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Recap: The K2 Episode 16 (END)

Sorry it took me a while just to watch The K2’s last episode. I really feel sad that this is the last one and I don’t know how long I’ll feel empty inside. Ha!

I’m not kidding. There’s always this empty feeling inside whenever a drama I’m watching ends, and it’s even sadder when I have come to love that drama.

Anyway, I only have praises for Yoona, Ji Chang Wook, Song Yun Ah, and Cho Seong Ha for their superb acting and delivery of their characters.

Cheers to the writer and director, too, for giving us such a well-written story, and while I don’t like the shots taken while the camera is on the move, it has conveyed what it probably want to: that those scenes were full of action.

I would recommend this drama to anyone and it’s definitely a nice break from romcoms. So without further delay, here’s the recap~

So we begin with Je Ha at a construction site where Anna was held by Park Kwan Soo’s men. Je Ha corners Park Kwan Soo’s secretary and learns that the bomb brought in by Sung Wan can’t be defuse once it’s been set.

Je Ha drives like a madman to the JSS headquarters to save his beloved Anna. Sung Wan, meanwhile, tells Yoo Jin he plans to die in Cloud Nine with her.
Yoo Jin asks Sung Wan how he got involved in the Kumar-gate scandal, and Sung Wan says he and his father-in-law set the whole thing up for the members of the consortium—the men in the dark meeting room.

His name wasn’t supposed to be in that list but Suk Han, his friend, put it there as a means of protection or insurance for the doctor.

The three guards that came with Sung Wan are growing impatient as the bomb’s clock tick to just over 30 minutes, and Yoo Jin says it will be harder for Sung Wan if he doesn’t leave with his bomb.
Secretary Kim and JSS guards meanwhile reclaim the headquarters for themselves and to rescue their fallen comrades. 
Yoo Jin receives a call from Secretary Kim, who says there are only a handful left of “scum” in the building. Master Song runs to Secretary Kim right at the moment to tell her Anna is still somewhere in the building running from Park Kwan Soo’s men.
Yoo Jin and Secretary Kim are informed that such is Park Kwan Soo’s doing, so Secretary Kim orders JSS men to search for Anna right away.
Park Kwan Soo panics when his men tell him that Anna escaped from their clutches but we all know he’s just afraid Anna and Jang Se Joon won’t be included in the blast.
Jang Se Joon and Chief Joo arrive at JSS headquarters and are told that Anna is still on the run. Yoo Jin orders Se Joon and the memory card to keep safe in Cloud Nine—oh no!—so Chief Joo brings him there.

Yoo Jin and Se Joon are locked inside the meeting room, while Sung Wan is still at the lobby of Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin tries to convince Se Joon to give her the memory card because it will hurt the chances of him being president, but Se Joon says Anna’s safety is more important than his ambition. DAMN RIGHT IT IS!
Se Joon even tells Yoo Jin sternly that the only reason he wants to become president is to be more powerful than Yoo Jin. This really is sad, no? 

Yoo Jin tells Se Joon that she didn’t kill Um Hye Rin nor did she order anyone to kill her. Se Joon asks why did Yoo Jin pretend to have killed Hye Rin all this time then, and Yoo Jin says it’s because she wanted to prove to her father that she made the right choice of marrying him.
Yoo Jin admits she was afraid that Se Joon would eventually leave her. Se Joon tells her she’s being stupid, and Yoo Jin says she was quite the fool because she thought she need to show the world that she’s happy.
Yoo Jin says sorry to Se Joon for the way they have lived all these years and Se Joon laughs at her face with tears welling up in his eyes.
Je Ha arrives in the headquarters and he instantly finds Anna by just looking at CCTV monitors. GAD. Why didn’t anyone think of that? 
Je Ha fights off Anna’s pursuers even though he's already bleeding on the head and his body possibly aching from all the punches and kicks he received before he got to the JSS headquarters.
After taking down four or five or six, one guard takes Anna from behind, but Je Ha was able to shoot the guy before collapsing. WOW. Je Ha was able to shoot again, well, maybe not kill the guy but he was always fidgety around guns because of his PTSD, remember?

We don’t get to see Je Ha being saved by other JSS guards but we get to see him being wheeled in by Anna, the doctor, and two guards. Anna was held back by Secretary Kim, who calls Yoo Jin to tell her Anna is safe and will be sent to Cloud Nine to make sure she isn’t used against the assemblyman again.
The consortium (men in the dark meeting room) are sent numbers of the bank accounts they used in the Kumar gate scandal with a threat to release these documents if Park Kwan Soo’s men don’t leave the JSS headquarters within 10 minutes.
Anna is brought in by Secretary Kim to Cloud Nine and Anna’s eyes widen at the sight of her uncle with a huge bomb and the JSS President’s blood on the floor.
But before Anna can enter the meeting room, Sung Wan shoots Secretary Kim on her left leg and holds Anna as hostage just so he can enter the meeting room, too. My golly, why didn’t Secretary Kim bring in her aides awhile ago. Dumb move.
The meeting room’s door is opened and when Yoo Jin declines to give Sung Wan the memory card, the crazy guy shoots Yoo Jin on her lower abdomen. 
Sung Wan points the gun at Anna next and Se Joon throws the memory card at his feet. Interesting how Sung Wan threatens Se Joon with “if you don’t want me to kill Anna, too” like he was the one who killed Hye Rin.

The police chief, meanwhile, calls Park Kwan Soo and tells him that his men will be pulled out of the JSS headquarters because of pressure from higher ups. 
Park Kwan Soo calls the consortium and tells them that the bomb can’t be diffused and everyone inside that building including the memory card will be gone from the face of the earth.

He stresses that he’ll be the only one left in the presidential race and also the only left with evidence of the Kumar gate scandal.
Park Kwan Soo tells them to cut off power and communication outside JSS headquarters. They only need 10 minutes because the bomb will go off by then.

Je Ha, meanwhile, awakes while being treated by the doctor and tells the group that the bomb can’t be diffused! 
Chief Joo calls Se Joon right away and Sung Wan’s eyes widen at this revelation that Park Kwan Soo deceived him. 
Sung Wan runs to the bomb right away and finds out the cold truth that they’ll all die in this freaking episode because he was stupid enough to believe Park Kwan Soo.
He runs back to the meeting room and tells Yoo Jin she has to reactivate the elevator and begs Yoo Jin that they’ll take her to the elevator. Looks like he fears death after all, this bastard!
But before Yoo Jin could order the elevator, electricity and communication go out at the JSS headquarters. Yoo Jin congratulates Sung Wan that Park Kwan Soo has been successful this time.
Se Joon takes off his tie and puts pressure on Yoo Jin’s wound. Se Joon asks Anna to help him do it while he goes out and Yoo Jin says Anna doesn’t have to do it because people shouldn’t be so shameless.

Anna does it anyway and I’m crying my eyes because Yoo Jin was such a character I love and she’s dying. WHYYYY. Anyway, back to recapping, Anna tells Yoo Jin not to speak because her wound will worsen.
Yoo Jin FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY tells us the story of the night when Hye Rin died. She tells Anna that Hye Rin was already dying the night she arrived at their house. Yoo Jin tries to smile at Anna while telling her that she had a father once, too.

She tells Anna that when her father found out about Hye Rin and Anna’s existence, he ordered one of his men—yes, Master Song—to kill Hye Rin, and it was too late when Yoo Jin found out.

This explains why Master Song knew a lot about Anna and Hye Rin, and of course, Anna’s memory of him as the guy she found in his mother’s room that dreadful night.
We get a flashback of Master Song injecting something on Hye Rin’s neck and telling her he’s sorry. He hides when he hears Anna look for her mother and flashes a light on her face when Anna sees him. 
Master Song covers Anna’s nose and mouth and she passes out but not before seeing Yoo Jin’s high heels enter the room. Yoo Jin laments that she was unable to stop her father from doing the one thing she didn’t ask him to.
Yoo Jin tells Anna that she knew Master Song was holding Anna behind the door but she was afraid to look because she was scared of seeing Anna’s face. And when she turned around to leave, Hye Rin grabbed her hand and asked her for help.
Yoo Jin says she considered calling for help but she couldn’t bring herself to, and coldly turned away even though she could have saved Hye Rin.
Yoo Jin tears up and tells Anna that after that night, she lived a life worse than how her father did. She tells Anna to stop pressing down her wound because she’s the enemy who killed her mother.
 Master Song leads Je Ha to a place closest to Cloud Nine, so Je Ha tells Chief Joo to gather more guards to help pull people up. Je Ha sets up his rappelling gear and tells the guards to pull up when he gives the signal.
Je Ha arrives at Cloud Nine and Sung Wan runs to point a gun at Anna, again. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY. I seriously want to shoot this guy right now. 
Sung Wan tells Je Ha to send him and Anna first without realizing he dropped the memory card. Sung Wan even shoots at Je Ha when he yells at Sung Wan to let Anna go first. Why won’t anyone shoot this guy. 
Sung Wan even removes the ropes Je Ha prepared and everyone was just shouting and not doing anything to kick this guy’s butt! HELLO, what the hell you guys.

Je Ha tells them to just shoot at the elevator’s cables when he gives the command and Anna helps him return to the meeting room. 
He tells Yoo Jin they have to get out but Yoo Jin says there isn’t anywhere for her to go anymore. She says she wants to rest now and tells them to leave her there. I’M CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. WHY IS THIS SHOW EVEN DOING THIS TO ME. I thought this was an action drama, why I’m crying so hard huhuhuhuhuhuhu.

Anna is tearing up while Yoo Jin says her goodbyes and Se Joon is very reluctant to go but one look at Anna and we all know his daughter comes first more than anyone or anything else.
Je Ha tells Se Joon to take Anna and Secretary Kim to the elevator, and Yoo Jin urges the assemblyman to do just that. Well, of course Anna picked up the memory card first before heading out.
So the four leave Yoo Jin and Je Ha explains they may be safe inside the elevator when the bomb explodes and Je Ha tells the guys to shoot at the cables. 
After the first round of shots were fired, Se Joon leaves the elevator and tells Anna she’s lived just fine without him all this time. I’M TEARING UP AGAIN. I’m sorry this recap is full of feelings. I just can’t help myself.
Anna tears up while her dad does his little speech and Se Joon tells Je Ha to take care of his daughter before closing the door despite Anna’s protests. Wow, Yoona sure has improved a lot in her acting. I keep on saying that in the past recaps and I can't help myself because I watched her in all of her dramas.
Se Joon runs back to the meeting room and Yoo Jin looks up and asks him why he came back. Se Joon brings the bomb inside the meeting room to hopefully lessen the impact on the whole building.

Yoo Jin smiles at him weakly and tells him to go now so she can close the door. She wasn’t expecting Se Joon to say that she can close the door now, with him inside.
Yoo Jin tears up (I really love Song Yun Ah! Such a great actress huhuhu) and Se Joon hugs her next and tells her to be his partner in the underworld. The couple are crying, and I’m crying as well. This scene was perfectly shot and well executed, I adore these actors more.
The guards continue to shoot the cables and Mi Ran is crying already. The elevator goes on free fall and the bomb goes off, sending everyone in the building shaking. The building is safe, everyone! Whew.
Team Leader Seo contacts Je Ha right away but Je Ha isn’t answering. Other guards are tearing up including Chief Joo and Team Leader Seo continues to call Je Ha over his communication device.

Yoona answers in the microphone instead and everyone sighs in relief when they hear Je Ha’s voice to get him out of there immediately because he’s in so much pain.
Hey, guys, why celebrate right away? Je Ha has a bullet in his leg! And you didn’t even kill Sung Wan, that bastard.
Next thing we know, we’re at some international court room with a handsome Je Ha in a suit. He’s testifying against his previous employer Blackstone about a massacre of civilians.
Back at the not-so-secret mansion, Mi Ran is putting on mask on K1 (I forget his name hahaha) and the housekeeper tells us that Anna inherited everything but they haven’t seen her since Se Joon and Yoo Jin’s funeral.
Anna enters the main house—she’s the new madam now, suckers—and she looks lovely as always. She enters Yoo Jin’s mini office and sits behind the desk.
We see the consortium—with Sung Wan—talk about Anna inheriting everything and having the memory card. But they don’t think Anna will be a threat to their existence or their activities and they laugh at her innocence.
Park Kwan Soo also thinks Anna won’t do anything to them, but when he tells his driver to go on, he’s shocked to see Je Ha in the driver’s seat. HAHAHA.
Je Ha ties him up and transports him somewhere in the trunk. Park Kwan Soo’s secretary opens the trunk and bows to the assemblyman, who’s happy to see him.
However, his secretary and guards lead him to a tree with a rope on it, and tells him to go on and hang himself. HARSH!
Sung Wan, meanwhile, happily walks in a parking lot and is shocked to see Secretary Kim sitting at the back of his car. Secretary Kim smiles at him while fixing a silencer on a gun. 
Secretary Kim later gets out of the car and we see Sung Wan with a shot on his chest—hopefully dead. He did went crazy the previous episode and even shot Secretary Kim and Je Ha so this is his karma. HAHAHA.
We get another product placement from Subway, where Anna is waiting for Je Ha for a date!!! I’m glad we’re ending with a happy date with these two! 
Je Ha tells Anna his papers are all fine now so they can go anywhere, and Anna tells him Yoo Jin lived a really boring life.
We see the couple next in front of a laptop sending an e-mail containing the documents in Suk Han’s memory card.
Je Ha tells Anna to make sure first that she really wants to do this and Anna just clicks on the Send button even before Je Ha can finish his speech.
So Je Ha complains that they were supposed to enjoy this moment of history bringing down the bad guys but Anna just shuts Je Ha up with a kiss. HA! Thank you, drama gods, for ending this series with a sweet kiss with this couple. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
We see them next in Spain? I don’t know where but they’re just traveling and enjoying life. Well, she did inherit a fortune and even if some of those will be returned to the government because it’s illegal, she’s still filthy rich.
Anna asks Je Ha what his real name is and the episode or the series ends with Je Ha not saying his name! Okay, I just want to laugh and rejoice about this perfect ending!
Sung Wan and Park Kwan Soo are dead, and our couple are happy as can be! HAHAHA. Secretary Kim also got her sweet revenge, and the secret mansion dwellers are also happy! 

Thank you for staying with me and reading my recap, and while I’m still contemplating what next Korean drama I’ll be recapping, I’ll be finishing my recap of Japanese dramas Career and the Three Star Chef so check them out if you’re interested.


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