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Recap: Yuri on Ice Episode 3

I’m waaaaaay behind Yuri on Ice so I’m doing a marathon of the series this week. I’m actually amazed by the routines in featured in this anime despite not being a ballet dancer or an ice skater.

We finally get to see the face-off between the two Yuris and we instantly see improvements in their movements after one or two episodes.

I’m excited for the Grand Prix Final but let’s get a start on this first, shall we?

The episode begins with Viktor showing the two Yuris the routines he came up with for their competition.
He first dances to Agape, the one for Yurio, and Yuri thinks to himself that it is a hard one. 
Yurio, however, says he pretty much got the routine, and he notices Yuko at the sidelines clapping for Viktor.
Viktor dances next to Eros and Yuko faints while having massive nosebleed at the first few seconds of the dance! HAHA!
Yuri thinks to himself he even can get pregnant just by watching Viktor dance (oooooooh) and when Viktor asks him how is it, Yuri says it’s full of Eros! Hahahaha! I’m dying here.

Viktor asks Yuri what jumps he can land and Yuri names a few. Viktor tells Yuri to practice the basics first as he will be teaching Yurio first.
Viktor asks Yuri why he never wins recent competitions even if his practices are perfect and Yuri answers honestly that it’s because he lacks confidence. Viktor agrees with him and tells him his main job is to make Yuri confident of himself.
We get a glimpse of the triplets and Minako-sensei hanging posters around the town. They do a twirl to rejoice Yuri’s comeback and well, because the Hot Springs on Ice competition will sure bring many tourists to town. I love these four! Makes me crack up every time!
We see Yuri next with Takeshi, who’s helping him stretch. Takeshi tells Yuri he should have made something up when Viktor asked what Eros what to him, but Yuri tells him he won’t be able to get away with it.
Yuri, however, says he could already see the story behind the program: It’s about a playboy arriving at a certain town and bewitching women left and right.
The playboy then pursues the most beautiful woman in town but she rejects him at first. As he continues to court her, the woman ends up falling for the playboy, after which, the playboy casts her aside and leaves for the next town.
Takeshi notes that this is very different from Yuri’s image, and Yuri says it would have been better if Viktor dances it himself. 
Yuri lets it slip that he’ll never beat Viktor this way, and Takeshi teases him about dreaming of beating Viktor. Takeshi pokes fun at him and tells him how could he, inexperienced in dating, beat Viktor, the hottest bachelor in the world.
Meanwhile, Viktor is criticizing Yurio’s interpretation of the routine by telling him he exudes too much confidence, when the program calls for a portrayal of unconditional love.
Yurio lashes back at Viktor and tells him he was the one who was skating with complete confidence earlier. He asks Viktor what Agape means to him and Viktor, laughing, tells him it’s a feeling he can’t put to words.
Viktor says they need a temple and we see Yurio being hit by a monk on the shoulders.
The two Yuris end up in the onsen (hot spring) after a long day. The two appear exhausted even during dinner, while Viktor happily eats his katsudon (pork cutlet on rice).
Yuri continues to brood over what Eros means to him when a bowl of katsudon catches his sight. He suddenly stands up and declares that katsudon is what eros is to him! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Food is life, huh.
While Viktor says it’s okay to go with it, Yurio smirks at Yuri and asks if he’s being serious. Our next scene shows Yuri running outside and shouting how he’s so embarrassed with his immature ideas! HAHAHA
The two Yuris practice their routines the next day with Viktor commenting on what and how they should improve.
The rink scenes are interlaced with the two exercising—Takeshi helping Yuri, while Yuko helps Yurio haha.
The two Yuris are sent to the waterfalls where Yurio reminisces about his grandfather. Yuri shakes Yurio back to reality and wonders how Yurio looked very vulnerable then.

The next day at the rink, Yurio wonders where Viktor went and Yuri tells him their coach has been drinking until dawn.
When Yurio gets up to practice, Yuri asks him to teach him how to land a Salchow jump properly. 
Yurio obliges and teaches him, but the two break away when Viktor enters the rink.
Viktor checks Yurio’s choreography and notes that Yurio has found his Agape: Yurio has been thinking about his grandfather while dancing. 
Yuri, however, dances to his routine and thinks to himself he still hasn’t found his Eros and it's already the day before the competition.
While eating, Minako-sensei asks the two Yuris what they’re going to do for their costumes but Viktor says he has asked his costumes to be sent to Japan—and we see a pile of suitcases arrive at the airport. Oh, Viktor! Haha!
While Yuri goes gaga over Viktor’s costumes and obviously showing how much he adored and followed Viktor’s career, Yurio laments that there are a lot of stupid ones in the pile hehe.
Yuri chose Viktor’s costume when he won the Junior Grand Prix and we flashback to a long-haired Viktor, the one Yuri watched and idolized.
The day of the competition between the two Yuris arrive and the two face the media first before the event. Viktor arrives at the scene with a banner promoting Hasetsu and the two Yuris reprimand him for making the event look cheap haha!
Yuko comes in at the waiting room to fetch Yurio and her nose gushes out blood once Yurio removes his jacket and reveals a sparkling see-through costume of Viktor’s! Gotta love Yuko and her fangirl antics.
Yurio dances his Agape perfectly with an innocent look that Viktor has always hoped for. Yuri narrates that everybody is being drawn to Yurio’s performance and no one can dare take their eyes off of him.
Yurio lands all his jumps perfectly but towards the end, Yurio apologizes to his grandfather that he’s too focused on his program. He even begs for Agape to stop and when he finishes, he tells himself he’s so much better than this.
Viktor calls out to Yurio that this is the best Yurio he’s seen so far. 
Yuri panics that if Yurio wins, Viktor will fly to Russia. Viktor tells Yuri it’s his turn and Yuri tells him that he’ll become the most delicious katsudon there is (a what???) so Viktor better watch him.
Yuri hugs Viktor and Viktor tells him he loves katsudon! Hahahaha.
Yuri dances with a smug expression on his face and the announcer notes how seductive his step sequence is.

Minako-sensei mutters under her breath that Yuri is known for his step sequence and spins, and we flashback the night before, when Yuri asked the teacher to teach him how to be feminine.
Yuri tells Minako-sensei that he can’t be a playboy so he’ll just be the most beautiful woman in town who seduces the playboy! HAHAHA! I love it! Love, love, love it!
Takeshi notes that the program sure is hard on Yuri, and Yuri wrongly lands on his Salchow jump but manages not to tumble.

Yuri tells himself that won’t be enough to lose his charms and tells himself that he’s better than any woman out there. Wow. Way to get in character, Yuri!
Yuri manages to land two consecutive loops (or jumps? I’m not sure) next and he spins perfectly much to the delight of the audience.
Yurio leaves the arena before Yuri finishes and the audience bursts in cheers of “Welcome back, Yuri!” Takeshi notes that it’s not really a “Welcome back” because it’s a Yuri they’ve never seen before.
Viktor tells Yuri that it’s tastiest katsudon he’s ever seen but begins to scold him on his spins! Hahaha. Yuri just faints in exhaustion.
Yuko runs after Yurio, who says he doesn’t have to hear the results to find out who won the competition. I guess Yurio was enthralled by Yuri’s performance, as well.
Yurio says he’ll continue to train under Yakov and he asks Yuko to tell Yuri that he’ll still be the one who’ll win the Grand Prix Final.
Yuri is announced the winner of the competition and he tells the audience he’ll try to win the Grand Prix Final with Viktor as his coach. Minako-sensei is crying in this part hahahaha!
Yuri narrates that the last season of his skating career begins now, and I’m like WHAAAATTT? What do you mean this is your last season?

The credits roll and I’m gonna be sad if we don’t get to see Yurio again! It was so fun having him train under Viktor as well. 


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  1. i was thinking about starting the series. i have heard so much about it. but what killed the air for me was spoilers from my friends. thank you for helping me make up my mind once again