Saturday, November 5, 2016

Shopping King Louis Scares with Amnesia Plot AGAIN

If you’re up to date with Shopping King Louis and have watched last week’s episode 11, you could have been one of those who have shouted “AMNESIA, AGAAAAIIIINNNN??” at their screens. I did.

To be honest, I wanted to drop the whole series entirely (I do that to a lot with dramas when the story goes awry) but I love Seo In Guk and the supporting cast in this drama that I decided to give it a chance.

WARNING: If you haven’t watched episodes 12 and 13 yet, spoilers ahead!

I won’t do a full recap of episodes 12 but a short review of this since my heart was set at ease after watching this week’s episodes.

Anyway, to answer your question: NO, Louis did not suffer another amnesia episode. Yes, he did bump his head again but this just lead to him getting all his memories back.
Funny how dramas use this tactic to bring back memories—bump his head! BAM! Memories back. Haha. Anyway, he was able to catch Bok Nam, who apparently saved him from getting beaten up by another member of the motorcycle gang.
After getting Louis' clothes, watch, and his car, Bok Nam handed them all to that motorcycle gang member, who dies in the accident after the car was hit by a truck. Bok Nam doesn't witness this accident but he runs toward it after hearing an explosion and he sees the car in flames.
Anyway, Louis prepares a “surprise event” for Bok Sil with the help of In Sung, Director Cha, Ms. Heo and Mr. Kim. This surprise event is of course, to reunite the siblings!
In Sung will be the main organizer of the plan which is as follows: Louis will pretend to get amnesia again and Bok Sil, brought to Busan by Mr. Cha, will see him and remember their first meeting. 
The two will be asked to go to the docks by Mr. Kim, who is tasked to chase Louis once he spots Louis and Bok Sil. Louis will run and enter a yacht, which under Ms. Heo’s orders, will start moving once Bok Sil comes on board and Louis leaves.
Oh, right! The detective was also in on the surprise gig as he’s the one tasked to call Bok Sil once she’s on the yacht and tell her that Bok Nam has been found in Busan and is traveling on one of the yachts.

So that is what exactly happened. Boku Sil ended up on the yacht after chasing Louis. She resignedly sits behind the captain and receives a call from the detective, informing her of Bok Nam being alive.

Boku Sil shouts Bok Nam’s name as loud as she can to the yacht in front of her, hoping Bok Nam would be there. But Bok Nam appears behind her and gives her her phone with a video of Louis in it. 
In the video, Louis tells her that he’s reuniting the siblings, just as he’s always promised Bok Sil. Bok Sil cries, and when she and Bok Nam arrives at port, Bok Sil runs to Louis for a long hug.

Everyone—Director Cha, Ms. Heo, Mr. Kim and In Sung—watch them in glee. I actually thought the drama would end in this episode with all the heartwarming stills and story flow. Haha!

So there’s that, and I momentarily forgot about the hitman hired by Ma Ri’s dad to kill Louis. The hitman gained consciousness in this episode so we now have a new plot to keep the story moving. Heh.

I’m just freakin’ glad Louis isn’t suffering another bout of amnesia because I swear I’m gonna bust my screen if he did. Haha.

Oh, and Seo In Guk sings his version of This is The Moment (from the musical Jekyll & Hyde) in the 13th episode so watch that one, too.

Happy shopping! (since Singles’ Day is coming up haha)



  1. Katokz has become my current most favourite series and the credit goes to you. If I hadn't read your blog I wouldn't have started this series from the beginning