Thursday, December 15, 2016

No drunk kiss in Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo Episode 9

Well, that title was a spoiler. Ha!

Anyway, I’m just disappointed there wasn’t any kiss from Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) and Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk) although we get to see a lot of cute moments between the two in Episode 9.

If you don’t want to be spoiled further, then stop because I’ll be discussing some events in episodes 9 and a little of 10.

I was on pins and needles last week waiting for episode 9 because of the preview that suggested a kiss between a sleeping Bok Joo and a drunk Joon Hyung might happen but sadly, Joon Hyung regains his senses before his face could even touch Bok Joo’s. Haha!

The two were coming from an arcade-turned-drinking session as Joon Hyung tries to cheer Bok Joo up after our weightlifting fairy felt devastated that the handsome Dr. Jeong (Lee Jae Yoon) found out about her lie.
Anyway, Bok Joo had too much to drink that Joon Hyung ended up dragging her to a nearby bench. He let Bok Joo sleep a little but Bok Joo’s sudden movements made her sleep on Joon Hyung’s lap instead. LOVE LOVE LOVE
I almost had a heart attack when Joon Hyung caressed Bok Joo’s bangs and smiled sweetly at her! HAHAHAHA. I love these two!
But Joon Hyung started getting sleepy himself, and slowly nodded off to dreamland. His head begun sinking lower and lower—and I hate that the camera shots made us think we were getting a kiss!!!—but just a fist away, he opens his eyes and shouts in surprise when Book Joo’s face popped up. HAHAHAHA
Joon Hyung was at a loss on how to bring Bok Joo home but seeing a supermarket nearby, he just carted Bok Joo home. GAD, this episode is so funny!
It was also enjoyable how Bok Joo’s dad started questioning Joon Hyung (after bringing back Bok Joo) but when Joon Hyung denied things between them, Daddy became furious at why won’t Joon Hyung date his lovely Bok Joo!!! HAHAHA. 
Uncle, meanwhile, is very supportive of this relationship and even gave Joon Hyung money for taxi before he went home. LOL

The second thing I loved about this episode is Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s little trip to the ocean! 
Well, Joon Hyung is caring waaaaaay too much for our weightlifting fairy that he decides to bring her to the ocean to cheer her up--after a very, very awkward lunch with Dr. Jeong and Ah Young (Bok Joo's school doctor).

I don’t want to dwell on this lunch any further because I also felt super awkward having to watch this charade between the four.
In the car, Bok Joo gets distracted with seagulls, and when Joon Hyung asks her to choose between the seagulls and him, Bok Joo doesn’t hesitate a bit and answers quickly with seagulls! 
This was really funny. I thought Joon Hyung was sort of confessing his feelings but in Episode 10, he denies treating Bok Joo as a special friend when his brother mentions this. 

So I guess our lead still hasn’t figured out how he feels for Bok Joo and well, this is very common in Korean dramas. So I will wait patiently as long as you give me my OTP finish!!!
Bok Joo tells Joon Hyung in the car how women weightlifters don’t really fancy their lovers coming to their competitions.

She tells Joon Hyung how lifting those weights cause them contorted faces, popped out veins, and tummies bared for the audience to see. (These same lines get narrated at the end of the episode when Bok Joo was holding the weight and Dr. Jeong was cheering for her in the audience)
Joon Hyung tells her to just find a man who'll love that, too, then, but Bok Joo says that's easier said than done. (HELLO, JOON HYUNG IS THAT MAN! HAHAHA)
They ended playing with the waves and Joon Hyung complains that Bok Joo is too competitive when it was supposed to be a game for fun! HA! Athletes!
While the two are lying on the sand (Bok Joo on Joon Hyung’s arm), Joon Hyung admits to Bok Joo that he was the one putting chocolates in her bag when they were in elementary school.

Bok Joo asks if he had a crush on her then and Joon Hyung tells her he’s just thankful she saved him when he fell from the window. Hehehe.
Joon Hyung also reveals to Bok Joo that Dr. Jeong isn’t really his older brother but his cousin. This admission, I think, proves how much close the two are and how much Joon Hyung trusts Bok Joo.
Episode 9 ended with Bok Joo at her competition while Dr. Jeong was cheering. Bok Joo heads back to the waiting area despite her team in the audience celebrating her win, and Joon Hyung arrives at the hall figuring everything out—that Bok Joo is ashamed and hurt that Dr. Jeong saw her in that state.
Episode 10 was full of tears and it was a bit sad watching it. Bok Joo was crying and sulking in the whole episode—from heartbreak or whatever she’s feeling for Dr. Jeong, and from another heartbreak when Coach Choi (Jang Young Nam) gets fired from school.
Joon Hyung tries his hardest cheering Bok Joo up but he ends up revealing to Dr. Jeong who Bok Joo likes! That didn’t turn out for the best as Dr. Jeong met up with Bok Joo to apologize for being too considerate of others and misleading her. OUCH.
Bok Joo became angry at Joon Hyung for this because she felt so pathetic that Dr. Jeong apologized to her. I feel her. It’s really sad when the person you like feels like they should apologize to you. 
Anyway, with everything happening—the Dr. Jeong issue and Coach Choi’s termination—Bok Joo hides away somewhere and Joon Hyung was, of course, the one to find her in the end.
Bok Joo cries to Joon Hyung that she feels like a part of her is broken and she doesn’t want to do anything—even lift weights. Joon Hyung just hugs her and the episode ends with Bok Joo crying on his shoulder. 

Whew. The preview for episode 11 hints at more cute moments between our two leads while Bok Joo takes a break from weightlifting to figure everything out.
Well, I hope they do bring us episodes full of romance next week and I hope Joon Hyung finally realize his feelings. I wouldn’t leave out Bok Joo in those wishes because I also hope she starts to have feelings toward Joon Hyung! Hehe

Until next week!


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  1. I have listened to so many reviews about this Korean drama but didn't get a chance to start this drama, it looks quite a romantic type one. I will surely go to start this now.