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Recap: Career Episode 2

Back to my recap of Career! It took me more than a month to get back to watching this. But I couldn’t just let it finish because it’s my Chiaki-senpai, you know? Hehe. (Tamaki Hiroshi played Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile live action back in 2006)

Anyway, it’s another case this time around (if you’re familiar with police dramas, they tackle one case per episode), and Tamaki Hiroshi sure can’t help himself but play detective once again.

If this is your first time reading about Career, the story is about Tamaki Hiroshi’s police division and the crimes they deal with. Tamaki Hiroshi is the section chief but he prefers helping out (or annoying, actually) investigators in solving crimes rather than sitting in his room and signing paperworks.

So, let’s get on with the recap!

The episode begins with children at police chief Kinshiro Toyama’s (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) office enjoying themselves. The children are part of a tour program in the police station and this bunch are guided inside by detective Minori Aikawa (Miori Takimoto).

After the children leave, Kin-san (the nickname he wants to be called) receives piles of paperwork and he singles out on a report on screaming heard from a nearby park. 
He heads to a group of detectives headed by Yozo Minami (Masahiro Takashima), who tells him they are already investigating the screaming at the park. Kin-san tells him another report lodged by an old lady might be related, but the other detectives dismiss the old lady’s report because she even reports cockroaches found in her house.
So Kin-san heads for the door but Minami stops him in his tracks and notes how he’s wearing casual clothes. Minami asks the police chief is he’s planning to meet with the old lady and warns not to interfere again because his team ends up cleaning up after him.
A boy who escaped Aikawa's tour group suddenly latches a handcuff on Minami’s right hand and Kin-san’s left hand (HAHA!). So the two end up running after the boy, while Aikawa trails behind them.
The kid ends up in Kin-san’s office and he dangles the key in front of them. The kid asks them to help him catch the werewolf but he panics when Minami aggressively asks for the key.
The kid ends up swallowing the key and we relocate to the hospital, where Aikawa accompanies the boy’s mother.
Minami, meanwhile, struggles to get work done with Kin-san beside him. Kin-san tries a set of keys but unfortunately, doesn’t get a lucky match. Minami tries a cutter but breaks the cutter instead! HAHA!

Kin-san tells Minami they just have to wait for the key from Tomoki-san (I’m guessing he’s the boy).
We see Tomoki’s mother Marie make small talk with Aikawa at the hospital. She tells Aikawa that it’s good that she didn’t lose herself in her job.

Aikawa asks Marie about the werewolf that Tomoki wants the police to catch and Marie tells her that it’s a popular game these days wherein you catch characters on the streets (think Pokemon).
Marie leaves Aikawa to get drinks but since she left her phone behind, Aikawa comes running after her when her phone rang. Awake hears one of the nurses ask Marie about her wound, and later, when handed the phone, Marie’s eyes widen seeing her missed calls. Is she a victim of domestic violence?
Meanwhile, the old lady that Kin-san wanted to interview arrives in his office, much to Minami’s annoyance. Kin-san asks the old lady about the screaming lady and she says it’s her neighbors, the Otoris.
However, the police only told her it’s a couple’s fight so she shouldn’t be too concerned. Minami and Kin-san recognize the last name Otori, and it’s just as we expect—Marie’s husband arrives at the hospital and introduces himself as Otori and an attorney to Aikawa.
Aikawa returns to the station without the key. Kin-san tells her that the screaming reported came from Tomoki-san’s house, and Aikawa tells Kin-san that Marie had bruises checked up that morning.
Kin-san speculates she might be a victim of domestic violence, and Aikawa says Marie looked scared when her husband called.
Aikawa asks Minami if he knows the husband, and Minami remembers that the husband was supposed to be a witness against a murder suspect in one of the cases he’s been handling.

Minami tells the two that they can’t get in conflict with the husband right now because of his testimony but Kin-san says one person dies from domestic every three days.

Minami says they can’t do anything since the wife hasn’t filed a report yet but Kin-san says they have to act now to save a life.
Aikawa takes matters into her own hands and visits Marie. But before she can say anything about filing a police report, the husband arrives home and interrupt the conversation.
At the door, Aikawa tells Marie that they won’t be able to do anything without a police report. Marie just tells her that her husband is Tomoki’s father, too. 
Back at the precinct, Kin-san and Minami chances upon two suspects shouting at each other and fighting while Minami’s team try to hold them back.
Kin-san easily finds out the other is lying about playing a game near the station and they find his phone full of photos of girls’ skirts, while the other one was found to have been pick-pocketing.
The other detectives comment that Kin-san and Minami are a great duo, one for great insight, and the other for intimidation.
Kin-san receives a text message and the next thing we know, they’re at Minami’s house (HAHAHA) with Aikawa, the yoga teacher, and Minami’s wife and kid, throwing Kin-san a welcome party.
Minami wonders how they all got to know each other and after getting fed by Kin-san, the yoga teacher suggests the wife bring Minami to yoga lessons too.
Minami falls asleep from the alcohol and Aikawa reports to Kin-san that Marie doesn’t seem to want to make a police report. She doubts herself and asks if she doesn’t seem trustworthy enough, but Kin-san says he never saw Aikawa as a rookie.
Aikawa remembers the incident where she let a criminal escape and also wasn’t able to call an ambulance for the victim (who ended up dying). But Kin-san cheers her up and tells her to keep up the hope for justice alive in her in all times.
Minami's daughter interrupts their conversation with her screams for catching a rare (pokemon?) character in her game, and Aikawa notes that Marie told her the werewolf Tomoki was talking about was in that game. However, Kin-san says there isn’t a werewolf featured in that game.  
We see Marie and her husband eating their own dinner. Marie’s husband confronts her why she and Tomoko joined the police tour and we see Marie shaken by this question. Tomoki, meanwhile, is in his hospital room and crying for his mom.
Later that night, Minami and Kin-san arrive at the precinct and sees Aikawa asleep on her desk with books on domestic violence piled up.
Assistant Commissioner Osakabe arrives and treats the two to ice cream at Kin-san’s room. Osakabe asks Minami how Kin-san is doing as a police chief, and Minami says Kin-san is doing a bad job at it. Haha!
The next morning, Minami’s team receives a phone call from Otori (the lawyer and the husband of Marie) complaining about Aikawa encouraging his wife to file a case against him. Otori also tells the police he won’t be testifying in one of their cases anymore due to this.
Minami and Kin-san--still handcuffed to each other-- run to Otori’s house but the lawyer is persistent that he won’t help them in the murder case he was supposed to testify in. 
Aikawa, meanwhile, is at the hospital and she received the key from a nurse. She asks about Marie but the nurse said the mother hasn’t showed up since last night. We see Marie’s phone on her house floor with a lot of other clutter ringing.
Aikawa arrives at Kin-san’s office and is scolded by Minami because her actions caused problems for the murder case. A police officer arrives and tells the group that the old lady complained again of noises last night from Marie’s house.
Aikawa gives the key to Kin-san by almost breaking Minami's neck HAHAHAHA and the police chief was able to break away from Minami. The two arrive at Marie’s house and sees a bruised Marie, who says she made her husband mad.
Marie tells them Tomoki ran away from the hospital and when she tries to get up, Kin-san tells her they’ll look for the kid themselves.
Aikawa accompanies Marie to the police station, locks the interrogation room and tells Marie that she’ll be safe there.

She tells Marie that she has researched about domestic violence and wants to help her as a woman and as a human being. However, when Marie’s husband knocks on the interrogation room, Marie clams up and shakes in her seat.

Good thing Minami takes the husband away from outside the room where Marie is and it looks like he won't be needing Otori's statement to help him in his murder case.
Kin-san finds Tomoki and the kid tells him they have to save his mom from the werewolf. Kin-san goes back to the precinct and reports this to Marie, while Minami talks to the lawyer.
Kin-san tells Marie that Tomoki knows about everything happening in their home even if she tries to hide it. Marie cries at this.
When Aikawa, Kin-san and Marie enter the room, the husband tries to take Marie home but Aikawa barricades herself in front of Marie.
The lawyer laughs that there’s no report so they can’t hold him there but Marie tells him that she will file a report for domestic violence.
As a last resort, the lawyer turns to Minami and tells him that he won’t testify against the murder suspect, then, but it’s at this time the suspect, a client of his, is brought in.
Minami shows them a picture of the suspect, the lawyer, and the murder victim, taken right before the murder occurred, disproving the suspect’s alibi that he wasn’t in Tokyo. With that, they don’t need a testimony from Otori that he met with his client that night.
Otori shouts inside the precinct that it’s his right to do whatever to his wife and child since he feeds them and provides them shelter. (This is too sad. My heart is breaking.)
Kin-san shows him a recorder and Otori acts up and yells that they show him their police chief. 
That’s when Kin-san shows him his badge and the comic part of having the criminal go weak on his knees happens.
The next scene involves Aikawa and Marie getting Tomoki out from the hospital. Marie tells her that they will be going back to their hometown, Nagoya. Took happily tells Aikawa that he’ll protect his mom in the meantime.

Marie thanks Aikawa for being by her side through this ordeal. Aikawa tears up and smiles at this.
At the precinct, Aikawa apologizes to Minami for her conduct earlier. Minami asks her if she plans to let all domestic violence victims stay in her place but Aikawa tells him she just plans to help however she can. (Good job, Aikawa!)
Kin-san offers a hand (to shake) to Minami that they did a good job working together but Minami chalks it up to luck that they found a photo of the suspect and the victim. 

Minami warns Kin-san not to mess up their investigations anymore and just do his job diligently in his office.
Of course we’re ending with a scene at the yoga class where we have a new member: Minami! HAHAHAHAHA!
Aaaaaaand the credits roll with Minami having a hard time doing a pose while Aikawa does it with ease. HEHE.

See you in episode 3!



  1. I havent watched this tv series but my nephews are always glued to it I am now quite curious I should probably watch the pilot episode just to understand what its all about

  2. Wonderfully astonished to see this meshwork of stunning words.