Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recap: Yuri on Ice Episode 2

Hello! I’m back with a recap of Yuri on Ice and I must say I’m excited to see Yuri regain his confidence and get back on the rink!

I want to see how Viktor and the Russian Yuri will be able to push and inspire our lead, Yuri, in his quest to return to the Grand Prix. Although his dream is to compete with his idol turned coach, Victor.

Let’s get to it!

Yuri’s ballet teacher Minako arrives at Yuri’s hot springs inn and asks about Viktor. She tells Yuri reports in Russia state that Viktor is taking a leave and is considering his next move.

She adds Viktor decided to be Yuri’s coach after watching the video of his soulful performance the other day.
Viktor wakes up and asks Yuri what his favorite food is, and next thing we know, Yuri’s mom is serving Viktor a big bowl of pork cutlet rice.
Minako-sensei notes that Yuri only gets to eat a bowl of pork cutlet rice whenever he won a competition so Viktor asks Yuri if he has eaten some recently.
Yuri answers right away that he has eaten a lot of it recently and Viktor menacingly asks why when he hasn’t won any competitions. He tells Yuri to lose weight or all his coaching will be of no use to him.
Yuri and Viktor relocate to a free room where they move all of Viktor’s boxes and luggage. Viktor asks Yuri—in a flirting manner hahaha—where he skates, his interests, etc because he claims he needs to be close to him to coach him well.
Yuri jumps in surprise at this, turns red, and thinks to himself he’s still scared to get close to his idol. I smell lurrrvveeee hahaha! I’m kidding!
The next morning, the two go out for a jog and end up at the town’s ice skating rink. Yuri introduces himself to Yuko, Takeshi, and their daughters as Yuri’s coach.
Viktor does a routine much to the delight of Yuko’s triplets, while Yuri asks Takeshi if they can use the skating rink as their home base. Takeshi says he’ll talk to the higher ups himself.
Yuri gets lost in his thoughts thinking how his dance could have inspired Viktor, his idol, and that’s when Viktor calls out to him that he can’t enter the rink unless he loses some weight.
Yuri heads next to Minako-sensei’s ballet studio. Minako tells him that even if Viktor is only using Yuri as an excuse to take a break, Yuri should take advantage of this chance and learn. She enthusiastically tells Yuri she’ll get him to slim down fast!
Yuri tells the audience while a montage of his dancing and running plays that Minako-sensei was the one who encouraged him to take up ice skating. 
Viktor spots the castle in Yuri’s town and Yuri tells him that it is a ninja castle. Viktor takes a selfie in front of it and puts a #ninja on his post, alerting the Russian Yuri and the public to his whereabouts.
The next day, the media mob the hot springs inn and the skating rink hoping to get an interview with Viktor. Yuri, meanwhile, continues his ballet lessons and exercises.
Russian Yuri arrives in Hasetsu and while walking in a shopping arcade, he begins shouting (at no one, hahaha) where the hell Viktor is. Such a funny scene!
He spots a shirt with a tiger print, buys it, and uploads it on his social media. Next thing we know, his coach Yakov is shouting at him on the phone. Russian Yuri shouts back at his coach that he won’t come back to Russia until Viktor fulfills his promise to him. Ooooh.
We flashback to when Russian Yuri was still starting his career and he gets scolded by Yakov for doing a jump that he wasn’t supposed to.
Viktor, however, praises him but also tells him that he can win even without the flashy jumps. Russian Yuri then tells Viktor that if he wins the Junior World Championship without any jumps, then Viktor must choreograph a program for him.

And that’s the reason why Russian Yuri is looking for Viktor—because he’ll soon be debuting in the senior division after winning first place in the junior competitions.
Russian Yuri arrives at the ice skating rink, where fans are being blocked by the triplets (how cute!!). Our Yuri arrives just in time and tells the triplets he has finally lost weight and is ready to train but Russian Yuri kicks him and tells him it’s all his fault that Viktor is in Japan.
The two enter the rink and watch Viktor skate his routine supposedly for the next season. Russian Yuri says that even if Viktor has already been putting together his routine, our grey-haired skater is torn because his priority has always been surprising his audience. However, no one’s surprised with his programs anymore and Viktor knows this more than anyone.
Russian Yuri shouts at Viktor to get his attention, and minutes later, Viktor is apologizing to Russian Yuri about forgetting his promise with a smile on his face. Russian Yuri, meanwhile, is furious at him but tells him he must choreograph for him no matter what.
Viktor suddenly gets an idea and that’s to choreograph two pieces for the two Yuris to the music he’s supposed to dance to in the next season’s competition.
The two Yuris obviously don’t want to dance to the same music but Viktor tells them the piece has several parts and they will both dance to different ones.

Viktor happily tells the two he’ll reveal the program in a week and the two Yuris will compete and see which one will surprise the audience more. 
Our Yuri panics at this and says he doesn’t want to be punished for losing but the Russian Yuri agrees to this and says Viktor has to agree to whatever the winner wishes.
The cute triplets asks the three skaters if they can organize the event and of course, Viktor agrees. The event, Hot Springs on Ice, is announced to the media.
Russian Yuri stays in the same hot springs inn and when our Yuri’s older sister spots him, she brands him the name Yurio to make it less confusing since there are two Yuris staying at the inn. So I now will use Yurio to pertain to the Russian Yuri so I don’t have to type in “Russian” every time.
Anyway, Yuri catches a part of Yurio and Viktor’s banter before heading out the room and this leads to him doubting himself and comparing himself to Yurio.
He sees Yurio as a confident kid and sure of winning the Grand Prix Final even on his first year as a senior. Viktor notices Yuri gone and Yuri’s sister tells Viktor the kid ran off and is probably at Minako-sensei’s place or at the rink.
Viktor drops by Minako’s bar (a night job, sensei? hahaha) and the teacher says Yuri practices his routine whenever he gets anxious and Ice Castle (the name of rink) lets him practice anytime as long as the place isn’t booked.
Minako tells Viktor that Yuri is no genius when it comes to skating but he’s a guy with lots of free time in his hands—time which he uses to practice more than anyone else.
Next thing we know, Viktor is with Yuko and Takeshi watching Yuri skate. Yuko tells Viktor that Yuri loves skating more than playing with his friends, but Takeshi notes Yuri really didn’t have any friends. Yuko says she hopes Viktor can bring out a side of Yuri that they haven’t seen before.
Viktor smiles at this and says to himself that they need a magic spell to turn the pig to a prince. He thanks the couple before he exits and tells them he now knows a lot about Yuri. 
The next day, Viktor lets the two Yuris listen to the music they will be dancing to. The piece, entitled On Love: Eros and Agape, is divided in two different arrangements.
Viktor lets them listen to the first part of the music, which Yuri describes as innocent love. The second part, meanwhile, is faster and piques the curiosity of Yurio.
Viktor tells the two that the first part is Agape with a theme of unconditional love, while the rest is Eros with the theme of sexual love.
Much to the surprise of the two Yuris, Viktor assigns Yuri to Eros, and Yurio to Agape! Viktor tells them the two have to do the opposite of what the audience expects to surprise them.
Viktor tells the two to work hard because they are far ordinary and mediocre. He warns that if any of them aren’t up to his level in a week’s time, he won’t choreograph a routine for them.
Yurio tells Viktor that he will skate to Agape because his debut to the Grand Prix depends on it. He adds that if he wins, Viktor will fly back to Russia and be his coach.
Viktor asks Yuri what he wants if he wins, and Yuri says he wants to eat a pork cutlet bowl with Viktor so he’ll gladly skate to Eros.
Viktor smiles at this and the credits roll!


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