, remains as Anna's (Yoona) knight in shining armor, while Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) is cornered into choosing between his career and his daughter.

Siblings Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) and Sung Wan (Lee Jung Jin) continue to fight over the JB Group and Yoo Jin's massive intel stored in Cloud Nine, while Park Kwan Soo (Kim Kap Soo) is just interested to get his hands on the memory card containing his misdeeds in Iraq.

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Sung Wan enters with Park Kwan Soo’s men, while Yoo Jin continues her small chat with Je Ha. The JSS security guards are outnumbered and they all go down but of course not without up a fight. 
The doctor and the judo master are both unharmed, and Yoo Jin and Je Ha are alerted to Sung Wan’s arrival in Cloud Nine. 
Yoo Jin asks Sung Wan what his intentions are and Sung Wan tells Yoo Jin he came to install bombs inside the building. Sung Wan sets the bomb for two hours.

Je Ha asks Yoo Jin where Anna is, and Yoo Jin says she sent the girl to Lafelt. Je Ha compliments her that this must be the best thing she’s done for Anna. Note that Je Ha always turns on the sound proof/block feature of the meeting room whenever he talks to Yoo Jin, so that Sung Wan and the others outside the meeting room won’t hear them.
Yoo Jin gets a call from Park Kwan Soo, who tells her he sent his knight to capture her. Yoo Jin asks if he wanted go kill her and asks what she wants from her. Park Kwan Soo says he just wants Kim Suk Han’s memory card, and Sung Wan shouts he just wants Cloud Nine.

Je Ha tells Yoo Jin to tell them the truth that they don’t have the memory card with them, and when Yoo Jin announces this to Park Kwan Soo, the JSS President confirms the same to Sung Wan.
Park Kwan Soo reveals he paid Je Ha some money, hiring him for some stuff. The JSS President is taken aback and Yoo Jin curses at Je Ha, although we all know Yoo Jin already knows this long before.

Je Ha tells Park Kwan Soo he has the memory card hidden and safe, so Park Kwan Soo tells him to bring it to him. Je Ha asks about his payment, and Park Kwan Soo laughs that of course he’ll hand him his money.

Park Kwan Soo happily ends his video chat with Yoo Jin since he will already get what he wants, and tells the siblings to have a nice chat with each other.
Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if he can really see his plan through in his current state and Je Ha just asks her to send Chief Joo to the site. He also tells Yoo Jin he won’t be coming back.
Yoo Jin looks at him longingly, and Je Ha advises her to leave Cloud Nine behind. He says she might be happier if she does.

Yoo Jin says she can’t leave the Mirror behind because of its power, and Je Ha says she’ll just continue to be Cloud Nine’s slave if she doesn’t leave now. Je Ha adds he’ll take care of Sung Wan and Park Kwan Soo on his own.

Before he leaves, Yoo Jin mutters that if only they’d meet under different circumstances then maybe… but doesn’t finish her lines and says goodbye to Je Ha. LOVESICK!
Anna, meanwhile, is at the airport saying her teary goodbyes to the housekeeper, Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu. Secretary Kim and two bodyguards accompanied the dwellers of the secret mansion and I’m pretty sure they still don’t know what’s happening in JSS right now.
The housekeeper tells Anna to never delete her number, while Mi Ran tells Anna to live well. Anna notes to Secretary Kim that her father doesn’t look like he’ll come.
One of the JSS guards went with Je Ha, and when Yoo Jin confirmed they have left the building, she tells the Mirror to shut off the elevator and turn off the cellphone reception. She also connects the CCTV feed to Secretary Kim’s phone, and sarcastically asks Sung Wan if they shall begin this game now. Now this is the Yoo Jin I like best! 
Secretary Kim orders everyone to report back to the JSS headquarters, while Anna waits for her plane.
Back at Cloud Nine, Yoo Jin orders the Mirror to send assassins to kill JSS President Gook’s children within an hour and President Gook kneels down and pleads that it’s him who should die instead.
Yoo Jin then tells President Gook to commit suicide right away and she’ll spare his kids. President Gook thanks Yoo Jin with a deep bow before killing himself with a gun.
Then Yoo Jin turns to Sung Wan and tells him that this is how he should run Cloud Nine. Then she tells the three special agents left outside the meeting room to shoot Sung Wan.
Yoo Jin says she’ll wire a billion won right away to whoever shoots Sung Wan first, and a guard quickly points his gun to Sung Wan, who looks panicked. 
Yoo Jin tells them not be shy because she’ll wire them all a billion won each and everyone points their guns to Sung Wan. Sung Wan bargains with the guards and tells them he has more money and that the bomb will explode if he leaves.

The guards leave to let the siblings talk and Yoo Jin threatens that Sung Wan made a mistake coming to Cloud Nine because there’s no exit for him there.
Meanwhile, Je Ha retrieves the memory card and the moment he does, the guard kicks him down. The guard calls Park Kwan Soo and the politician tells the guard to get rid of Je Ha but before he does, Chief Joo shoots him first. Lovely teamwork!
Je Ha picks up the phone and Park Kwan Soo panics when he hears Je Ha’s voice. Je Ha asks if the money is ready and Park Kwan Soo can’t believe Je Ha is still alive.

Je Ha gets into Se Joon’s car with Chief Joo. Se Joon thanks him and tells him to go to the hospital but Je Ha tells them he has to reveal the contents of the memory card now.
He shocks the two by telling them Sung Wan is in Cloud Nine with a bomb but Chief Joo says it may spell the end of Se Joon’s career, too, if they expose the contents of the memory card.
Je Ha notes that Chief Joo is the same as before, sacrificing small fry for whatever greater good he thinks he’s doing. Se Joon also tells Je Ha he has to hold on to the memory card to realize his dream and for Je Ha’s revenge.
Chief Joo threatens to shoot Je Ha if he doesn’t hand the memory card and Je Ha retaliates that Chief Joo is throwing the last shreds of his morality for Se Joon. 

Chief Joo barks back that Je Ha was the one who killed innocent people in Iraq that’s why he’s on the run, but Je Ha FINALLY reveals the truth that he didn’t kill any civilians, instead he was set to testify against his previous employer, Blackstone, for murdering innocent people. This is the reason why he’s on the run from Blackstone. Oooooh. 

Chief Joo’s gun sways at this, and Se Joon tells Je Ha calmly that without the memory card, he’ll be less of a puppet—he’ll be a scarecrow. A what now?? 
Je Ha tells Se Joon the latter needs to be a father to Anna and he gives up the memory card and tells them he’s grown tired of people like them. He says his original plan was to protect Anna from Yoo Jin and kill Park Kwan Soo so he’s off to kill Park Kwan Soo now.

Chief Joo sees the trunk of Je Ha’s car full of C4 bombs and asks Je Ha if plans to blow himself up, too. Je Ha doesn’t answer and drives off, while Chief Joo is left shouting at him.
Back at Cloud Nine, Sung Wan asks Yoo Jin if they can’t share Mirror instead. Sung Wan tells a sob story of how he has long envied Yoo Jin because she refused all the arranged marriages but Yoo Jin says she’s not that gullible. 
Sung Wan laughs and tells her he’ll give Yoo Jin half of his JB Group shares so she can have JB Group for herself, while he takes over Jinhan (his father-in-law’s business). Yoo Jin asks if the ticking bomb is making him uneasy.

Yoo Jin smirks that Sung Wan must have thought to blow up Mirror if Yoo Jin won’t hand it over but never thought he’d die with it. So Yoo Jin tells him to diffuse the bomb before the other guards turn into beasts and make him do so with a gun on his head because no one’s leaving Cloud Nine tonight. SCARY Yoo Jin is scary.
Se Joon, meanwhile, is on his way to give a press conference and his secretary says he can’t be by his side anymore if does this. Se Joon asks Chief Joo about his opinion and the ex-military man says Yoo Jin should have a say in this, too.
Se Joon then calls Yoo Jin, who smiles at Sung Wan while answering her husband’s call. Se Joon tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha gave him Suk Han’s memory card and this surprises the siblings.

Se Joon says Je Ha told him to release the contents to save Yoo Jin and our madam becomes sentimental hearing this. Gahd, I love how her face quickly transforms to a lovelorn teen whenever Je Ha shows concern towards her.
However, Se Joon says he’s at a lost at whether to release it or not. Yoo Jin tells him they shouldn’t release the contents but instead, threaten Park Kwan Soo and the rest of the guys in the dark meeting room that they will destroy them all including JB Group if they don’t behave.
Yoo Jin tells Se Joon to tell the people himself because it will be more believable if he does. Se Joon laughs and praises Yoo Jin, who tells him she’ll see him at home. Yoo Jin turns to Sung Wan and asks if they should just destroy everything and she’ll rebuild JB on her own. Sung Wan just laughs miserably and the bomb clock sets at 1 hour and 12 minutes.

Se Joon calls Park Kwan Soo and tells the latter he has the memory card. He asks to see everyone from the shady group tonight, and Park Kwan Soo panics at this.
Park Kwan Soo orders his men at the hideout—where Je Ha is heading—to kill Je Ha, while he tells his secretary to kidnap Anna so he can get rid of Se Joon.
Anna is already on the plane but before it has departed, she is escorted down by a police officer, one of Park Kwan Soo's men. I didn't know they could easily do this. Haha.
Je Ha infiltrates Park Kwan Soo’s hideout and blows up Park Kwan Soo’s panic room. One of the men tells Je Ha that Park Kwan Soo has Anna so Je Ha needs to bring the memory card now.
Je Ha gets out of the hideout alive even though his surgery wound is bleeding, and he calls Mi Ran to check the airport if Anna was really offloaded the airplane or not.
Se Joon, meanwhile, receives a video call from Park Kwan Soo, who reveals he has Anna in his hands. Park Kwan Soo orders Se Joon to bring the memory card to Cloud Nine and they will all meet there. I really pity Yoona’s character in this drama. She’s always the damn damsel in distress! 
Je Ha arrives at a construction site (huh? what the f) where the workers attack him and try to kill him. Is this the site of the kidnappers? I’m not sure and I don’t want to ask how he easily found out. I’m just amazed at how he’s still alive and fighting.
Je Ha sees men dragging Anna away but he’s already bleeding from the head by then and Anna tries to scream at him for help. However, the car leaves and Je Ha is left fending off more guards which he easily kill. 
Back at the JSS headquarters, the judo teacher manages to free some guards who are all tied up in one of the rooms. They soon gain in number and by the time Anna is brought to the headquarters, the guards take down her captors. 
Park Kwan Soo's men, however, see the escapees so Master Song helps Anna escape while the rest engage in combat. Master Song shoves Anna to an emergency exit but Anna finds herself running from captors in the underground parking lot.
Master Song luckily comes back to check on her and finds her in the parking lot. 
However, Master Song's way of putting a palm on Anna's mouth to keep her from shouting jogs Anna’s memory and she remembers Master Song was the one she saw at her mother’s bedroom the night she died.
Je Ha gets out a serious bit of information from Park Kwan Soo’s secretary: that the bomb can’t be diffused once it’s set, and Sung Wan wasn’t informed about this. Aha! So Park Kwan Soo sent Sung Wan there to die. GAHD these people!
Je Ha shouts desperately and the credits roll. Looks like we’re in for an action-filled finale and I’m excited to see who dies hehehe.



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